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CX Social Changelog

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 10:06AM EDT

The following is a list of improvements, big and small, to CX Social. We keep this list up to date whenever we make changes we'd like you to know about. For more updates about CX Social be sure to keep on eye on our blog and keep an eye on the notifications tray icon in our tool.

  • May 18th:  We have changed how saving your mailbox & smart folder set-up works. The settings pages of these used to auto-save any changes you made on the fly. This often caused confusion while you were still working on getting e.g. your folder filter right, because some of the changes were already applied and affected others working in the folder. We have removed the auto-saving; when you edit a folder, you now have to click "Save" for your changes to become active.
  • May 16th:  We have introduced a maximum amount of widgets per dashboard. You can add up to 25 data widgets to a dashboard, and up to 50 content widgets. We do this to make sure dashboard exports stay performant. None of the existing dashboards are affected.
  • Apr 28th:  When you disconnect a stream from your topic we will ask for a confirmation before deleting the stream to avoid any mistakes.
  • Apr 27th:  We have renamed a few small things in our interface. The “All Mentions” folder in the Inbox is now called “Archive”, “Tasks” is now called “Assigned”, and “Posts Awaiting Your Approval” is now called “Messages Awaiting Approval”. Since this last folder can also include replies, this more general term fits a bit better.
  • Apr 27th:  We have put a limit on the amount of widgets you can add to a general dashboard. You can add up to 25 data widgets to a single dashboard. You can add an additional 50 text/note widgets (with your custom texts) to a dashboard to annotate data for it. We have added this limit to make sure exporting of dashboards stays fast and doesn't cause performance issues. Any existing dashboards with more widgets than these limits won't be affected.
  • Apr 25th:  We've added the possibility to filter the Security Audit Log on multiple persons (and select your teams).
  • Apr 20th:  We've just put a bunch little big details into production; all driven by customer requests.
    • Insights & Dashboards
      • The charts on the Profile Metrics page in Insights now show as line graphs (instead of area graphs) as soon as there two or more series in the chart. This ensures better readability as the graphs no longer overlap.
      • Dashboard folders are now sorted alphabetically. As such, users will quickly find their needed dashboard instead of having to go over all of them. Also when creating a new dashboard (or copying an existing one), you can now immediately pick which dashboard folder it should be in. Hurray!
      • If users were (via user roles) not allowed to have access to a specific dashboard, it was still possible to configure reports to be send to them... We have made sure this can no longer happen. (To be very clear: they just saw an empty report so no data, but this was confusing. Right now, configuring this in this way prevented when setting up your report configuration.)
      • In the tooltip with detailed statistics about videos from authorized Facebook pages, we will now also show how many users viewed your video up to 10s.
      • When exporting post metrics, metrics that indicate time (e.g. "Average Video Time Watched" are now exported in hours:minutes:seconds, instead of milliseconds.) We know social media is all about handling quickly, but milliseconds were one step too far.
      • We’ve added a new widget to the dashboard gallery “Handling Overview” that shows you a real-time overview of which mentions each of your agents are handling, in real-time. This way you can lurk over the shoulders of your team and see what they are currently working on.
    • Inbox
      • You can now check what application was used to post a mention, if this is known. Just click "Edit" on a mention and you will find the information right there. This is often filled in for Twitter data.
      • The "Share" button on a mention has been moved to the dropdown of actions. It was used very rarely, and we value screen space higher than rarely used buttons.
      • Team filtering for filter “action by": The filter field "Action By" now also allows to filter on a certain type of action by all users from a certain team. This way you can create complex filters with e.g. all data resolved by a certain team, and replied to by another team.
      • Go to your personal preferences to configure a sound to play when there's a new mention in your current open Inbox. (You could already configure a sound for new chat messages via CX Social chat.) Ding, ding, ding.
      • We now have support for all the newest emoji's too 🚤  😻, so you can pick them while replying & publishing.
      • When you are replying to tweets, and accidentally remove the first handle (thus making it a public tweet instead of comment), we will ask for your confirmation if you really want to do this, or whether you deleted the handle(s) by mistake.
    • Publishing
      • When using variables in canned responses we are now no longer showing contact fields of type boolean.
      • We have improved the notification mails for when publisher posts are assigned and/or rejected (readability, design, wording and link to app). You can now also opt to notify the author of a publisher post when you add a note to it.
      • When rejecting a publisher post, we show to option to re-assign to the original author, instead of just rejecting and moving it to the history. This way you can make sure the original author is aware there was a change to her/his work.
      • On an overview of publisher posts a button has been added to translate the post into the user's configured default language. This can help when you need to translate scheduled marketing posts for your own local pages or profiles.
      • When creating a waiting for approval reply on a mention an action will be logged in the mention history. This helps you find the associated posts of this mention.
      • Clicking on the timestamp of a publisher post will redirect you to a permalink page of this post. This helps you more easily share posts with your team.
    • Team Performance
      • For Watchdogs you can now restrict the list of users that see the browser notification when a watchdog exceeds its SLA target. This way only the agents & users handling mentions in the watchdog's folder can be notified.
      • We’ve added a new widget to the dashboard gallery “Average Handle Time Per User” were you can select one or more users and see their average handle time.
    • Settings
      • You can now easily copy user roles (both default and custom user roles) from the User Roles overview page.
      • When you have connected a Clarabridge CxA instance to CX Social, we've improved the wording of the label to connect your topics to CxA and analyze your CX Social data with custom CxA Models.
      • When you edit the topics of a mailbox, which topics were added and which ones were removed are logged to your Account History as well.
      • If your plan has the Free Analytics Users feature, you can now also configure which mailboxes/topics these users can see via Custom User Roles.
      • When deleting a topic, we now ask you to type out the exact topic name as a very explicit confirmation. This should avoid the deletion of topics (and all of its data) by accident.
    We hope these changes prove useful for you. And please keep sending us your product feedback via
  • Apr 6th:  These 2 new features are now available on for you to test. We will be rolling out these features to later.
    • The way you select a canned response in the Inbox has been redesigned. When you click the Canned Responses icon in the top right of a Reply Bar, a searchable gallery of all your pre-configured canned responses shows up. Read more about why to use canned responses. This change is the first in a batch of improvements coming to canned responses over the course of the next weeks.
    • When you are replying to a public Twitter tweet, the Reply Bar in the CX Social Inbox will show a switch that allows you to add a “DM Deeplink”. When you enable this and send out your reply, a button that requests your users to contact you via a Direct Message will be visible. Customer service conversations often start in Tweets, but then need to transition to a private channel when personal information is required. With this feature we’re making that transition as easy as a single click. You can also configure canned responses to check this box by default, so that your tweets automatically contain the call to action button, which allows the customer to send the business a Direct Message, quickly and easily.
  • Apr 3rd:  When sending out replies in the Inbox, this might sometimes fail because the service you picked is unavailable, or because you're sending a private message to someone who's not following you, etc. When this happens, and you get this error, we will now keep what you typed as a reply in the Reply Bar, so your reply - even though it wasn't sent out - is still available to you and not lost in the vast darkness of the universe.
  • Apr 3rd:  You can now also choose "every quarter" as password expiry time. This way your users will be asked to change their CX Social password every 3 months. Read more about security settings
  • Mar 24th:  Free Analytics Users will no longer lock mentions in the Inbox. We're making this change, since they can't take actions on them. Read more about user roles
  • Mar 20th:  When choosing "Advanced" as the X-Axis in the Chart Builder, you can define your own filters for different X-Axis segments to show on a custom chart. We have added the option to sort the segments you defined by total. For most X-Axis fields (like language, country, a.o.) we already sort by total, but for 'Advanced' by default the segments are shown in the order you defined them. This new option allows you to sort them by total, descending.
  • Mar 20th:  If you want certain automation recipes to be enabled (or disabled) only during a certain crisis, you can now configure this in your crisis plans. You can e.g. use this to set more advanced notifications for certain types of data, use a different assigning strategy during a crisis or auto-resolve certain types of messages.
  • Mar 17th:  We have added a searchable overview page to the Account Settings to help you find the right settings page more easily.
  • Mar 17th:  We have made several improvements to our CX Social API for working with contacts. Updating and fetching contact information (to e.g. sync with your own CRM) has become more powerful. See our API Changelog for details.
  • Mar 13th:  In the Publisher tab, when you attach images to your posts, you can now see a full screen version of them, by clicking the thumbnails.
  • Feb 8th:  Topics in your smart folder set-up are now sorted alphanumerically.
