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Your CX Social Engagement Performance Dashboard Explained (Home)

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017 09:22AM EDT
Your CX Social Engagement Performance Dashboard, which can be accessed by clicking the house icon in your top menu, offers you a quick, straightforward overview of the progress in handling the mentions in your mailbox. 

In this support article, we'll go over all the components on your Engagement Performance Dashboard: 

  1. A top menu, where you can select the mailbox you want to see the data for, as well as choose your date range. By default, the mailbox that you last used will be shown here for the last 8 hours, which is the default date range for your Engagement Performance Dashboard.* 
  2. The total amount of mentions assigned to you, unread mentions and messages awaiting approval. If you click these numbers, you will be taken to the corresponding folder where you will be able to see and handle (if your user role allows you) the mentions. 

    Tasks: Contains the number of tasks that have been assigned to you. 
    Inbox: Contains the number of mentions in your (unread) Inbox.
    If the number is 0, this means you have 'handled' all mentions. You've undertaken whatever action that was needed, such as tag it, reply to it, etc., and marked the mentions as read. 
    Posts: Contains the number of mentions that are awaiting approval. You only see this if you have sufficient rights to approve these mentions. 

  3. The Average response time for replies sent to mentions from the selected mailbox. In total, you will see the average response time together with the amount of replies that were sent out. On the right, the replies are split up in time frames based on their reply time. For each time frame, the amount of mentions in that is displayed, as well as the percentage of total replies. Clicking the amount per frame will show you a pop-up with the exact mentions to which these replies were sent.

    If you have configured a business hours schedule for your users, you will see response times computed during business hours, as reflected in the tooltip. In this support article, you can find more information about Business Hours Schedules and taking them into account to calculate action times.

  4. A visual overview of the mentions' age that allows you to evaluate the age of the unresolved mentions in your folders in just one glance. There are three main categories: Last Hour in green, Last 8 Hours in yellow and Older in red. All three categories are then sub-divided in smaller time frames (In Last Hour per 10 minutes, in Last 8 Hours per hour and in Older per day). The darker the color, the more mentions for that time frame. If you click on the squares, you will also get a pop-up with the mentions.
  5. A list of users with the most actions and assignments. In this section, we show which users performed the most actions on the mentions from the topics included in the mailbox you selected. For each user we show the average response time (the amount of time it took them to reply to a mention once it was posted). Next to that you can find the amount of Replies, Assigns, Resolves (and Reopens), and Edited Tags every user did on mentions in your mailbox. Lastly, the amount of mentions assigned to this user is shown as well, along with how long ago the oldest assign to him/her happened. 
  6. A list of Currently Active Users to easily start a chat conversation with them. You can find more information about our built-in chat here.
  7. The option to add users to your account. Simply fill in the e-mail address of the person you would like to add to your CX Social account and you'll get a pop-up with further details to fill out. Once you have clicked the Invite Your Team Members button in the pop-up, this person will receive an e-mail asking him to confirm his CX Social user. Once this is done, the person can start working in the account.

* ​NOTE: Users that don't have access to Team Performance (either because it's not included in the plan, or because their user role doesn't allow them to see it) will still see the Engagement Performance Dashboard, but only for the last 8 hours. They will not be able to change the date range.

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