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Last Updated: Dec 27, 2016 01:22PM EST
The gender, age and language statistics section you find in Insights > People provides interesting data about the people consuming your content and your Facebook audience. 

Click on the title to jump directly to the specific part of your choice. 


Gender & Age

Here we show a subdivision per gender and age group of all the people who talked about your topic(s).

This section has a drop down, which allows you to see this data specifically for Facebook or for mentions from all sources:

The Facebook statistics are retrieved directly via their Insights API. Therefore, your page needs to be linked to CX Social with an Authorized Connection.


All Sources

Most services don't provide us with the exact gender and age details of single users, so the data provided under 'All Sources' is an aggregation of estimated genders and age-groups based on user's first and last names. Estimations are based on comparing names from your topic with publicly available Census data.

If we don't find a match for gender and or age, or the mention is not coming from a person (e.g. News article), then the mention isn't included in the graph.


Facebook Page: Your Fans

Here we show how many male and female fans your Facebook page has, and in what age class they are. 

Facebook does provide us with demographic information of a page's fans (your page needs an Authorized connection though). This data is retrieved directly from Facebook via their API.

This is the same data you would see if you checked on Facebook itself: Go to your Facebook Page > Check the Insights > Tab People > Tab Your Fans.


Facebook Page: People Reached Demographics

Here we show demographics of the number of people who saw a post from your Facebook page in the past 28 days

This data equals the statistics you see in your Insights section on Facebook itself, more specifically under People > People Reached.


Facebook Page: People Talking About This Page Demographics

This metric displays the number of people talking about the page by user age and gender in the past 28 days

This data is again retrieved directly from Facebook, and can be found as well in the Facebook Export of your page under tab '28 days Demographics People Talking about this Page'.



Additionally you can also see a subdivision per language. In order to determine the language of each mention, we use Bing Language Detection Technology.  

The numbers you see here are completely based on the mentions in your Inbox. This means that if you go there, and filter on a certain language, you will see the same amount of mentions.


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