  • Feb 8th:  When exporting mentions from the inbox, if tags are included in separate columns, the tag-columns will be sorted alphabetically.
  • Feb 3rd:  When you select multiple mentions in the Inbox, and hit the keyboard shortcut for resolving (x), the selected mentions will all get resolved.
  • Feb 3rd:  We have added the following domains to our recommended list of domains to whitelist for the use of CX Social: *,,, *, * More details.
  • Jan 26th:  Today marks the availability of the CX Social Winter Release. These are some of the features available from now on:
    • Crisis Plans: Social Media crises are inevitable. Your brand’s reputation can be damaged by a handful of tweets that go viral. Preparation is key. If you have a plan in place it is much easier to maintain the situation and save your reputation. Today, we’re adding the capability to CX Social to configure these plans in our tool. It allows you to have temporary user roles in place, disable scheduled messages, have a crisis to-do list, and much more. Read the Support Article on Crisis Plans for more details on this feature.
    • The features we’ve made available on over the last 3 months are now also available on app. These mostly center around Inbox improvements:
      • Disable context view to only focus on the list of mentions.
      • In conversation view, switch between different types of conversations. E.g. “private messages only” or “notes only”.
      • A more compact context view, to show more of the previous conversations on the same page.
      • Endless scrolling for the conversation view.
      • Export of the conversation view.
      • Indication of which mentions fall outside the SLA target of a watchdog for a certain folder.
    • Other features of the Winter release already became available on over the last few months, including:
      • Several improvements to Standard Industry Models (better comparing, tag cloud per model;
      • Notifications when authorized profiles need to be reconnected;
    • For full details on the Winter Release, see the rest of the changelog below, until September 21st, the day of our previous release.

  • Jan 25th:  On, if you have configured a watchdog for a certain folder, we will indicate which mentions fall outside the watchdog's SLA target; an icon will appear on those mentions older than the target. Hover over the icon to see which watchdog it's for, and click the icon to be redirected to the statistics of the watchdog. The "time over SLA" is also indicated, taking business hours into account.
  • Jan 18th:  On, when in the Inbox with the Context View open, use the `space`-key as a keyboard shortcut to scroll up in the shown context to view and load older mentions.
  • Jan 18th:  When you have connected your CX Social Topics to your Clarabridge CxA instance, and are sending social data over to your CxA projects, we will now include any tags added to the mention or contact of the mention. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to make sure these attributes are also sent for existing streams.
  • Jan 18th:  If your data is being analyzed by any of our Standard Industry Models or custom Category Models, you will now have to option to quickly compare the labels from a specific model via Insights. Go to an Insights page, click Compare, and choose any of your connected models. In the Trends widget you now also have the option to view a tag cloud for each of your connected models.
  • Jan 16th:  On you can now choose to not show the context view, and only focus on the list of mentions. From the toolbar uncheck "Context View".
  • Jan 5th:  Because of performance reasons, we are now limiting the maximum amount of topics you can configure for a mailbox folder to 20.
  • Dec 28th:  The avatars shown on mentions have been made a bit smaller on, as to fit more mentions on a single screen when viewing the context view.
  • Dec 28th:  When you click an active mention in the mentions list again, we'll scroll it back into view in the context view. (Available on only for now.)
  • Dec 22nd:  If you are deleting a user that is still used in certain teams, for certain dashboard reports, automation rules, saved filters, etc. we'll now inform you about this if you would delete the user from your account.
  • Dec 5th:  On, you can now export the conversation view from our new Inbox too! From the Inbox, click "Export" in the dropdown in the toolbar, and then choose which part of the Inbox you want to export; the list of mentions in the current folder, or the current conversation view.
  • Nov 29th:  If you draft a post in our Publisher and set a publish date, we will now send out an email (and/or push notification) to notify the assignee or author about the draft on the date it was scheduled. This allows you to double-check and approve scheduled posts prior to publishing.
  • Nov 25th:  When you export mentions from CX Social, you can now include any actions on those mentions in the export. In other words, the export can now contain data on when mentions were resolved, replied to, assigned, tagged, etc. By combining mentions and actions, you will be able to calculate any relevant team performance statistics yourself if you want to build custom graphs in Excel. In this Support Article we explain how.
  • Nov 25th: We have deployed several improvements to the conversation view of the CX Social Inbox on for you to test. The updates follow earlier improvements to the conversation view (see Nov 4th updates below). Included in this update are:
    • A more compact display of Conversation View: We have redesigned the way we display non-active mentions in the conversation view so we can fit more data onto your screen all together. This makes it easier for you to see previous conversations from the selected contact. To make this work, we have opted to take away anything that's redundant, such as removing action buttons from non-active mentions and leaving out some more information if mentions of the same type and author follow each other. (Click any non-active mention to make it active and show its full details and action buttons again.)
    • Endless Scrolling: If you now scroll up in your conversation history, older messages will be loaded automatically. This way you'll be able to find previous conversations faster. The default time frame for this endless scrolling is 'last 14 days'. The amount of mentions which load automatically can decrease based on how many mentions were previously loaded and how many times was scrolled already. In this event, you will see a button which allows you to click to load the older conversations.
    • Expanding Longer Texts: When a non-active mention contains a lot of text, we truncate the text. We've added an expand button that allows you to fold out the text to see the full mention without making the mention active (and thus changing context and/or locking that mention).
    We'll update you once we roll out these updates to
  • Nov 14th: The chart builder now has support for making cumulative graphs. If you create a graph where your X-Axis is dates (days, hours, weeks, a.o.) you now have the option "cumulative" in the options dropdown for the X-Axis. This is possible for graphs based on mentions, as well as graphs based on profile metrics. This feature makes it possible to e.g. make a graph of the cumulative amount of mentions you handled over time, or to see a cumulative graph of Facebook page impressions. (Similarly you can also create 28 day moving sums or averages here.)
    We have also updated the chart builder so the more advanced options are visible by default as well. (We suspect anyone using the chart builder is a power CX Social user already so.) 
  • Nov 14th: Today the Engagor product name has officially switched to CX Social. Our website, web application, and messaging will now have the CX Social logo to reflect this name change. We have decided to rename Engagor to CX Social to emphasize the combined strength of social customer service and customer experience management. Clarabridge's CX Social platform is an important component of the Clarabridge product suite. If you want to learn more, you can check our updated CX Social website. You can still reach our support team via In addition, you can still access our web application via
  • Nov 8th: You can now filter on the a certain type of action done by a certain user by using the field "Action By" in your filter. This field lists all types of actions in combination with the users in your account.
    Previously it was only possible to filter on:
    • "a certain type of action" using the field "Action" (e.g. "Action is Replied");
    • and to filter on "a certain user that did an action" using the field "Handled By" (e.g. "Handled by Dimitri").
    When you used both in the filter, you filtered on "mentions that have a certain action" and "mentions that were also handled by a certain user", but you weren't necessarily sure that the chosen action itself was done by that selected user (for the given example: the mention was replied to, and handled by Dimitri, but the reply wasn't necessarily by Dimitri).
    With this new field "Action By" this type of filtering now becomes possible. 
  • Nov 4th: The "Social Profile Metrics" on the Profile Metrics page in Insight can now be sorted on Fans, New Fans, Growth Rate, Average Growth Rate / Day, Profile Response Activity and Profile Posting Activity as well. 
  • Nov 4th: In the CX Social Inbox, whenever you select a certain mention, we put that mention into context by loading any previous conversations with that contact. We also add any mentions that were replied to and any notes that were added to these mentions, so it's more clear what specific conversation (or previous conversation) the selected mention was part of.
    We're now supercharging this context mode by offering a few options to choose from, so you can drill down into the context. By default we always load the Full Conversation (this is the mode you're used to), but we've now added these extra options that show specific segments of the conversation:
    • Conversation With You: This shows only the messages from the selected contact, and any messages your own profiles replied. Not any other replies or posts by a 3rd users.
    • Notes Only: This filters the context view so only added notes are shown.
    • Private Messages Only: This filters the context view so only private messages notes are shown.
    These features are now available for testing on 
  • Nov 3rd: Starting today we're gradually rolling out an email that will notify administrators of an account if any of their authorized connected services are expired or expiring soon. 
  • Nov 3rd: The Publisher Performance statistics from the Fall 2016 Release are now also available on (previously only beta). Read more about this feature in this Support Article
  • Nov 2nd: You can now connect Category Models for multiple topics at once. Go to your account's tags page to set-up multiple streams. (Mind: the Category Models feature is currently only available on 
  • Oct 25th: You can now easily cleanup any tags from Category Models you are no longer actively using (i.e. any Standard Industry Models or models from your CxA instance). When deleting a category model tag, it's now also shown. (Mind: the Category Models feature is currently only available on 
  • Oct 24th: We have decreased the default time an informational success/warning/error message remains on screen.  
