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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:14AM EST
In this section, you can view a map that displays where CX Social detects the originating location of tracked mentions when retrievable. This is done by using a number of criteria, although it is obviously not always possible for blog posts, site articles, or even social network mentions like tweets. If we were unable to detect the location, the country is set to 'unknown'.

NOTE: It can often be useful to include 'unknown' as a country typically combined with an extra condition on the language when setting up a topic keyword search!

For Twitter, the following set of heuristics is used:
  • If the user attaches the location to the tweet, this is used as the location.
  • If the tweet has no location, but the Twitter user filled in a location (which is an optional, free text field) in their profile, we try to parse a location from that.
  • If the tweet has no location and the Twitter user did not fill in a recognizable geographic location in their profile, we set the country to 'unknown'.

On the left side of the map you have a couple of button controls. The top tool button can be used to zoom in and out on the map and the bottom tool button can be used to search for specific countries, states, and even cities around the globe. If you click hold down your mouse button anywhere on the map, you can also drag it around to view different sections more easily.

On the right side of the map, you will notice a breakdown of mentions by country, state, city, and so on depending on how deep you drill down on the map. You can click on the individual locations to see which mentions were originating from those places.

Please take into account that the numbers you see aren't necessarily per country/city. To be able to provide you with an overview, the world is split into automatic clusters and the amount of mentions per cluster is calculated. That's why you'll see numbers shift when you zoom in or out. If you would like to have the exact amount of mentions per country, the filter is your best friend.

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