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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:12AM EST
You're wondering how much buzz your topic generated? Take a look at the Overview > Total Mentions section in Insights. Here we show the total amount of mentions tracked for your topic, how much activity came from the brand itself and how active their community is.

In this article, we explain the different terms used in this section, and how they are calculated. Click the title to jump directly to one part.


Total Mentions

Here we show the total amount of mentions we tracked that matched your topic setup, during your selected date range. 

This amount is based on the number of mentions you have in Inbox > All Mentions (when selecting the same date range and topic).


Brand Activity

Brand Activity includes all activity by the social profiles connected to your topic, that were initiated by the profile itself.

  • Facebook Page: Posts, comments, likes and private messages that were sent by the profiles itself.
  • Twitter Account: Tweets, replies, native RT's and Direct Messages sent by the Twitter account itself. (note: Favorites are not included).
  • Linkedin Managed Company Page: Updates and comments made by the Linkedin Page itself.
  • Foursquare Venue: No brand activity is measured for Foursquare venues, since posts are always made by users.
  • G+ Page: Posts and comments by the profile itself. 
  • Instagram Profile: Posts, comments and likes by the profile itself.
  • Youtube Channel: Uploaded videos and comments made by the profile.
  • Pinterest Profile: Uploads made by the profile itself.
  • Tumblr Blog: Posts and reblogs by the account itself.
  • Mixcloud Profile: Uploads and comments by the profile itself.
  • Tripadvisor: No brand activity is measured for Tripadvisor POI's, since posts are made by users.
  • Soundcloud: Uploads by the profile.
  • Vimeo: Uploads and comments by the profile.

The number you see here equals the amount of mentions you see when applying filter 'status:sent' in your 'All Mentions' folder in Inbox (for that same Topic and the same Date Range).



This equals the number of times your Community engaged with the social profiles connected to your topic(s).

  • Facebook Page: Likes, Comments, Replies, Wall Posts, Private Messages by others on the Page.
  • Twitter Account: ​Private Messages, replies, @mentions and RT's by others towards the Twitter account.
  • Linkedin Managed Company Page: Likes and comments by others in relation to content by the page.
  • Foursquare Venue: Checkins, Photo Uploads, Tips.
  • G+ Page: Comments by others on content from the page 
  • Instagram Profile: Likes and Comments by others on uploads from the Profile.
  • Youtube Channel: Comments and replies by others on your content (as well on your connected G+ page).
  • Pinterest Account: Repins.
  • Tumblr Blog: Comments and Reblogs by others.
  • Mixcloud Profile: Favorites and Comment by others on uploads. 
  • Tripadvisor: Ratings and recommendations by others on Point Of Interests.
  • Soundcloud: Likes and comments by others on uploads.
  • Vimeo: Comments and likes by others on the channel's uploads.

The figure here is the same as Total Mentions - Brand Activity. 


Important note

"Total mentions" does not equal the sum of the "Engagement" figure and the "Brand Activity" figure.

This is due to the reason that "engagement" and "brand activity" only include mentions coming from one of the social profiles you connected to the particular topic you are checking this for.

"Total mentions" on the other hand, includes all the mentions tracked in this topic. So not only those picked up via a connected social profile, but also those tracked via the keyword search.  

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