  • Oct 24th: In your account settings, you can now configure if a team you created should be shown in the team performance menu, or not. This helps if you want to create teams for specific purposes (like in automation rules, or smart folder set-ups), but don't need them to clutter up the interface in team performance. 
  • Oct 20th: When displaying Facebook private messages we now show the other person's avatar, instead of a generic private message icon as a decorator on the avatar of who sent it. The private message icon was already shown on the mention, and this change makes it easier for you to see if your outgoing private messages are with the same or different people. 
  • Oct 20th: You can now enable and disable canned responses one by one. If you temporarily don't need a certain canned response (it might be seasonal), disable it, and it won't be suggested to in the publishing interface anymore. 
  • Oct 20th: The SLA widget that has been reworked since the launch of the Watchdogs feature, now allows for an optional extra filter. Read more about watchdogs.
  • Oct 19th: We have improved the text in the emails we send if we detect you're using CX Social from a new location or device. These security emails help you protect your account. Read more about Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Oct 13th: You can now organize your canned responses in folders for better structure and searchability, but even cooler: via custom user roles you can control which user roles have access to which set of canned responses.
  • Oct 12th: The reply bar and publisher dialog have been updated to use the new tweet length rules. For details, see Twitter blog.
  • Oct 10th: We no longer log reseller logins (and other security events) to the managed accounts, only to the reseller account itself.
  • September 21st: Today marks the beta availability of our Fall Release. Our European edition of the yearly customer conference is happening in London at this very moment, where Folke Lemaitre - VP Social Innovation - will present the new features. We'll be sending out communication about the benefits of the features we've packaged in this release over the coming days, but if you already want to have a look, head over to and discover:
    • Support for Twitter Historical Data.
    • Features that further improve your Inbox workflow to handle cases contact by contact, instead of mention by mention: grouping messages by contact and hard locking mentions
    • We're bringing the power of Clarabridge's Standard Industry Models to CX Social clients. This will help you categorize your data. Our models focus on certain verticals (Retail, Banking, Automotive, ...) and horizontals (Customer Support, Basic Emotions). Read more on how to set this up and head over to your topic settings to request this feature.
    • If you have a Clarabridge CxA account, it's now easier than ever to send over your CX Social data to CxA and use your customized models or sentiment engine in CX Social. Read more.
    • From today on, any publishing actions (like creating drafts, scheduling messages, approvals & denies) will also be tracked in your Team Performance statistics. (For now only activity that's done on Read more.

    Keep an eye on this changelog for more information on when these features become available on
  • August 29th: We have added the date preset "2 months ago" to the options of a dashboard widget and when using the chart builder. Use this date preset to e.g. make a dashboard that compares last month with the month before, to assess your performance at the beginning of a new month.
  • August 16th: We have given the pages in Personal Settings some design love and introduced search bars to filter the results in tables. This makes it easier for you to find a connected profile, device, location or application if you're usings lots of them.
  • August 16th: In the set-up of a publishing guidelines (where you can inform your agents of certain publishing standards or prevent certain words being used), you now have the possibility to configure that you only want to trigger the guideline when one or more of the words are found as full words in the typed reply. Go to a publishing guideline and tick "match full words only" to enable this behavior.
  • July 27th: We have added the graph "Engaged Users" to the Profile Metrics page in Insights (only visible if you have authorized Facebook pages connected). The metric indicates the number of unique people who engaged with your Facebook Page at any given day. (Engagement includes any click.)
  • July 27th: We have given most pages in Account Settings some design love and introduced search bars to filter the results in tables. This makes it easier for you to find a certain topic or canned response if you have lots of them. We now also indicate how many items you have left (e.g. users you can invite, teams you can create, etc.) before you hit the maximum.
  • July 26th: The contact field "Comments" (when you open the detailed contact sheet of a social profile in the inbox) now grows in size if you add more text to it, so you have more of your saved comments directly in view.
  • July 26th: If you select some text in a mention, a dropdown will show you a list of contact fields (name, email, phone, ...). Click any of those fields to save the selected text to that field. Use it to quickly save the email address or client ID that the customer sent you to a (custom) contact field. (When overwriting a current value, we will ask for confirmation.)
  • July 21st: As announced 28 days ago, we removed the old insights from CX Social.
  • July 14th: We have implemented a mode in CX Social that makes our tool compliant with the German employment laws. This mode removes certain user assessment tools and statistics from Team Performance a.o. places. If you're a company from Germany, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to have it enabled.
  • July 8th: When a post fails to publish, the reason for the failure will now be logged in the post's history in publisher folders.
  • July 4th: Together with the introduction of Watchdogs, Two-Factor Authentication, Publishing Guidelines and Contact Tag Filtering, we just pushed a whole bunch of improvements live, all little big details that will make using CX Social a bit more fun, fast or powerful. Enjoy reading through this one:
    • Filtering:
      • You can now filter on the field "Last Action Age" and "Last Action Age during Business Hours". This means you can e.g. search for "mentions that didn't have an action within the last day". If you combine this filter with a custom tag, you can create snooze functionality for a "remind me in a day" smart folder. Have fun experimenting! Read more about filtering.
    • Dashboards:
      • The Outbox widget now also shows any images attached to the shown Publisher Posts.
      • We have added a new "Unique Users Count" widget to the dashboard gallery that shows you the amount of unique users in the selected topics and filter. Use it to compare the size of your audiences between topics, source, countries, etc.
      • When you have a lot of different dashboards, use Dashboard Folders to neatly organise them. Click "Edit Dashboard" and choose or create a folder to group related dashboards. Read more about custom dashboards.
    • Inbox & Publisher:
      • We've added a little divider between the Mention & Publisher folders in your inboxes to better distinguish between these two types.
      • When you drag the handle of the reply bar in the Inbox to resize it, its updated size is now persisted on refresh.
      • When editing a mention in the Inbox, the ID of the author shows. (This information can come in handy when setting up filters to exclude/include certain authors.)
      • When a Publisher Post (draft, scheduled messages, posted messages) is/was target, this is shown in the overview of posts (not only when editing/viewing the details of the post).
      • Canned Responses:
        • You can now add up to 4 images to your Canned Responses. When you select a response from the reply bar in the Inbox, these images will be added to your reply.
        • When setting up a Canned Response, there's now more variables available to use in the response. Any CRM field or custom contact field you configured is now available to pick. This way you can e.g. set up a contact field "user initials" or "firstname" and use it in a canned response to give your replies a more personal touch. More about Canned Responses.
    • Insights:
      • When you select a date preset with a range of one day maximum, the date grouping will default to "per hour" (instead of "per day") so the resulting graphs will show the distribution of that day, rather than a single data point for the day. You can always override this default of course.
      • We have added "Reactions per Type" (Wow, Haha, Sad, Like, ...) for authorized Facebook pages and posts to the "Profile Metrics" graphs and the post tooltips on the "Posts & Engagement" pages in Insights. These graphs will start showing data from today on. (Mind: reactions are tracked as mentions yet.)
      • We have added the Daily Average Views to the "Video Views" widget's Flipcard for authorized Facebook pages. More about Facebook KPI's.
    • Team Performance:
      We have made a few minor improvements to the recently launched Watchdogs feature:
      • The Workload Estimation widget now shows the average resolves per hour per user when hovering over your active users.
      • The Average Resolve Time widget can now be toggled to show the Average Response Time instead.
    • Settings:
      • When you delete a topic that is used in certain Dashboard Widgets, Automation Recipes, Custom User Roles, Inbox Mailboxes or Chart Builder templates, we will now inform you about this, so you know which other places in CX Social will be affected.
      • A mention's tags is now one of the variables you can send along via Automation Webhooks.
      • In your personal preferences, you can select one of 4 sounds to play when you receive a message via the CX Social chat.
      • You can now configure access to "adding tags to mentions" and "adding tags to contacts" separately via custom user roles.
      • You can now configure access to "deleting mentions from CX Social" and "deleting original messages from the service itself" separately via custom user roles.
    • More:
      • We have updated a whole bunch of notification emails to a fresher design. We hope you like the new look!
      • We have added a new endpoint to our API to export a single dashboard widget. Exporting a single dashboard widget goes faster than exporting a full dashboard. See our API Changelog for details.
