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Custom Dashboards: How to export them to PDF with multicolumn layout

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2015 08:52AM EDT
Sometimes you'll want to export a custom dashboard to PDF. In case you want to keep the exact layout as on your screen, you can use the 'multicolumn' export option.

To access this, go to the upper right corner on your dashboard, and choose 'Export to PDF: Multicolumn'


Page breaks in Multicolumn Exports

One of the difficulties when doing a multicolumn export is how to handle page breaks. No worries though, we won't split any of the widgets in half in your exports. Instead we move a widget down if it no longer fits the page.

This widget will however push down all of the other widgets. The result is a PDF that doesn't place pagebreaks mid-widget but the layout might have changed. So to indicate where page breaks will occur we added a show print view option.   

To enter 'print view', click on the small cog wheel on top of the page, and select 'Show Print View'

Enabling this option draws lines where the page breaks will occur.

If you want to keep your layout the same as on your screen, you have to be sure the line is positioned as displayed in the image below:

A useful tip in order to play around with these page breaks, is to add some page breaks widgets. Open the Widget Gallery, and look for 'empty'. This widget will reserve space wherever you want, but won't be visible in the export. 


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