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Getting started with the CX Social Inbox

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2017 04:56AM EDT
Once you’ve set up your monitoring, you will see the results ending op in your CX Social Inbox. This is the place where you and your team will handle your incoming requests, presented as individual mentions. You can compare it to a mailbox, since here as well, you can perform various action on the mentions (tagging, replying, assigning, etc.).

We have provided some Support Articles to guide you through the CX Social Inbox. Next to this very one explaining the overall structure of the inbox, you can also read the following:


ŸŸ●  A Support Article that explains how you can create a mailbox.
ŸŸ●  Support articles about sorting and filtering mentions, (or filtering out spam).
ŸŸ●  Support articles listing all possible actions you can perform on a individual mention.
ŸŸ●  A support article on how to edit mentions in bulk

CX Social Inbox: Structure

The CX Social Inbox consists of several components:  

The Toolbar

In the top menu, you can find some buttons. Here's what they do:

  1. Main menu. With this button, you can open the main menu that allows you to switch between CX Social's main components: your Homepage, the Inbox, the Insights, the Publishing tab and the Performance page. 
  2. Filter field. Filter the mentions in your Mailbox based on keywords, authors, countries, etc. You can find more information about filtering here
  3. Calendar button: This is where you can choose your date range. By default you will see mentions from the last 28 days, but you can easily adjust this. You can find more detailed information about our date range in this support article
  4. Sorting button: You can sort the mentions list in the way you like best. You can find out more about the options in this article
  5. Dropdown that allows you to export mentions, save a new message to CX Social, generate an RSS-feed and explains keyboard shortcuts. When exporting your mentions, you have the option so select the format (PDF, CSV or Excel) but you also have the option to only export certain sections of the inbox. If you want a quick overview of the incoming mentions you can choose to solely export the mention list. However, if you only want to focus on the content itself, you now have the option to only export the conversation view.
  6. Focus view.  By clicking the Focus View button you hide the mentions list and other menu items, and focus on the conversation details of the active mention. For additional info about the Focus View, read this article. 
  7. Current Account: If your CX Social user would be linked to several accounts, this part of the tool bar will show you the name of the account you're currently working in. The dropdown allows you to switch to other accounts you're a user in. Users with only one account will not see anything here.  
  8. CX Social notifications. Behind this info icon, you can find a list of general notifications about CX Social. The most recent blog posts, issues, and updates are listed here. 
  9. Avatar dropdown. This dropdown allows you to go to you user profile, the CX Social account settings, our Ideas Forum and status page. At the bottom you'll also find Help to open an assistant, a redirect to our support articles and the options to go full screen or sign out. 
  10. Team chat. The balloon icon in the upper right corner allows you to open the Team Chat. You can read more about this team work feature here

The Sidebar

On the left side of your Inbox you find a sidebar that holds several items grouped in three big parts: The selected ma
ilbox, the default folders and smart folders. You can read more about this section here.

Underneath all that you will find a lifebuoy icon that indicates our Live Help. Clicking this allows you to chat with our customer support team if you have any questions. They'll make sure to help you get back on track and make sure you use CX Social to its full potential. And if you'd like to help them help you, check out this article that lists how you can do so. 

The Mention List


The mentions list will show you all the mentions that comply with what you have selected in the left sidebar and in any filter. In this mentions list you are able to open or resolve mentions, but most actions on the mention itself will take place from within the context view. When you click on a certain mention, the context of the mention will open on the right side of the screen.

You are also able to bulk edit or delete mentions in the mentions list by selecting more than one mention, and a new pop-up will appear which gives you the possibility to change the properties of the mentions. 

Another great thing about the mini mentions view is the endless scrolling through the Inbox. We do not work with pages, but with an endless list of mentions that are loaded while scrolling down. 

The Context View

The Context View is the part of the Inbox at the right that gives you more details about the mention/contact that is selected in the mention list. The selected mention will appear clearer than the rest of the conversation. You can read more about it here.

Note: Facebook is known for changing the image url's from time to time, which means the image in the mention in CX Social won't be loaded anymore.
This is what you'll see in this case: 
To fix this you can click on the button and it will refresh the image.


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