      • We have made some improvements to our RSS tracking so that RSS feeds that make use of Author URL's and/or GUID's will now have better coverage, and a better conversation view.

  • July 4th: We have made Watchdogs available on and disabled access to
  • June 23rd: We will sunset the old insights on July 21nd 2016, in 28 days. Read more about old vs. new insights.
  • June 22nd: With the introduction of Watchdogs on we make the existing Folder Alerts feature of CX Social a lot more powerful. Watchdogs help you to look into the performance of your team in a certain inbox folder. Set an SLA target for a specific Inbox Folder and your Watchdogs will guard those folders with their life. Watchdogs notify you if you're not matching your SLA but will also give you a historical overview of your inbox count, how good you reach your SLA target and the workload for your team. With a powerful simulation mode you can see at what times your team needs extra help to meet your customer's expectations. Watchdogs are available for Team & Enterprise plans. Read more about the new Watchdogs feature and go test it out on (Available for Team & Enterprise plans.)
  • June 21st: A whole bunch of improved security features:
    • Two-factor authentication is now available for CX Social accounts.
      • Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is a way of logging into websites that requires more than just a password. Using a password to log into a website is susceptible to security threats, because it represents a single piece of information a malicious person needs to acquire. The added security that 2FA provides is requiring additional information to sign in.
      • In CX Social's case, this additional information is an authentication code delivered to your phone that's generated by an application on your smartphone or sent as a text message (SMS). After 2FA is enabled, CX Social generates an authentication code that is sent to your phone any time someone attempts to sign into your CX Social account, or when anyone attempts to sign into your CX Social account from a new device or a new location. Which events should trigger this 2FA step is configurable in your account's security settings.
      • Thus, the only way someone can sign into your account (always, or if coming from a new location and/or new device) is if they know both your password and have access to the authentication code on your phone.
      • When you enable 2FA for your account, all users in your account will be prompted to configure a phone number for their user, and couple their phone to their CX Social account. We have made it easy to view which of your users have their phone connected already, and to inform the users that haven't done so yet, to make the on-boarding process for 2FA smooth.
      • This feature is available for enterprise plans. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to know more about having this available in your account.
      • We strongly recommend enabling 2FA for your account.
    • Every user now has an overview of his active sessions (with the ability to end sessions on other devices) and has an overview of used locations & devices (with the ability to block locations & devices). You can use these features if you see your account was compromised (to force quit sessions that are suspicious, and to prevent people logging into your account from unknown/suspicious locations). (Know that you can still configure a whitelist of IP's your account should only be accessible from.)
    • New Security Settings
      • The amount of devices or locations a user can be logged in from within 24 hours can now be limited.
      • You can configure how fast your users should be logged out of their accounts due to inactivity. If you set the setting "Sign user out after x minutes of inactivity" to e.g. 15 mins, users will be logged out if they leave the CX Social web application open, but don't do any actions for 15 minutes.
      • Certain actions in your account's settings will now require an extra confirmation of your password. For example, when you change your security settings, we'll ask you to enter your password again, as an extra safety measure (e.g. in case you left your computer unattended).
      • We are also rolling out a feature that will prevent users to be logged into the same user login from different locations/devices at the same time. Currently this unwanted behaviour isn't prevented.
      • To know more about these new security features, go to your Account Settings, and click "Security Settings" to see all available options and read more about them.
      • Configuring your IP whitelist has moved from the Account Preferences page to the Security Settings page.
      • You can enforce the "very strong" password policy when users of your account change their password. This will prevent your users from choosing a password that contains their name, email, "CX Social" or any other commonly used password.
    • Improvements to the Security Audit Log:
      • Any changes to the new security settings are logged in the Security Audit Log.
      • User additions and removes, and email confirmations of users in your account are now also logged in the Security Audit Log.
      • When hovering over the date of an item in the Security Audit Log, we now also show the time in the timezone of the user the item is from.
      • When a user blocks a location and/or device, this event is logged in the Security Audit Log.
    • Other
      • How strong your user's passwords are, is now indicated through an icon in the Users Overview.
      • Whenever a user logs in from a new location or new device the user will be notified of this event.
      • Whenever a users tries to log in from a blocked device and/or location the user is notified of this event by email.
    Read more about Two-Factor Authentication.
  • June 21st: Use publishing guidelines to make sure everything that's posted to your social profiles with CX Social follows the guidelines and rules of your company.
    You can use guidelines to prevent certain words being used, to suggest better commercial terms, to prevent short replies being sent out, or to prevent certain patterns being used (credit card numbers, email addresses, etc.).
    Go to your settings to set up your guidelines, define when they should trigger and for whom, and what the warning or error message should be. Read more about Publishing Guidelines.
  • June 21st: In CX Social you can add tags to social contacts. You can use this to identify e.g. journalists or other influencers in your audience. Any mention that comes in from tagged social contacts showed this label. We've now made filtering on contacts with a certain tag possible. From your filter, choose the "contacts with tag" field, and pick any of your tags, to see all mentions from contacts that have this tag.
  • June 14th: We have been tracking the usage of Canned Reponses for a while now. If you look at the overview of your Canned Responses it now indicates how much each of them were used. (We have been tracking usage of these for a few weeks now, but maybe you created some Canned Responses earlier).
  • June 14th: When you edit the user role, or team, or business hours schedule of a user in your account, this history is now also available from within the edit dialog for that user (and not only in Account History).
  • June 14th: When you edit a business hours schedule of your account, this history is now also available from within the edit dialog for that scheduel (and not only in Account History).
  • June 13th: We have removed the list of user with the most actions and assignments widget from the CX Social Home Dashboard for users that don't have access to team performance (via custom user roles), since this is similar data. More about this dashboard
  • June 7th: You can now attach up to 4 pictures to a tweet at once, or upload 4 photos to a Facebook album at once. (Or schedule those posts, of course.) We have also bumped the maximum file size for photo attachments to 3mb.
  • June 7th: We have added the same profile filters to our Team Performance sidebar, as were already available in the insights. These quick filters allow you to quickly drill down on any of your connected profiles.
  • June 1st: We have tweaked the algorithm to choose the profile we select by default in the reply bar in the new inbox. This new algorithm will be smarter so you're posting with the right profile, based on the message you're replying too. For details, check out this support article.
  • May 27th: An updated CX Social Mobile Application is now available in the Apple App Store (the updated for the Google Play Store is following soon, later this week.)
    This v1.1 release of the CX Social Mobile Application focuses on stability, speed, improved support for newer devices and porting functionality. Managing your inbox and publishing new social messages is now more feature complete in this version. In short: you will be able to get more done in a timelier manner on your mobile device.
    • New Features:
      • General
        • We have added support for choosing a custom date range throughout the whole application. You can now travel back in time to see which messages you received a few months ago.
        • When assigning a mention to your coworker, you can notify them via email.
        • Push notifications sent to your phone (about assignments, new messages or folder alerts) now redirect to a meaningful place, instead of just opening the application.
      • Publishing
        • You can now upload photos in the posts you publish.
        • Similarly you can now pick a future date to schedule messages from the mobile app.
        • When messages are awaiting approval you can now quickly swipe to approve or deny them.
        • Mentions that are sent for approval now also support assigning. Messages sent for approval, scheduled, published or drafted messages also support tag editing & deleting. Any action on a mention will now also be shown in a history.
        • Publisher folders now have search functionality so you can search in the history of messages that were posted through CX Social.
        • As you can now also use saved filters in publisher folders, we've made those available in the app as well.
      • Incoming Messages
        • Editing mentions has become more powerful; we've included support to edit sentiment for a mention (when our engine got it wrong), you can quickly add a few notes and you can now delete messages from your inboxes.
        • If we know the CTR (click through rate) of a link in a post, we'll display it next to the link.
        • In a folder, click the batch edit icon to resolve or delete a ton of messages in bulk at once.
      • And finally, we've updated the design and brought the application up to date for newer devices and screen sizes.
    • Bugfixes:
      • FIXED: Some users with passwords with special characters had problems logging in. Which was important to fix for those who use a super-duper-safe-password you can hardly remember.
      • FIXED: Endless scrolling in folders now works smoother, and while we were at it we've fixed that we now show all mentions waiting for approval, instead of just the last 20.
      • FIXED: Contact detail screens were missing custom attributes and tag information that was added to the contact.
      • FIXED: We now distinguish between inbox zero, folders that are still loading or folders that are actually empty. So you actually know what's going on.

