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Last Updated: Jul 06, 2017 04:43AM EDT
Hi there! Welcome to CX Social! 

Since all new things can be quite overwhelming at first, we've made you this short introduction that will guide you while taking your first CX Social steps. We will get you started with setting up your CX Social user and starting using your CX Social account. At the bottom, we'll explain what you can do if you would have any further questions

In case you prefer video over reading, you can check out our 'Intro to CX Social' video tutorial. 

Setting up your CX Social user 

When an admin of the account adds you as a new user, you'll receive an email to confirm your mail address.

After you’ve confirmed your user through the mail you received, CX Social will ask you to choose a password.

Now you can get started by adding personal information to your account. Simply click on your Profile Picture when you are on the home screen and select Personal Settings from the dropdown menu. 

Start by filling in your name, email address and even your company name. Other users will be able to recognize you in CX Social, but it comes in handy for assigning, understanding history and team performance as well.

Next up, choose an avatar. CX Social uses Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar), which is based on your email address. 

In the next menu item, Connected Profiles, you can connect your own social media accounts. This allows you to use those from within CX Social, eg. like or reply messages directly from within CX Social. Connecting your social profile is especially important if you're the one with the passwords or user rights to your company's accounts, which are needed in order to establish an authorized connection

Rest assured we won't automatically start monitoring or post messages to your social profiles, unless you later explicitly tell us to. Notice that connected profiles are only visible to you, not to other users of this account.

You can adjust and customize CX Social to your own preferences as well. Simply click on your CX Social profile picture again and go to Personal Settings > Preferences. You can find more information in this support article


Using your CX Social account


When starting out with CX Social, there are two options. Either you have been added to a new CX Social account or to an existing one. It speaks for itself that the first scenario needs more setting up, so we decided to split things up, that way you can choose the scenario that's closest to your situation. 

ŸŸ●  Starting out in a new CX Social account
ŸŸ●  Starting out in an existing CX Social account


Starting out in a new CX Social account


When you're starting out in a new account, it's best to start setting everything up straight away. Here are some steps that will help you in the process of setting up your account:


And of course have a look around in InsightsSettingsPerformance and other features. This will help you understand the possibilities of CX Social, so you can use it to it full potential in a way that suits you best. 


Starting out in an existing CX Social account


When you have been added to an account that has already been set up, chances are that the topics and workflow have already been decided. However, there's always room to personalize your account, though it might be best to do this in consultation with your account administrator. 
  • Get in touch with your account administrator to check whether you need to/are allowed to create extra topics, mailboxes, and so on.
  • If you need to set up a new topic with keyword queries and social profiles to define your tracking, do this first.
  • Set up a custom dashboard so you can quickly see all the statistics, mentions and charts that matter most to you in one place. 
  • Set up you ideal Mailbox workflow to make your CX Social life as easy as possible
  • Get familiar with the terms used in CX Social with our lexicon.



If this support article does not entirely answer your questions, don't worry about it. You have three more ways to obtain the answers you're looking for:


  • Search this site, for keywords to find related support articles to have a quick refresher, or to learn more about specific features. 
  • Get in touch through the Live Help. You can find this on the bottom left of your page when using CX Social. If you don't see this, you might have to change your personal preferences.
  • For questions that need more documentation like screenshots for instance, drop us an e-mail on

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