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How To Get a Javascript CPU Profile & Heap Snapshot

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 09:54AM EDT
When trying to detect the cause of slowness in an account, the CX Social Development Team often needs a Javascript CPU Profile & Heap Snapshot recorded when the slowness is occurring. This information gives us very detailed information on what is slow, and at what times, which allows us to better determine the cause and find a fitting solution.

Recording this is fairly easy, here's a full outline of all steps you'll have to take:


Step 1

When you notice your account is running slower than usual, open Google Chrome and go to Log in with your user, and go to the page where you experience slowness while working (eg. Inbox, Insights, Dashboard,...)

Step 2

Click on a white space somewhere on your screen (For Mac users: double-click on the mousepad, Windows Users: right-click mouse). The menu below will appear, and there you select 'Inspect':


Step 3

At the bottom of the page, an extra menu will appear. Move to tab 'Performance':


Step 4

In this tab, select the option 'record'.


Step 5

Once the recording has started, you can continue working in CX Social as you normally would. Make sure to take those specific actions that are slow (eg. replying to mentions, adding a tag, open a specific folder). After recording this slowness for a while, you can click the 'Stop' button.


Step 6

After hitting 'Stop', the menu will look as below. Now right-click on the profile and select 'save profile...'. Give this Profile a name, and Save it to your computer. 


Step 7

When you saved the first recording, you can also take a Heap Snapshot. To do this, go to the 'Memory' tab

Then you'll see this menu again, where you now choose the second option: Take Heap Snapshot:

Save this Snapshot to your laptop again via the 'Save' button:


Step 8

Send an email to and upload these both files you just saved on your computer. Please include the following information in your email:
  • With what email address were you logged into CX Social at the time of the recording?
  • Around what time did you record this?
  • Which specific actions were slow (eg. replying to mentions, tagging, moving between folders,...)?


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