  • May 27th: We have removed the settings "mention locking" and "show topic names" from your personal preferences, since you can easily change those settings from your inbox' toolbar. It didn't make sense to have this same setting in 2 places, and could also cause confusion when mention locking or the inbox wasn't available for your users. More about Mention/Contact Locking.
  • May 27th: Date filtering for the /{account_id}/publisher/mentions endpoint of our API is now possible. Details in our developer changelog.
  • May 27th: We will now more frequently (and sooner) send out password expiry emails. You used to get only 1 email about 24 hours before the expiry, now we will start notifying users 3 days in advance. Read more about password expiry.
  • May 27th: When you add a note to a mention in the new inbox (you can do that by clicking "add note" in the reply bar, we have styled the text input so it looks the same as when the note is added, to indicate you're not sending a reply.
  • May 25th: When quickly resolving mentions in the inbox, the resolve button will now always be in the same place (it used to be positioned a bit lower for retweets). Your mouse can now chill in that same sweet spot. (And for those hard core users, there's always keyboard shortcuts of course.)
  • May 25th: When you invite new users to your account, the welcome registration email now has improved information for first time users of our tool.
  • May 23th: On June 1st, Instagram is making some changes to their API, that will require your to re-authenticate your Instagram profiles in CX Social. (This is part of the review proces described here.) So, in order for your Instagram profiles to continue to play nicely together with CX Social, please reconnect your Instagram profiles before June 1st. (We have indicated the profiles that need reconnecting with a red warning, when you look at your topic set-up.)
  • May 23th: Instagram launched a new logo. So, we've updated all our uses of the logo.
  • May 20th: The symbols for positive, negative and neutral sentiment in the inbox have been updated, so they're more easily distinguishable.
  • May 12th: When mentions are locked (feature of the New Inbox to prevent working on the same messages) they are locked for your user for about 10 minutes (so you have the time to handle them). When you switch to a next mention or resolve a mention this lock is removed, but these locks weren't remove when you log out. This way locked mentions of logged out users were still locked for a couple of minutes. This has been fixed, so any locks for a user are removed when that user logs out of CX Social.
  • May 11th: For authorized Facebook connections we show "Total Reach (People)" and "Post Reach (People)" graphs on the Profile Metrics page in your Insights. These metrics indicate the amount of unique people that your page or your posts per day. The flipcard of these graphs showed the "total" amount for the whole period, but this total was computed by summing the days. This was incorrect since you can't sum "unique daily people" over a month. If the same person view posts by you on 2 different days, he was counted twice. We have replaced the totals on the flipcard with the averages.
  • May 11th: When you click "edit" on a mention in the new Inbox, we will show the ID of the mention on the source like in the old Inbox.
  • May 11th: We have added the "Impressions by Fans (Unique)" metric to the detailed tooltip when viewing Facebook posts in Insights.
  • May 10th: We have made several improvements to our web application when you view it on smaller devices (like your phone or tablet). In the meantime we're also working on an improved native mobile application. Stay tuned for that!
  • May 10th: When going to your overview of saved filters in your account's settings you can now easily export all saved filters to Excel or other standard formats.
  • May 10th: We have improved the naming of your Excel sheets when exporting pages in insights. Sheet names are limited in length, so it's not easy to find something short, unique & descriptive.
  • May 4th: The Trending Topics widget in Insights now support to view trends, hashtags or detected scenes in list view too. If you prefer this over the default word cloud view.
  • May 4th: As an admin you get notification emails when there are security related events of users of accounts you're administrator of. These events include users trying to log in with a wrong password and users getting locked/unlocked. We believe it's in the interest of your account's security administrators are notified about this. But in the interest of #yolo, we have added a setting in your user preferences to unsubscribe from these types of emails. This setting will not have effect on any security related events of your own login of course. You will still receive these.
  • May 3rd: The contact bar in the new inbox now displays a number indicating how many CRM fields are filled in for the contact you're looking at. This way you know when more data is available that might be relevant to resolve your current case. (Click the number to view the contact fields.)
  • May 3rd: We have made major improvements to the security related features of CX Social. These changes are mostly under the hood, but will also allow us to roll out two factor authentication in the near future. However the following improvements are already available today:
    • It will be logged in the audit log when an CX Social admin logs in as a user.
    • It will be logged in the audit log when a user registered.
    • It will be logged in the audit log when a user changed his/her password with a password reset.
    • It will be logged in the audit log when a user requests a password reset.
    • It will be logged in the audit log when a user is unlocked.
    • We've added a security setting to deny the use of (Because it's less secure than
    Read more about security features in CX Social.
  • April 25th: Mention locks are now also shown in the conversation view (not only in the mini mentions list) and they are also shown to the person who locked the mention (not just to his/her coworkers viewing that mention). Read more about mention locking.
  • April 5th: On the 'Profile Metrics' page in insights, we have added a graph for your connected Facebook profiles that shows the amount of shares your page(s) have per day. This way you can see posts from what days were shared more than others. Toggle the flip card to view average, maximum and total amount of shares. (Mind: this shows the amount of shares based on when the shared post was published, not shared. Facebook only exposes the date of the original post, not when it was shared.) More info about Facebook Profile Metrics
  • April 5th: When using the new Inbox, you can now use the shortcut "shift+a" to select all mentions currently displayed in your folder. Use this shortcut to e.g. quickly tag, resolve or assign all mentions.
  • April 4th: When you're looking at graphs of authorized Facebook pages, you'll now see the data in there is up to date until yesterday. Previously only data from 3 days & before was available, but now Facebook is returning more recent statistics as well.
  • April 4th: When setting up a custom user role, you can now define if a user role can disable mention locking in the inbox or not. If you remove this permission for a user role, this user role will always lock mentions he/she is working on. More info about Mention Locking
  • April 2nd: The overview of how old mentions in your mailbox folder are now click through to the inbox itself (instead of a pop-up with the mentions), so you have all tools (conversation view, reply bar) directly available to handle these ageing messages.
  • March 30th: We have added the metric “Daily Page Stories” to the “Profile Metrics” page in insights. When you have authorised Facebook pages connected to your topics, a graph with the total amount of stories per day & page will be shown and you can easily see totals by opening the flip card or by opening the summary tooltip in the summary widget on top of that page. This “Daily Page Stories” metric is the total amount of stories (post likes, post comments, shares, likes on shares, page likes, checkins, etc.) your page has received on a given day. More details.
  • March 23rd: We've been continuously improving the new inbox with a.o. these changes:
    • We tweaked readability of a mention's timestamp & sentiment icons.
    • You can now quickly toggle mention locking on and off via the dropdown next to the filter.
    • Similarly, if you want to see topic names in your inbox, toggle them on or off via the dropdown next to the filter.
    • Clicking the avatar of a person now also opens the Context View.
    • Mentions displayed in Insights and on Dashboards now work the exact same way as in the Inbox Context View (active state, details shown, shortcuts, etc.).
    • We've improved the syncing of mention locks between different agents when there are network troubles.
    • Use the shortcut "i" to toggle the Contact Sheet of the current Contact in the Context View (remember you can always see all available shortcuts by choosing "Keyboard Shortcuts" from the dropdown menu next to the filter in the Inbox).

  • March 9th: Today we announce a new partnership with Ditto Labs, the leading provider of image recognition. The partnership delivers visual listening capabilities to the CX Social, allowing customer experience professionals to identify and understand brands, products, scenes and emotions in photos from social networks, even in the absence of any text.
    You can now:
    • Identify, filter and route brand photo mentions to the right department, team or agent for fast follow-up and resolution without @ or keyword mentions.
    • Extend social listening beyond keywords to analyze photos and associated comments for more complete customer experience and brand insights through Clarabridge’s leading text and sentiment analytics.
    • Uncover and detect real-time insights about customers and their product usage from organic and original user generated content.
    Read more
  • March 1st: We have just made the new inbox available for everyone on This means that all improvements we've mentioned below for are now available on We hope you like the improved inbox. Feel free to reach out to your CS Manager or with any comments or feedback. (If you still want to use the previous version of the inbox, you can do so on
  • February 23rd: On request we have switched the order of posts in the new inbox on so both posts & comments on posts are now always sorted from older to newer. We have also added little icons to the mentions list indicating if a mention is assigned or has an image attachment.
  • February 18th: When adding a widget to your dashboard that displays mentions, we filter out any likes by default. You now have the option (in your widget's settings) to override this behavior.
  • February 18th: We've made several improvements to the new inbox on
    • We now distinguish between "person commented on ..." and "person replied on ..." when showing Facebook mentions in the new inbox.
