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Insights: Glossary of Used Terms

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2017 06:08AM EST

Insights is one of the main sections in CX Social. It is the go-to place for all sorts of metrics about the mentions for your topic(s), taking the chosen date range and filter into account. 

However, it’s also a place where a lot of terms are used, and since not everyone might be familiar with them, we’ve listed them here (alphabetically) with a short explanation. 

Brand Activity: 
All activity by the monitored social profiles. This includes posts (link) and replies (link) but likes, retweets, and private messages as well. You can find a detailed overview for what’s included per social platform here. If you’re looking at an individual profile, we use the term Profile Activity

Engagement is the general term for interactions with, from and to your profile(s). This term is used in several places, for instance as a sorting for people and in other terms: ``

Engagement by profile:
This will be the sum of the Profile Posting Activity and the Profile Response Activity 

Engagement by community:
This equals the number of times your community engaged with the social profiles connected to your topic(s)
Find out in this support article what is included per social platform.

Fan Engagement Rate: 
For Fan Engagement, we put the emphasis on the people who interact with the page, for this one we divide the amount of interactions by the number of users (link) and multiply the outcome by 100. 

Post Engagement Rate:
For Post Engagement, both the amount of posts made and the amount of interactions by your community are taken into account. It will be the result of dividing the number of interactions by the amount of posts the profile made, and that number multiplied by 100. 


On the People page, the bottom component gives you the option to choose between 3 types of sorting. One of them is Influence which is calculated by looking at the amount of posts those People made that generated a lot of interaction, creating a lot of engagement.  


The total number of users at the end of the selected date range. A growth percentage is the difference in amount of users between the beginning and the end of the chosen date range. 



Any blog post, news article, tweet, etc. that matches any of your topics will enter your inbox. From that point on, we refer to it as a mention. Quite some metrics are based on those and have the word in their description, for instance for photos, you get the amount of mentions a photo was included in if you hover over an individual photo.

This can't be confused with an @mention. @mentios are Twitter update that contains "@username" anywhere in the body of the tweet, and wasn't a reply to another tweet.

(Social) Profile Metrics: Post types 

A (social) profile is one separate account on a social platform, a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, an Instagram account and so on. For each of them, we provide with as many information as possible. You can find out what metrics we provide for what platforms here.

Profile activity:

Is the number of all activity made a monitored profile. This will be the sum of Profile Posting Activity and Profile Response Activity. To understand these better, it's best to understand the difference between Posts, and Responses.


 Post is the term we use to describe the most basic form of post possible per platform, they can either be made by the monitored profiles itself, or by a user:

Profile Posting Activity: 
These are mentions that are 'originally' generated directly by a profile. Here's an explanation about what we define as posts for the following social profiles: 

  • Facebook: status updates
  • Twitter: Tweets sent by the profile
  • Pinterest: pins 
  • Youtube: video uploads
  • Tumblr: posts
  • Soundcloud: tracks
  • Vimeo: video uploads
  • LinkedIn Managed Companies: posts

Posts by community
Are the most basic posts possible, not made by a profile, but by its community. Not all platforms have this kind of post, these ones do: 
  • Facebook: Wall Post  
  • Twitter: A tweet mentioning the monitored profile, without being a reply to a previous tweet 
    (note: if a tweet starts out with a twitter handle (@username), it is considered a reply as well)
  • Pinterest: Pins made by contributing users on a shared board
Top posts

A top post is a post that triggered a lot of interaction, that has a high Engagement Rate. These can be made either by the profile itself of by one of its users, thus belonging to either of previous categories. 


Mentions that are made by the account or by its users in response to other users or the account. A subcategory here are the replies, which are responses that involve a reaction with text. Here's an explanation about what we define as response (and reply) for the following social profiles: 

  • Facebook: comments(reply), replies on comments(reply), likes 
  • Twitter: @replies(reply), retweets
  • Instagram: comments (reply), likes
  • Google+: Comments (reply), reshares, +1's
  • Pinterest: comments(reply)
  • Tumblr: replies (reply), likes, reblogs
  • Soundcloud: comments (reply)
  • Vimeo: comments (reply)
Profile Response Activity:
Is the sum of all responses a profile made, to both its own content, as to users’ content. You can find detailed information about what’s included in this support article.

These are people connected to a certain account, because they chose to by clicking a button (Like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter..) Together they form a profile’s community. These are also referred to as Fans (Facebook), Followers (tw, g+,yt, inst, linkedin, pinterest) or Visitors. These terms might appear in both profile metrics and sorting options. 

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