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Replying to mentions from the Inbox

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 05:55AM EST

CX Social can be used to reply new messages or reply to mentions with your social profiles. You can use both personal Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts, and social profiles connected to the topics of your account.

‚ÄčNote: If you want to reply from within CX Social you first need to make sure you connect your social profiles.

In this Support Article, we focus on:  

Reply to a Mention with your Social Profiles

Replying to a mention in CX Social is really easy. If you select the mention in the conversation view, you'll notice the reply bar under the mention. Before you start typing your reply make sure the right profile is selected in the bottom left corner to avoid mistakes. Simply write your reply to the customer and click the reply (+resolve) button once you're ready. 


Send for Approval - Save as Draft - Save as Canned response

Next to the 'Publish' button, there's an arrow to open a drop down menu. In this menu, you have other options aside from publishing your content:

  • Send for approval: If you want a colleague (with sufficient rights) to approve your post first. In case you don't have enough rights to immediately publish new content, 'Send for Approval' will be the default button you see. The messages you send for approval then land in Outbox > Needs Approval.
  • Save as Draft: If you don't want to publish your message yet. The messages you save as a draft can be accessed, edited, or published by going to the Outbox where they're stored. To make your life easier, you can have messages that were not completed upon closing of the publisher (i.e. by accidentally clicking outside of the publisher) automatically saved as drafts as well by turning on this option in your User Preferences.
  • Save as Canned Response: If you want to save your reply to use it again at a later time you can save it as a canned response. Read more about canned responses here.



Personal Settings related to Inbox Usage

We have added some extra Personal Settings that help you using the Inbox in CX Social. These settings are personal, meaning that every user in the account can choose their own preferred way. Go to Settings > Personal Preferences to access these options.
  • Open Profiles in sidepanel: When clicking the Profile Picture on a mention, should we open the contact sheet in a side panel on the right? Select 'Yes' if you do. Choosing 'No' will open the contact sheet as a separate pop-up.
  • Shorten URL's with If you always want us to shorten your URL's with Bitly, you can indicate this here. Whenever you paste or type a link in the publisher, we will automatically shorten it.
  • Retweets layout. When you retweet someone else's tweet from within CX Social, we always use the same layout. 
  • Publisher Postfix: This is usually used when working with different Team Members replying to mentions, in order for the public to see who replied to it. 
  • Automatically save posts as draft: When this settings is enabled, all posts that were not finished when closing the publisher (by e.g clicking in the field next to the pop-up by accident), will be automatically saved as a draft. 


Order in automatic selection of profiles in the publisher

CX Social will automatically select a profile to reply or publish with. The selected profile is based on an algorithm which is explained below. Of course you can always override this automatically selected profile and choose to reply or publish with another profile. 

Automatic profile selection for replies:

  1. We check which profiles are mentioned in the message you're replying to (what profile is mentioned for Twitter, on what page it is posted for Facebook, retweeted) and that are connected to the Topic or Mailbox of the mention.

          x If we find profiles that match these conditions, we take the one that was used before to            post to that service.

          x If no profile was ever used to publish on that service, we choose a random profile that              was mentioned. 
  2. If step one does not return a profile, the profile you last used to publish on the chosen service will be selected. If the profile is connected to the Topic of Mailbox of the mention, this profile will be selected. 
  3. If step two does not return a profile, we will select a random profile that was connected to the Topic or Mailbox of the mention. 

Automatic profile selection for new posts:
  1. Use the profile we used the last time to publish
  2. If there was no last time, we will select a random profile

Tips for advanced publisher use

There are a few hidden functionalities in our publisher, you can learn more about those here. 
  • Since the new publisher, you can use emojis in your messages. To select an emoji, type a colon followed by the emoji's name. You can find the full list of available emojis and their names (by hovering) here


    Note: the emoji feature is not available when posting content on LinkedIn

  • You might have noticed the disappearance of the 'add url' button in the publisher. No need to panic though, in the new publisher any url used in you text will generate a preview if the service you want to post it on allows this. Another thing that's possible if the service allows it, is to change the picture you get to see in the preview. To do this, simply clicked the default picture, add a picture from your desktop or browser and post.                 

  • For Google+ it's possible to mention profiles or pages in your messages by including either "+{profile or page id}" or "+{email address}" within the text of your post. In this Google+ support article you can learn how to find a profile's or page's ID.


  • For Twitter, some characters are seen as a command. You can find the full list here but especially keep in mind that starting your tweet with 'M' or 'D' makes it into a direct message sent to the username after the D/M. Though this might have not been your intention, for instance when abbreviating 'mister'. Better use 'Mr' in that case. These commands are something Twitter provided. Punctuation (so M. instead of M) does not make a difference here. 


If you want to learn more about publishing posts from within CX Social, check out any of the following articles:

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