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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:14AM EST
In this section of the People subdivision, you can find the users that are influencers for your topic within a certain date range. Those people can be ranked according to 3 different parameters: Engagement, Influence, and Followers.

When you're looking at the general overview of a topic, you will see rankings for users from all the different social profiles together, ranked on their Engagement/Influence/Followers. When you select one specific social profile in the left, grey box, you will only see the ranking for people who interacted with this profile. We not only include social profiles in this ranking, but we now also include websites that are influencers for your topic. 

On the top left side, next to people, you will see the amount of unique users that were detected in the current dataset (so, depending on your selected date range and filters).

The number of unique users is calculated based on field (not based on the name). This means:
- Mentions without and field are not included (e.g. blog posts). 
- When, for example, a person has a Facebook profile 'Christine Hutsebaut' and a Twitter profile 'Christine Hutsebaut', they will be counted as 2 people. 

Examples of possibilities with this figure:
- How many users did we reply to in the last 28 days? --> Apply filter 'action:replied'.
- How many unique users are using a certain hashtag? --> Filter on the hashtag.

Here you will find an explanation of the 3 different parameters. 

Jump directly to one of the parameters via this menu:   


In this overview, you will see a ranking of the users who interact (engaged) the most with your connected social profiles. The more they interact with posts of the social profile, the higher their engagement, and thus the higher they will end up in the ranking. The numbers on the side show how many posts, likes, retweets, etc. the user performed by type. Underneath each profile in the ranking, you will always see general KPI's for that profile. For example, underneath a Twitter profile, you may see this: 


This shows the number of people this profile is following, the number of followers, and how many times this profile has been added to a list.

Here, you'll find an overview per Social Media Profile of what is counted as Engagement: 
Facebook: Likes, wall posts, comments, replies on comments (are counted as comments), private messages. Shares are not seen as engagement. 
Twitter: Tweets, replies, retweets (RT's and retweets), private messages. Favorites are not seen as engagement. 
Instagram: Likes and comments. 
Instagram #: Photos and videos.
- Google+: Likes, shares, and comments.
LinkedIn Managed Company: Likes and comments.
Pinterest: Photos, videos, repins, likes, and comments.
Youtube: Replies and comments (coming from both Google+ and Youtube accounts).
Foursquare: Checkins, photos, and tips.
Vimeo: Comments and likes.
Tripadvisor: Reviews
- Tumblr: Reblogs, likes, and replies.



Here, you will get a ranking of the people whose own posts are liked, retweeted, commented, replied to, and so forth the most combined with the number of times they are mentioned in a post from someone else, in relation to the topic. The numbers on the side show how much others performed a specific type of action on/with the profile. For example, a user made a wall post on the CX Social Facebook page. When he receives a lot of likes and comments on this wall post, he will be influential for this profile. When this person is mentioned a lot in mentions coming from a connected social profile, this person will also be perceived as an influencer. 

Here, you'll find an overview per Social Media Profile of what is counted as Influence: 

- Facebook: Likes & comments on wall posts (or posts where the page is mentioned) made by the user on the connected Facebook profile, private messages.   
- Twitter: RT's, retweets and replies on tweets made by the user that mention the connected account, tweets that mention both the user and the connected account and replies, RT's and retweets on those tweets and private messages. 
- Instagram: Likes from the connected account on posts of the user. 
- Pinterest: Repins of pins from the user on the connected Pinterest profile, comments, and likes on those pins. 
- Tumblr: Reblogs on posts made by the user on the connected Tumblr profile. 


Who has the most followers out of the people who mention something about your topic or interact with your social profiles? Ranking is based on the number of followers (only for Twitter). 

Please Note: This ranking is based on the number of followers a profile had at the moment that it posted the last tweet that was related to the topic. When filtering on number of followers in the Insights, we request all the information coming from the profile. So, it could be that the number of followers increased since this last tweet we received in CX Social, and this is why the ranking sometimes might seem a bit off in CX Social.


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