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Sorting mentions in the Inbox

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 05:57AM EST
By default, mentions in the CX Social Inbox are sorted from newest to oldest (most recent mentions are shown on top).

By using the drop down menu on the upper right, you can change the sorting order of mentions in the Inbox:

  • When using the Inbox intensively for customer support purposes, it can be very useful to sort by Oldest First. This will then show the mentions in the order by which they should be handled according to a 'first come first served' (or First In First Out) principle.
  • Sometimes you might want to see those mentions coming from people with a lot of followers on top of the page. Use the 'Followers' sorting method to obtain this.
  • Response Time will rank the mentions according to how quickly they were answered. Response Time (during business hours) will also rank the Inbox mentions according to how quickly they were answered, but only taking into account the business hours during which these mentions were handled.  If you want to learn more about 'business hours', you can read this article
  • Resolve Time does the same, but then for the amount of time it took before a mention was resolved.
  • When you wish to see the mentions on top of the page where users last took an action (add tag, change sentiment,...) on, select sorting option 'Recently Updated'.
  • When sorting by any criteria other than the default, choose Reset in the drop down menu to change back to sorting by newest to oldest.

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