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How to use the Publish Dialog

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2016 09:00AM EST
In the general article about the structure of the publishing tab, you can read how the overview is organised and how the different post tabs work. In this article you can read in specifics how the publishing dialog works.

Posting New Content


On the publishing page, in the left corner, you can click on the icon which will allow you to post a new message on your social media platforms. A pop-up appears where it is possible to select - click on the the plus sign - via which profiles you want to share your new content. This pop-up also also enables you to use some excellent extra features.

  1. Very logical, but nevertheless interesting to mention, is the first icon with the camera on it. Via this way it is possible to upload pictures (only to those platforms who support this: Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Tumblr).
  2. When you click on the second icon in the left corner, you would be able to schedule your messages in advance. Just choose the date, the hour, and when the calendar icon changes colours from white to green, your settings are saved.

    Note: When you’re wondering why there’s a this is because you selected a Facebook-profile, but as well a Twitter-profile, so the publisher maintains the limits of every platform.

  1. When you click on the middle icon, you can set your sharing preferences. Who’s your target audience? When you publish a Facebook post, it is possible to select the desired location (country) and language of your audience.

    Note: Facebook currently provides different types of targeted Page Posts. The one currently available in CX Social is country and language targeting. This means that you can limit the audience of a post to a specific location or languages.

    Only Facebook users applying to these specifications will see your content in their News Feed, or on your page. People who don't fall in this group won't see your posts, not in their Feeds, and not by visiting your page directly. 

    Additionally when a post is targeted, it will also be  shown in the overview of Publisher folders.

4.  The fourth icon with the text balloon allows you to quickly reply to a mention with a canned response. These canned
     responses can be created through settings > canned responses.

5.  When you would like to tag the new content message you are planning to send out, you should click on the fifth icon.



Other functions 


Next to sending out or scheduling a post, the publisher also enables you to send a post for approval to other team members. You just click on Send for Approval and the post will appear in the folder: Waiting for Approval’ on the left side of the screen.

Before publishing the message, you can also save it as a canned response, or as a draft. Drafts will go to the folder ‘Drafts’ and Canned Responses will be automatically saved - so you don’t have to go through settings to create Canned Responses.


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