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Assigning and Rejecting Publisher Posts

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:28AM EST
In the CX Social Publisher you can Assign Publisher Posts to one of your colleagues and/ or Reject Publisher Posts. We’ll start off by explaining how you can assign Publisher Posts to your colleagues.
Start by going to the Publisher tab in CX Social. Simply bring up the Publisher dialog box by clicking on the pen and paper icon in the left corner. Once you have created your new post, send it for approval. 

Go to the Waiting for Approval- folder in the Publisher tab. Once you’ve found your created post, we’ll want to assign this to the correct person in your team. On the right side you’ll notice all the different options for messages Waiting for Approval, the third icon the "Assign to”-option. 

Click the Assign to-icon and it will bring up a dialog box asking to who you want to assign this Publisher Post. Here you’ll be able to choose the person, add a comment and either notify him/her via mail. Once you’re ready, click “Assign”. 
Your colleague should be notified by an in-app browser notification and an e-mail depending whether or not you have selected the 'Notify by E-mail’- option. 

Your colleague will be able to view this assigned message in the Publisher folder: Assigned to Me. If you navigate back to the Publisher, you’ll see this folder in the left side bar.

(note: All your assigned Publisher Posts will land in this folder.) 
You’ll also be able to see the added comment in the History of the mention, as well as the name of the person who assigned it to you. Here you can decide if you either want to Approve the message or Deny the message. We’ll talk about Denying and Rejecting in the next part of this article. 

(note: You can bring up the History of a Publisher Post by clicking on the arrow under the Publisher icons.)
It’s also possible to Reject Publisher Posts. If you’re in the Assigned to Me-folder you’ll see all the Publisher Posts that are currently assigned to you and waiting for your approval and/or feedback. 
If you want to Reject a Publisher Post you can click the ‘Thumbs Down’- icon in option menu to the right of the message. Clicking Deny will bring up the following dialog box:

In the pop-up screen that appears you are able to add the reason why you are denying this specific post. You can also select if you want to notify the user who made the post by email. The user will receive a mail with the message his post was denied and why exactly this happened. 

When you click on the Reject button, you’ll have to confirm you want to reject the Publisher Post. Once you’ve clicked ‘Yes’ it will show up in the Publisher History that this post has been rejected. It will also show who has rejected the post. 

Additionally you can add a note to the Publisher Post before rejecting it. Here you can write a reason why you have rejected the post. This note will also be included in the History of that specific post. 

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