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Team Workflow: Locking Mentions, Focus View, Handle Time

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 05:54AM EST
When working in team, it's important to work together to lighten the work load. Our personalized inbox already allows you to create a mailbox that matches your specific workflow best. To help out larger teams, we've added a few features to the new inbox that ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. 


  • Mention Locking to avoid confusion when working with multiple users in the inbox. 
  • A Focus View that allows you to work through mentions in a decluttered view. 
  • The calculation of Handle Time for mentions.


Mention locking


To avoid confusion, we show a clear warning when a user is working on a mention. As soon as a user selects a mention, and thus opens the context view, all other users will see a red indication telling them which user is currently handling the mention. 

A user can only lock one mention at a time, which means all other mentions in the same conversation will remain available or unlocked for other users to work on. A mention can also only be locked by one user at a time, the first user to select a mention will lock the mention. No one will be able to 'steal' it away, until that user resolves the mention. The mention will then be free again, and the user will be automatically jump to the next available (unlocked) mention. 

Currently, this is a visual lock. This means that though we show clearly that another user is working on the mention, you can still select the mention yourself and perform actions on it. You'll notice that if you select a locked mention, there's another warning on top of the mention's context view to remind you that someone else is already working on this same mention. It's also important to know that as soon you select a locked mention, you lose the lock on your previously selected mention, that once again will be available for other users. 

Furthermore, your own mention locks will be visible in two ways: you'll see a red message in the mention list and a small symbol in the conversation view.

You can quickly turn mention locking on/off via the dropdown menu next to the filter bar.


Focus View

To help agents hold their focus while working through their mentions, we have developed a Focus View you can activate from within the inbox. You can access this view by clicking the button in the toolbar at the top of your page. 

You'll notice that in Focus View, all side bars, tool bars and other menu items have disappeared. It was created so you can focus purely on the mention you're handling, while having enough context to do so. Basically, you're viewing one mention at a time in its context view

When you're done handling the current mention and you resolve it, you're automatically directed to the following available mention. Taking the mention locking into account, this means the next mention that is not locked by other users.  


Focus view always shows the set of mentions that was selected before clicking the focus view button.  The Mentions list you saw in your selected folder (and filter, if any) for the selected date range are the mentions you'll see passing one by one in focus view. To leave and return to the selected folder in the default inbox lay-out, click the 'Back' button at the top left of your screen.    


Handle Time

When working on mentions in the inbox we keep track of how long agents are working on a specific mention. This information allows you to evaluate the performance of your customer care team and identify typical problems that take more time to solve. You can find handle time on the mentions themselves, and general statistics about it in Performance > Users.


How does it work?


We track handle times per mention. If you take actions with a certain mention (add tags, reply, assign, resolve, etc.), we will log how long those actions took on that mention. You can see the total handle time for a mention by opening it's history.



Here's how we measure "how long actions take": 


  1. If you select a mention in the mentions list in the new inbox, we start a timer.
  2. If you then do an action on the selected mention, we check how much time has passed since the starter counted (so since the mention was first selected). We will then save the difference between the time of the action and the start of the timer on that mention as the mention's handling time. 


Important notes:


  • The actions that will trigger a save of handle time are: reply, resolve, edit sentiment, add tag, assign and edit properties.
  • If you do multiple actions on the same mention the handle time will reflect the difference between the start of the timer and the time of the last action.
  • If you just browse around in the inbox, without resolving or taking another action, this will not trigger saving of handle times.
  • If you've set your status to unavailable, your handle time won't be tracked. Tracking your handle time will be possible again when you manually set your status to available.


Some examples:


  • You click mention A in the mentions list at 10:00am, you add one tag at 10:02am. The handle time for mention A will be 2 minutes.
  • You click mention A in the mentions list at 10:00am, you add one tag at 10:02am, you resolve the mention at 10:04am. The handle time for mention A will be 4 minutes.
  • You click mention A in the mentions list at 10:00am, you look for 2 minutes and then click mention B in the mentions list. The handle time for mention A will be 0.
  • You click mention A in the mentions list at 10:00am, you edit the contact's details at 10:02am and then you skip to mention B. The handle time for mention A will be 0.
  • You click mention A in the mentions list at 10:00am, you edit the contact's details at 10:02am and you resolve mention A at 10:03am. The handle time for mention A will be 3 minutes.
  • You click mention A in the mentions list at 10:00am, you add a tag to mention A at 10:02am, you open mention B at 10:03am and resolve mention B at 10:10am. The handle time for mention A will be 2 minutes and the handle time for mention B will be 7 minutes.


Side notes:


  • This feature is only available for some CX Social plans. You can check availability with your Customer Success Manager.
  • Handle times are different from "time to resolve" or "first reply time" statistics in Team Performance in that they're not computed between the publish date of a mention and the time of resolve/reply. 
  • Handle times are also substantially different from Login Time statistics in that those aren't coupled to specific mentions but just indicate how long users have been active throughout the whole CX Social tool.
  • Business hours schedules don't have any effect on Handle Times.
  • Handle times are only tracked in the new inbox; if your agents still work in the old inbox, or if you edit mentions/resolve mentions in pop-ups in insights, handle time will not be tracked for those actions.


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