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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 05:53AM EST
The CX Social Inbox shows the mentions we have tracked according to your Topic setup. Here you can see what exactly is being said about your topics and engage with your audience

In this Support Article, we will explain all the different layers in the Personalized Inbox:


Glossary of Used Terms

Mailbox: This the collective word we use to describe the total number of mentions in a certain topic(s). Typically, each company department or team will set up their own Mailbox, e.g. one for Customer Service, one for Marketing, one for Sales, etc. Each Mailbox consists of default folders and smart folders. 

For example: The Mailbox for Customer Service would include all mentions they have to look after (e.g. from social media, excluding likes, retweets and check-ins). The Mailbox for Sales would show those mentions that are potential sales leads.

Default Folders: These folders are, by default, available for every Mailbox you create. They are similar to the folders we had in version one of the Inbox. 

Smart Folders: These allow you to define more specifically what mentions you wish to see. You can define the topics, types of mentions (e.g. likes, RT's, etc.) and set extra filters that will always be applied when looking at this folder.


Creating a Mailbox

First thing on your "To Do" list when you start working with the Personalized Inbox is to define the Mailboxes. You can do so by going to Inbox. There in the left-side menu you will see a drop down menu. Choose 'Add Mailbox' in order to set one up from scratch. When adding a Mailbox, this will be available for all the users in the Account. 

Next, you can start defining the Mailbox by adding the name and choosing the topics with mentions you wish to add. In addition, you can select which Default Folders and add Smart Folders for this Mailbox.

In the event you want to delete the Mailbox just click the red button: Delete Mailbox in the upper right corner. 


Default Folders

Different Default Folders

These are the Default folders that are available for your Mailbox:
  • Inbox: This folder contains unresolved mentions that haven't been assigned yet from the topic(s) you activated. "Unresolved" means the mention is new, and the box in the upper right corner has not yet been checked. 

For example: I selected 'Inbox' on the left side, which includes the mentions from my topics that aren't yet resolved (see unchecked box in the upper left corner). 
  • Private Messages: These are the direct messages from Twitter or Facebook accounts you have connected as an 'Authorized Connection'. If the PM's of your Profile aren't in there, this could mean one of the following things:

    - You have connected the profile to one your topics but not as an authorized connection. If this is the case, you might want to reconnect the profile.

    - You have an authorized connection to your profile, but the topic to which it is connected is not added to the Mailbox you are currently looking at. You can see the selected topics by going to 'Mailbox Settings'.
  • All Mentions: This includes the resolved and unresolved mentions from your Mailbox Topic(s).
  • Outbox: Contains messages that are posted by your monitored social profiles, as well as drafts, scheduled posts, posts that need approval, and a history of everything posted from within CX Social.

  • Tasks: The mentions that were assigned to you by coworkers (My Tasks), as well as the mentions assigned to your coworkers (Assigned To Others) and the tasks that were resolved (Completed Tasks).
  • Activity: Overview of what mentions were handled by you or by the other Users in the Account. 

Settings of the Default Folders

The default folders of your Mailbox can be edited by clicking on the cog wheel next to a Mailbox in the left side menu.

On the left, you can select each time whether the folder should be visible in this Mailbox or not. It should be noted that this is not possible for the 'Inbox' folder since there has to be at least one active folder in your Mailbox. On the right side you can edit the current filter of this folder which is previewed next to it. This last option is only available for the Inbox and Private Messages folders. 


Smart Folders

If our Default Folders don't exactly fit your need, you can always create a Smart Folder. This allows you to define exactly which mentions you wish to see in this folder by choosing the appropriate topic(s) and filters. Created Smart Folders are also available for all the users within the account. 

You can create a such a folder by going to 'Mailbox Settings' in the drop down menu again. Click 'Create Folder' next to Smart Folders and enter a name for your Smart Folder. Then select which types of mentions you wish to see and add a specific filter.

Below this pop-up, you have the 'Advanced' button. In case you wish to add mentions from a topic which you didn't add to the Mailbox you are working in, you can add an extra topic to this specific Smart Folder via the Advanced button.

SLA Alert 


Additionally you can add a SLA Alert in the Inbox. This feature allows you to receive an e-mail or push notification on your phone when your smart folder contains mentions older than a certain target. 

If you want to add a SLA Alert to your smart folder simply go to the smart folder settings and click the last option option 'Add Alert'.

The setup dialog for the SLA Alert allows you to configure the notifications so that they suit your specific needs. If you'd like a more detailed and specific article about SLA alerts, click here.


Non-sticky Filter


With this new Personalized Inbox, we have introduced a non-sticky filter. This means that from now of on, if you add a filter on your mentions, you will automatically be redirected to the 'All Mentions' folder. Also, when you set a filter in one folder and then jump to another, the filter will automatically reset.

Congrats! Now that you understand the basics of our Personalized Inbox, you might be interested in the following support articles:

Team Workflow: Locking Mentions, Focus View, Handle Time


Quickly select popular features


In the new Inbox, we've added the functionality to quickly turn two popular settings on/off.


  • You can now quickly toggle mention locking on and off via the dropdown next to the filter.
  • If you want to see topic names in your inbox, you can quickly toggle this function on or off.
    The name of the topic will be visible as an extra label on your mention.

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