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Saving a new message to the Inbox

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 05:57AM EST

Although CX Social automatically monitors the jungle that is the internet for you once you've set up your topics, there's also a way to manually add contant to your CX Social account. 

We'll run you through:


Hey, that's handy! But why? 

Since you're only human, perhaps you deleted the wrong mention by accident. Don't stress! There's a way to fix this mistake. Although CX Social automatically monitors the jungle that is the internet for you once you've set up your topics, there's also a way to manually add contant to your CX Social account. 
In other cases, posts aren't alway picked up, e.g. posts on the internet that don't match your keyword search but are interesting nonetheless. They might not match because of misspelled keywords, a location you didn't expect, a different way of putting things, an excluded author, a source suddenly posting something relevant, and so on.  
If this occurs often, you might want to adjust your Keyword Search.)
Another reason why they might not show up is due to a recent adjustment to your Keyword Search since CX Social doesn't track historical data. 
The last possible cause is that the content is posted somewhere CX Social isn't monitoring (yet). This might be because it's impossible, as is the case with static parts of some websites, or because it's not on our list of monitored sites. We can always check this for you by submitting a request with our data supplier to see if it's possible to add a site to our list.
As you can see, we can sometimes provide an automatic solution for the future. As for old and rare mentions you, can give CX Social a hand. Let us explain how. 


Saving a New Message to your Inbox

When working in the Inbox, you can perform several actions through the Tools menu. This unfolds when you click the reversed triangle next to the word. When you scroll down nearly to the bottom, you should see, "Save a new message to your Inbox…".

When you click it, you'll see the following dialog box:


On top, you can paste the link of something you found on the internet. This can be anything from a blog article to a tweet or a Facebook comment. As long as it has a link, you can save it to CX Social. Just paste the link, choose a category and Topic and click "Save To CX Social…".

This tweet, for example:

Just paste the link in the box and hit "Save To CX Social…".

Next, you will see a screen where you can adjust some information about the message you just saved to CX Social.   
  • Message: Here, you can adjust the title, snippet, language, sentiment, and type of message. 
  • Author: Here, you can fill in the Name, ID, URL, and Avatar of the messages author.
  • Source: This shows the Category and URL of the message you just added. 
  • Location: Here, you can fill in the Country and Coordinates for the mention. This isn't always generated automatically. 
  • Date: This states the time the new mention was posted. 
  • Topic: Here, you need to decide to which topic you want to assign the new mention. 
Note that most of these fields are automatically filled in, and except for some minor corrections, you normally don't need to change a lot about them. The big exception here is the Topic field which will need to be filled in manually. If everything looks ok, just hit the blue "Save to CX Social" button on the bottom left. You'll then receive a green notification on the top of your screen stating that your new mention will shortly be added to CX Social. 

And indeed, there it is!


"Save To CX Social" Button In Bookmarks Bar

While doing this, you might have noticed a little colorless button on the bottom right of the pop-up screen stating "Save To CX Social". You can drag this button to your bookmarks bar so that in the future you're just one click away from saving an interesting link to CX Social. Now you have saved yourself hassle of copy and pasting!

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