    • We now distinguish between "person replied to ..." and "person posted a tweet" if a tweet starts with a @mention but isn't a reply when showing Twitter mentions in the new inbox.
    • In the new inbox we now also show which one of your users/agents has sent a message, if it was sent from within CX Social. (Similar to how we do this in the old inbox.)
    • We have made it more clear to which user a mention is assigned by adding his/her name in the conversation view.

  • February 15th: On you can now set yourself to unavailable. Your colleagues will see this status reflected in CX Social's chat functionality, or when assigning mentions to you. We will also not smart assign any mentions to anyone that set himself/herself to unavailable and will also not track any handle time for any agents set to unavailable.
    When you're unavailable, you have to manually mark yourself available again.
  • February 15th: You can now add people to your Twitter lists from within CX Social. When in the new Inbox on, click the list icon in the contact bar to add or remove the current user to any of your existing Twitter lists. Learn more
  • February 15th: We have reworked the personal & account settings menus so that related items are grouped together. We also gave several settings pages a minor design overhaul. We hope this makes navigating your account's settings easier. Access your user profile settings by choosing "Personal Settings" in the top right menu, access your account settings by choosing "Account Settings".
  • February 15th: In preparation of the New Inbox's launch on March 1st, we are continuously making improvements & bug-fixes to the new inbox that you can test on Amongst other things we have brought back the "add to dashboard" button to add any of your inboxes' folders to a dashboard of your choice.
  • February 15th: We have renamed to "Total Reach" & "Post Reach" widgets for Facebook profile metrics to "Total Reach (People)" & "Post Reach (People)" since both widgets display data about unique users (as the help text for that widget already explained).
  • February 15th: On Profile Metrics Widget's flip card, we will now show the detailed number in a tooltip. E.g. go to your Facebook's Pages "Impressions" widget, click the "KPI View" icon, and hover over your KPI's to see the detailed number.
  • January 22nd: In our automation smart assign feature you can now select multiple teams to smart assign to. Read more about smart assign.
  • January 22nd: When you're surfing to CX Social from a different timezone than what's configured in your CX Social account's preferences, we've made it a one-click operation to update your timezone settings, and we've improved the algorithm we use to suggest you a new timezone.
  • January 22nd: On custom dashboards you can now easily duplicate existing widgets by choosing "Copy" from the settings menu of a widget. When copying you can choose a new title, pick a dashboard to copy to, and set the position to add it. (Duplicating complete dashboards was already possible.)
  • January 21st: When exporting mentions from the Inbox, you can now also choose to export the standard contact fields. (Previously only custom attributes you added to contacts were available in exports.) Tick the "Contact Data" checkbox in the advanced settings when exporting mentions to have any phone, address, email, etc. data you added to contacts in CX Social exported to Excel, CSV a.o.
  • January 18th: Automatic sentiment determination is now available for Arabic. As is the case for the other supported languages, sentiment determination is based on statistical machine learning models and hence approximate. It remains of course possible to manually override sentiment when desired.
  • January 14th: When configuring a custom user role, you can now also select which tags and which mailboxes user in that role have access too. This way you have complete control over which people can use which subset of tags and/or mailboxes. Head over to the settings page of a custom user role to test these new features.
  • January 13th: We’ve added the total share count for all your Facebook posts to the tooltips of your profiles’ metrics in Insights. And while we were at it, we also added the total viral impressions and consumption counts.
  • January 13th: On the “Posts & Engagement” page in Insights you can now which replies & comments got the most Engagement by selecting “Top Replies” (works similar to “Top Posts”).
  • January 4th: When you add a component with inbox mentions to your dashboards we now support endless scrolling, an (optional) compact display format and (optional) auto-updating of new mentions. This feature is only available on To test this: go to a dashboard, click add component, search for "inbox" and configure these new options for that component. For more details, check this support article.
  • December 28th: We have been making several improvements to our CX Social API. Keep an eye on our API Changelog for more details.
  • December 28th: When dashboards are accidentally deleted from your CX Social account, you can now ask our Support Ninja's to restore the deleted dashboards for you.
  • December 28th: Canned responses in the new inbox now work as snippets; if you select a canned response, the message gets added to what you currently typed in the reply bar instead of replacing what you already typed. This allows a more flexible use of the canned responses.
  • December 28th: When viewing the mention context in the new inbox, you can now go back in time and load older messages from your conversations with that person.
  • December 21st: We've added an endpoint to the CX Social API to retrieve an account's security audit log. See for details.
  • December 11th:  We are still continually improving the new inbox available on
    • Features:
      • The reply bar supports emoji's again. Yaay!
      • You can now also use the canned responses with variables in the new inbox.
      • We added support for right-to-left text input in the reply bar.
      • We've added a menu item to publish a new post (not just replies) to the tools menu in the new inbox.
      • We've tweaked the design of tags a little bit, so they're more easiliy recognisable.
    • Bugfixes:
      • We've made several improvements to permission checks.
      • Several fixes to your CRM integrations (fixed issue with parameters in urls of custom integrations and visibility of linked CRM accounts).

  • December 11th: We've added mention's response, resolve and handle times to the CX Social API. See
  • November 18th: We noticed some special characters in passwords caused trouble when logging in to the CX Social mobile app. We have now adjusted the special characters accepted in the browser app when choosing a password, to make sure all chosen passwords will work in the mobile app as well. However, passwords that were created earlier that contain other characters can still cause trouble, which is why it might be a good idea to change your password to make sure it does not include any of the troubled characters. You can do this on 
    Accepted characters are ! $ _ [ ]
  • November 17th: Over the last 3 weeks, since the beta-launch of the new inbox, we have constantly been working to fix all known bugs and add more improvements to the new inbox. We have been fixing and adding things daily, prioritising on the bug reports and feedback we got from you. So, first of all, a big thank you for all your positive feedback and help in finding bugs.
    If you want to get yourself better acquainted with the new inbox, have a look at our detailed support articles or subscribe for our upcoming webinar on the new inbox on November 19th. We're really excited to show you handle time, mention locking, the focus view and all the other cool details we've added to this new inbox.
    If anything is still stopping you from switching your team over to the new inbox, please do to let us know.

    Below is the full list of fixes and improvements on 2015-11-13 since the beta-release on October 28th.
    • General:
      • Improved performance of mention locking.
      • Improved performance of loading new mentions in a folder.
      • Improved focus view & full screen status (always have button to exit full screen view and refresh of page will keep you in same state).
      • Several improvements to keyboard shortcuts.
        • We no longer automatically focus on the reply bar. (Use "R" to focus on reply bar.)
        • Click Help to have an overview of Keyboard Shortcuts.
        • Click "Esc" to exit Focus View.
      • Improved displaying of mention types in conversation view (retweet or tweet? private message or comment? wall post on what profile?).
    • Publishing:
      • You can now resize the reply input field, if you're typing longer replies.
    • Contact Details:
      • Immediately show if a certain user has a connected Salesforce/Desk/Zendesk account.
    • Mentions:
      • Make the click area for deleting tags bigger so it's easier to remove tags.
    Missing Features:
    This is a list of features that were missing in the new inbox (versus old inbox) that we added again;
    • Mentions:
      • Use shift select to select a list of mentions. (For e.g. batch editing.)
      • Bring back "Edit all mentions in folder". (Added to tools menu.)
      • Bring back "Edit all mentions in conversation". (Added to mention actions dropdown.)
      • Bring back "Create Case on Zendesk/Desk/Salesforce" actions. (Added to mention actions dropdown.)
      • Bring back "Mark All As Resolved" in "All Mentions" folder.
    • Publishing:
      • Implement shortening for the new reply bar. Bring back publisher postfix (e.g. "^JP") for the new reply bar.
    • General:
      • Positioning of the filter bar in the toolbar is now better so it's never off screen.
      • Fixed several cases where tooltips sometimes kept floating around after doing an action (removing tag, etc.)
      • Opening chat now resizes other parts of the screen. (Chat is no longer docked.)
    • Contact Details:
      • Fixed contact tags styling/colours.
      • Fixed layout of overview of connected Zendesk/Desk/Salesforce cases.
    • Publishing:
      • Text in reply bar sometimes overlapped with "characters left" counter.
      • Fixed issue where you sometimes couldn't select the right profile to publish with.
      • Fixed issue where the reply you were typing sometimes disappeared (when mention was locked by other person).
    • Mentions:
      • Several fixes to displaying mentions (layout, or missing tag information, certain actions not working) in other places than the inbox (insights, dialogs, dashboard widgets, etc.)
