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Monitoring Instagram With CX Social

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:35AM EST
With the ever-growing importance of Instagram as a Marketing channel, it's only logical we expanded our functionalities in that direction as well. 

Using CX Social, there's multiple ways to track your performance on Instagram:

Monitoring an ​Instagram Profile

This option allows you to track the posts and interactions on those posts from a specific Instagram Profile. 

How can I do this?

  • First you should connect the Instagram Profile to a Topic. This is done in Settings > Topics. 
  • Once this is done, we will track the new posts, comments and likes on this profile. These items will be displayed in your Inbox as separate mentions. However, since we do not deliver historical data, we will only track new data from the moment you connected the profile to a Topic.
  • The statistics about the data collected from the Profile can be consulted in Insights > Monitored Profiles > Instagram. For a full explanation about these Insights, you can take a look at our Support Article for the Instagram Insights.

Monitoring a hashtag on Instagram

Hashtags are used to categorize your uploads on Instagram. Tags like this make it more easier to find a specific sort of posts. 

With the first option stated above, you can track all uploads from a public profile. But sometimes you are just interested in uploads containing a certain hashtag, also when they are not posted on a monitored profile. Therefore you can use this feature.

How can I do this?

  • First you will have to add the hashtags you wish to monitor to a Topic in your Settings.
  • Then you will see those uploads appear in your Inbox.

You can find step-by-step explanation in our separate support article about Instagram Hashtag Monitoring

Replying and publishing on Instagram

  • Publishing pictures from within CX Social on your Instagram profiles is not possible. Instagram explains us why: ​

At this time, uploading via the API is not possible. We made a conscious choice not to add this for the following reasons:

Instagram is about your life on the go – we hope to encourage photos from within the app. However, in the future we may give whitelist access to individual apps on a case by case basis.

We want to fight spam & low quality photos. Once we allow uploading from other sources, it's harder to control what comes into the Instagram ecosystem. All this being said, we're working on ways to ensure users have a consistent and high-quality experience on our platform.

  • Replying on and liking pictures with a hashtag you're monitoring on Instagram or on photo's of specific Instagram profile your following, is possible within CX Social. But Instagram sets a few rules:
  1. Comments must be written in the voice of the user posting the comment.
  2. Comments must not be automated.
  3. The total length of the comment cannot exceed 300 characters.
  4. The comment cannot contain more than four hashtags.
  5. The comment cannot contain more than one URL.
  6. The comment cannot consist of all capital letters.
  7. The comment should not spam users with repetitive comments and self-promotion, and extends to commercial spam comments, such as discount codes or URLS to websites.
  8. You can send a maximum of 15 comments per hour through CX Social, and do a maximum of 30 likes per hour trough CX Social. 
So make sure you follow these rules, if not... CX Social or Instagram can disable your account. 


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