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How to export data in Insights?

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:13AM EST

In this support article, we will explain how the exporting in the insights works. Next to this, we will also explain what you can see in the export history. To jump directly to one of both sections, select one of the titles here: 


How to export in the New Insights 

If you want to export data from the insights, you can do this by clicking the export button. As you will see, there are several options for the format to which you can export CX Social data: 

You can either export data to PDF, Excel, Excel 2007 or CSV format. To export data in the insights, click on the little triangle on the right top of the page, and you will get a drop down menu with all the available options. 

Once you've chosen the export format, you will see a pop-up message that tells you that an e-mail with a link to the export will be send to your e-mail address when the export is ready. 

The e-mail you will then receive will contain a link to the data you've exported, the date when the export was made, and a button to directly download the export. 

Export History

Next to the export options, you will also see the "export history" option in the export pop-up. 

When you click the export history you will see a list limited to your 50 most recent exports.
Most users will only see the exports done by themselves, unless you are an administrator, because admins will be able to see all exports done by all users. And if you have the option to create a custom user role in your pricing plan, you can also select the permission to view exports from all users (under the 'settings' tab) and add this specifically to a user role. 
You can download the created file by pressing the download button. The format of the file is shown in the little icon on the left. 
Usually the export will be ready immediately. But if it was an export for quite a large date range and thus a lot of data, the export might take some time to create. During this time a 'pending export' is displayed to indicate this.
The list also updates every 2 seconds so you don't need to reopen the history to check the progress.

The toolbar also has an icon to show you the progress of the export. This icon will disappear after the export has been completed. Clicking on the icon will show you the same pop-up list as shown above. 

When the export is finished you also get a notification from it.

You will be able to open your export directly and you will also get an e-mail with a link to the export, so that you can reopen it later on. 

In the unlikely case that something unexpected happens and the export fails, this will be shown in the pop-up list next to the export. 

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