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How Does CX Social Track Facebook Posts?

Last Updated: May 11, 2017 06:11AM EDT

In CX Social, you can monitor a Facebook page by connecting a profile. In this Support Article we give some more information about how we track posts from Facebook. You can find answers to:

ŸŸ●  How much data is tracked?
ŸŸ●  How fast do we crawl pages?

How much data is being tracked from the page?

How much data we can track from Facebook Pages depends on how you connected the page to CX Social: as an Authorized Connection or just as a regular page.


Tracking Data from Unauthorized Pages

For Pages you do not have access rights to, and thus haven't connected in the authorized way, we are only able to track updates on the last 100 Page Posts. If something happens on one of the 100 most recent Page Posts, we can track it. However, updates on older posts can not be crawled anymore.

Example: Let's say an image was posted on an unauthorized page more than 3 months ago, but someone suddenly posts a new comment on it. But in the meantime there has been a lot of activity on the page, and there were over 100 more recent posts made by the page. In this case we will not be able to track the new comment on the older post.

Tracking Data from pages with an authorized connection

For authorised pages, we track posts appearing in the Page's News Feed. When the post enters the feed of a page, we receive an update from this, and are able to pull this information in CX Social. So when Facebook's algorithms don't place a post in the feed (eg. when this post is 2 years old) we won't receive an update and we won't be able to crawl it.

Stories Versus Objects: What can we track?

CX Social only tracks 'Stories' that are represented in the feed, not 'objects'. This is of course a bit technical, so here's an example to explain the difference between the two:

Let's say you update a Facebook album, and add 5 more pictures to it. The 'Objects' are the 5 pictures. But adding those photos also creates a post on your Timeline. And this is the 'Story'. In this case, the API will only give us the story, which is 'XX added a picture'. This is also how you will see this upload in CX Social.

How fast do we crawl Facebook Pages?

We check the Facebook API for new posts & updates on frequent intervals. How fast this is, depends on the type of data.

For all pages, we track page details once a day. This is the general page info such as likes, statistics, description,... The Page Feed itself that contains posts is checked multiple times per day for both authorized and unauthorized pages. For authorized pages, we will also receive an update each time there is a new post, or a new comment or like on an existing post. These updates allow us to crawl posts for authorized pages as good as in real-time. 

When crawling data from facebook, we give priority to some types of data over other ones. This means we will give the crawling of posts, comments and private messages from authorized accounts priority over e.g. the crawling of likes. We will also give a bit more priority when crawling for accounts in which users are on line and actively working. 

We also check for unpublished (promoted) posts, but less often than the normal feed posts checks.


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