      • Drop-downs were sometimes showing underneath other data.
      • Fixed issue where you couldn't edit or add notes to certain types of mentions.
      • Resolving and deleting mentions from both list view as conversation view will now correctly update counters and status in list view.
      • When adding a new tag to a mention the new tag will also be added to the drop-down on next add.

  • November 5th: It’s now possible to add parameters to your Canned Responses. You are now able to use the parameters [author] and [service] in your response. For more details about using parameters in your canned response, click here.
  • October 28th: Today, launched live at C3 Europe in London, we introduced a much anticipated update of our Inbox as part of our mission to stay ahead of the social customer care game. This new inbox is available for all CX Social accounts on The new inbox has a completely redesigned interface and also introduces several new features, including mention locking, focus view, tag suggestions and handle time statistics. You can read more about it in this blog post and in these updated Support Articles.
  • October 22nd: Since October 19th Twitter shortens all links and pictures you include in tweets with the https protocol. Read more.
  • October 22nd: If you're monitoring Tripadvisor Points of Interest, we have added 2 new graphs to the profile metrics page in insights. One that gives an overview of your Points of Interest's amount of reviews per score, and one with the amount of reviews per type of review.
  • October 12th: Since CX Social’s maintenance on Oct 6th there are new filter options available. Data received since that day supports searching and filtering on single characters. For example, you can now filter on the $- or €-signs, even on single digits and single Japanese signs representing full words. It is also nice to know you can now use single quote characters in your searches (‘), for instance to find mentions containing “can’t”.
  • October 12th: Changes to the configuration of Dashboard Widgets are now available on the history page of a widget. (Click "Edit" and then "History" on one of your dashboard widgets to see who did what changes.) Note: Changes to widgets are only tracked in this history since September 3rd 2015.
  • September 30th: You can now assign publisher posts to one of your colleagues similar to how you can assign in the inbox and from now on, rejected publisher posts will still be available in the history of your publisher. Read more
  • September 21st: You can now choose to have certain automation rules active only outside certain business hours schedules, to e.g. handle mentions differently when your agents are not active in CX Social. (We launched having automation rules active during certain schedules 2 weeks ago, this is the counterpart to that feature.)
  • September 21st: You can now filter on mentions that have attachments. We've implemented this for Facebook private messages, so you can easily drill down on those messages that had a screenshot or file attached. Note: this will only work for mentions tracked from Monday September 21st 10:00 UTC.
  • September 10th: We have removed the "Filters" widget on the bottom left in your Inbox view. This widget showed breakdowns by sentiment/tag/language/profile a.o. of your current view of the Inbox. Computing these breakdowns however came at a great cost and thus had a negative impact on the speed and overall CX Social experience.
    The advanced filtering options, as well as the compare functionality in Insights, together with shortcuts to filter on certain mailboxes, allow you to get the same look into your data as with the Filters widget. We decided to remove this feature as it had a negative impact and other/better ways of getting these insights are possible.
  • September 3rd: The overview of saved filters in your account's settings, will now also include the name of the person who created that saved filter. (To see it's history - when it was added and who edited it afterwards - you can still find all details in the account history audit log.)
  • September 3rd: You can now choose to have certain automation rules active only during certain business hours schedules. This way you automatically control per day and per hour when certain automated actions should be executed.
  • September 3rd: We've made several improvements to our flipcards feature for profile metrics; including adding some new metrics to several of the components, better sorting and multi-profile summaries.
  • September 3rd: We've added a new endpoint to our CX Social API to update contact details. This endpoint allows for updating contact details in CX Social. In other words, your agents can now access information in CX Social contact sheets that was imported there by a CRM over the API.
  • September 1st: When forwarding mentions via email to your colleagues you can now specify CC & BCC receivers.
  • September 1st: When configuring Team Performance widgets related to Users, you can now also select a certain Team. The widget will then reflect the data for all members of that Team. Additionally, when adding / removing people from a certain Team, your widget will automatically update.
  • August 25th: When you delete a project, your account history will now also contain the list of topics that were in this project before you deleted it, as a reminder.
  • August 25th: A few users told us they liked the way we displayed the most active days of the week and most active hours of the day graphs from the previous version of the Insights more. We've added these charts & table to the dashboard gallery so you can still use these visualisations ever after we retire the old insights.
  • August 25th: When exporting mentions from your inbox, you can now also choose to export the user tags associated with those mentions' authors.
  • August 25th: We have improved detection of photo urls in Facebook messages to bring you better photo statistics.
  • August 17th: We've updated the character limit for Twitter Direct Messages! You're now able to write and read Direct Messages that are longer than 140 characters. Read more about this update here.
  • July 29th: From now on it is possible to give your Integrations a custom chosen name. That way everything will be more clear and structured; no more confusion. If you go to your Settings and click on Integrations tab, there will be a click-to- edit function. After saving the customized name, you will be able to see those in the contact sheet or drop downmenu’s in your Inbox.
  • July 28th: We introduced our revamped Insights over a year ago and made it the default for all our accounts for over 7 months. Since then, we've continuously been improving the new insights to make them as good and feature complete as possible and have seen great adoption and gotten great feedback. (Check our 28 support articles detailing every page in our Insights section.)
  • Today we've removed the link to the old Insights from the Insights overview page for all accounts that haven't used any of the old insights pages in the last month. If, however, you still need access to the old Insights (we definitely don't want to break any of your workflows!), please let us know why and go to Account Settings > Account Preferences > Advanced and enable "Switch Back to Previous Insights" again. Over the next weeks we'll continue to phase out the old insights.
  • July 27th: Our service level agreement has been updated for all new accounts plans. When going to our SLA page, you see the agreement specifically for your account's plan.
  • July 27th: Automation recipes that create a draft reply to certain incoming messages will now also work for incoming Twitter direct messages and Facebook private conversations.
  • July 22nd: Changes to automation recipes will from now on be logged with more detail in the account history page. We'll now also show what was changed to the recipe and not just who did a change to which recipe.
  • July 15th: We have added 4 new graphs to our Profile Metrics insights page (if you have an authorized Facebook profile monitored in the selected topic). These graphs aggregate data about plays of your pages' Facebook videos. There's 2 graphs for all plays, and two graphs for "complete video views" (this means: at least 30 seconds, or till the end). For each type of plays we show a summary graph and one graph detailing the distribution between organic and paid views, as well as information about repeated plays, clicks to play and unique viewers.
  • July 14th: When you edit the language, type, category or country details of a mention, the mention's history will from now on have details on both the old value as the value you changed it too. This way you can figure out what the original values were.
  • July 13th: If you have your Desk, Zendesk or Salesforce account connected to CX Social, and create a case/ticket on any of those services for a specific mention in CX Social this is now logged in the mention's history. That we have this new type of action logged on mentions, means you can now also filter on mentions that have a case created (filter on "Action contains all Created Case") and that we show performance statistics for those types of actions under the Performance tab. (Stats will only be available for cases created from today on).
  • July 13th: When you change the sentiment of a mention, the mention's history will from now on have details on both the old value as the value you change the sentiment too. This way you can figure out what the original sentiment was.
  • July 13th: Access to the recently launched security settings and security audit log pages are now configurable for your custom user roles. Previously they were available to people that could edit account preferences, but you have now more fine-grained control over these specific items.
  • July 13th: For those of you using our smart assign feature (it's still in beta, get in touch with if you're interested); own authorized connections will now always be excluded from our smart assign algorithm.
  • July 13th: If you accidentally delete an automation recipe, our support ninja's can now help you recover the deleted automation recipe.
  • June 26th: The redesigned sidebar just went live on Read more about this update.
  • Jun 22nd: Private messages sent to your Facebook Pages will now be monitored in real-time, so should arrive in your inboxes within a few minutes.
  • Jun 20th: Users of right-to-left languages like Arabic, can now specify right-to-left as the default writing direction for important text input areas in CX Social (publishing, reply dialog, canned responses). See "Default Writing Direction" in your personal preferences for more information.
  • Jun 18th: Private messages sent by monitored profiles are no longer counted as "profile posting activity", but as "profile response activity" in the "Social Profile Metrics" component on the "Profile Metrics" page in insights. Read more about this component here.
  • June 17th: You can now use 3 new security features in CX Social. Read all about them in this support article.
  • June 12th: We've launched a redesigned sidebar on The sidebar looks much slicker, is collapsible, and, as an added bonus, we redid almost all icons in CX Social. You've got 2 weeks to try it out on our beta site, before we launch in on Read more about this update.
  • June 9th: When configuring a custom user role, you can now distinguish between the permission to publish new posts (tweets, Facebook posts, ...) and replies (tweet reply, favorite, comment, like, ...). This comes in handy to make sure you customer care agents can only reply to incoming tweets and limit the publishing of new posts to your marketing team.
  • June 8th: We've added Flip Cards and more KPI's to several of the profile metrics graphs in Insights. To learn more about Flip Cards, head over the our support article.
  • June 4th: Click the “+ Note” button next to posts in the publisher tab to add notes to a specific post. Notes (and who made them when) are visible when you expand the history of posts in the publisher or when hovering over items in the calendar.
  • June 2nd: You can now disable the in-app chat functionality of CX Social per user role. Note: By default all user roles still have it enabled.
  • May 29th: If you search in the widget gallery for "Performance: Time Between Actions", you will be able to add our newest widget to your dashboard. With this widget we will show you the average time between to certain actions, either as a chart or as a KPI. If you have a certain fixed inbox workflow, e.g. "first assign the mention, then first tag the mention, then reply the user, then resolve the mention", this widget will give you an idea of how long you spend between the first actions of the selected types. Note: This widget of course only works when a certain fixed workflow is followed.
  • May 28th: Image attachments to Facebook private messages are now shown directly in CX Social. You can click the thumbnail to open the full image the user sent to your Facebook Page.
  • May 22th: We now show like and comment counts on Facebook posts from authorized Facebook pages in a different way. For a full overview of this change, have a look at the dedicated support article. 
  • May 20th: Around April 29th, Facebook made a change to their real-time updates API. This API notifies us when a new comment, like or reply is made on one of your authorized Facebook pages. Because of these notifications we're able to add comments and replies to your CX Social inboxes almost instantly. From then on they started sending the ID of the parent comment instead of the post the reply was on. This breaking API change was deployed without any prior communication whatsoever, thus causing our Facebook integration to not work real-time anymore for replies on comments. On May 14th they acknowledged that their change broke API users' use cases in this bug report. We were made aware of delay for certain Facebook replies a few days ago, and nailed it down to this problem this morning. We have since deployed a change so replies are now again tracked in real-time again, and works perfect with the updated API.
  • May 19th: Instagram comments, Youtube comments and replies, and Google+ comments and activities can now simply be removed from the respective service (without deleting from CX Social) from a mention's tool dropdown.
  • May 18th: Sorting your inbox by "source rank" has been removed. Not all our news/blog providers support this, so this feature was causing confusion and we have removed it by customer request.
  • May 18th: The way we select the default profiles when replying to a certain mention in your inbox has changed a little bit. We now take the topic of the mention into account. Have a look at our updated support article for a full description on how this works.
  • May 15th: If you look at your calendar in the publisher tab, we will now also show any posts waiting for approval or drafts that have a certain publish date set. Posts of this type will be indicated by a label in its tooltip. If you want to focus on a specific type of post (e.g. only see posts waiting for approval, or ignore any drafts), you can use the filter to target specifically those types of posts you're interested in. Use "compare by status" to have the posts in your calendar color coded by their status.
  • May 15th: We have finished rolling out support for monitoring posts that have been created "inline" as part of ad creative creation for all CX Social accounts. (For more details, see change May 11th below.)
  • May 11th: We will be rolling out support for monitoring posts that have been created "inline" as part of ad creative creation, for your authorized Facebook Pages during the following days. API's for monitoring these types of posts were previously unavailable, but recent improvements and upgrades have made monitoring this type of posts possible (see). As a result, you will see previously untracked posts starting to show up in your inboxes. We always monitor the latest 100 posts of both the published and unpublished (promotable & inlined created) posts. Depending on how much you are using inline created posts, the inflow of new posts can suddenly increase, including posts/comments showing up in your inboxes with a delay. This sudden inflow and delay in messages will not be because of a bug (don't be alarmed), but due to the fact we can now support the tracking of this new type of posts.
  • May 7th: You can now specify whether a certain custom user role has the Live Help feature available for them or not.
  • May 6th: When selecting topics in insights & team performance, we've grouped your topics in projects, so you can easily select a full project at once. And if you're using the compare functionality, there's now an option to sort your segments alphabetically instead of by volume (which is still the default).
  • May 6th: We've split up the saved filters table in insights, so there's a clearer distinction between saved filters you can use in your inbox and filters for publisher posts.
  • May 6th: When viewing your publisher calendar or when browsing through posts awaiting approval or drafts, you can now also filter on any teams you created, to see e.g. all posts scheduled by your "Marketing US" team.
  • May 5th: We have made the new homepage (that you could preview on available on Hope you like it!
  • April 30th: We have finished our upgrade process to the new Facebook API. More details about what this upgrade means for you are explained in this Support Article.
  • April 29th: If you're using rrrreaaallllyyy llooong tag names, we'll add the full text to a little tooltip when comparing tags in the insights, so you still know which tag you're selecting.
  • April 29th: We have made several more permissions configurable for Custom User Roles. You can now configure if users are able to edit saved targeting options (for publishing on Facebook), for editing custom contact fields and if users are able to view any of the account settings or not.
  • April 23rd: Go to to preview our new Engagement Performance Dashboard. Read all about it here.
  • April 22nd: When exporting a dashboard to PDF, you have the option to preserve the layout of the widgets. (We try to match the screen layout as much as possible to the A4 paper layout.)
  • April 21st: We have finished our upgrade process to the YouTube 3.0 API. Because of this change you will have to reconnect your YouTube profile to CX Social to continue receiving YouTube updates.
    Please get in touch with support via, if you notice problems with filtering on your YouTube mentions or in accessing your YouTube insights after the reconnect.
  • April 20th: You can now sort your inbox on the time it took to reply to the message during business hours.
  • April 17th: We no longer add source tracking tags to url in private messages, only to replies that are publicly visible. (See your Account Preferences for more info about this feature.)
  • April 13th: If you have alerts configured for any of your smart folders (e.g. to be notified by a mobile push notification when there are more than 5 mentions older than 1 hour in one of your priority folders), we now display the amount of alerts in the overview of folders.
  • March 30th: We launched completely overhauled publisher features. For more info, see this blog post.
  • March 26th: You can now reply to Instagram photos and comments directly from within CX Social.
  • March 23rd: You can now limit access to CX Social from certain IP's. By configuring a whitelist of IP's you're certain that your account doesn't get accessed from other locations.
  • March 20th: The number of new messages in your current inbox, now also shows (and updates) in your browser's tab title bar.
  • March 15th: Images attached to Twitter private messages are now also shown right in the inbox, so you don't have to click through to Twitter anymore.
  • March 10th: Replies on comments are now shown indented in a mentions' conversation history, so you can more easily see what comment was replied on.
  • March 10th: We've just made filtering on city way more powerful. Type "city:gent" to filter on all mentions from Gent, Belgium. If you want to filter on a city that has 2 or more words, you need to use quotes, for instance: city:"new york". If what you typed is ambiguous (a city that exists in multiple countries), we'll select what we think is the best match (based on population etc.). If you want to be more specific, you can do so by adding the country name: city: "Amsterdam, The Netherlands" for instance.
  • March 5th: Some components on the "Profile Metrics" page in Insights can now be flipped around to see some averages or totals from the graphs shown. E.g. flip around the "Potential Reach" graph for Twitter to see the average of your selected date range.
  • February 23rd: When you've replied to a mention, or resolved a mention, we will include the Response and/or Reply Time in the mention's history, both the total time as the time during business hours.
  • February 18th: Did you notice the CX Social Chat functionality had a little facelift? We've given it a fresher look.
  • February 12th: When a tweet has a photo attached, we'll now show the photo directly in the inbox, instead of showing a link to the photo.
  • February 5th: We've done big improvements to our business hours schedules feature. We can now define multiple schedules and configure schedules for each of your account's users. Furthermore you can now view team performance stats taking only business hours into account, so you can better assess the performance of your customer service efforts.
  • February 3rd: In custom user roles it's now possible to specify whether those users have access to the CX Social Mobile App and/or the CX Social API.
  • January 28th: If a monitored tweet contains an emoji, we'll now display the emoji right in the CX Social inbox.
  • January 22nd: Any time spent using the CX Social Mobile App is now also taken into account when you look at the "Time Spent" statistics in Team Performance.
  • January 13th: Instead of just sorting your topics, dashboards or mailboxes alphabetically, we now sort them a bit smarter, so "10. Topic Ten" is after "9. Topic Nine" in our interface.

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