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About the iOS CX Social Mobile Application

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 07:56AM EDT
Let's get started with this app! First you will have to download our CX Social application in the iTunes Store or in the Google Play store. Once you’ve downloaded the application you can log in with your CX Social credentials. After logging in you will be able to select your account(s).
From here you can access all your smart folders, topics and mailboxes. Remember the default date range for all folders is set to the last 28 days but can be adjusted. 

Publishing new messages from the CX Social mobile application is really simple. You can publish a new message by clicking on the pen and paper-icon in the upper right corner.
Next, you will be able to select the profile(s)  on which you wish to publish. After selecting your profile(s) you can start writing your message, add an image (if the connected service supports image attachments) and even schedule your post. 

Via the CX Social mobile application you can even reply to mentions on the go. And here’s how:
Select the mention you wish to reply to by tapping it:

Reminder: You can only reply if the connected profile has an authorized connection.
Going through your Inbox to find specific mentions is really easy as well. You can use several filters to quickly search through your mentions. All filters you use in our web version can also be used in the mobile application. However, it’s important to know that filters need to be entered as a code*. 
You can find search button in the upper right corner:
After pressing the search button, you can choose one of your saved mention filters or enter a new one. However, it’s important to know that filters need to be entered as a code*. 
Example: When you want to search mentions that have a positive sentiment, enter 'sentiment:positive'. This is the same the filter you see in our web version when clicking in the filter field.
Resolving mentions via the CX Social mobile application is also available. It allows you to keep an overview of which mentions have been handled and which are still open. You have 3 ways to resolve mentions in our mobile application:
  • By swiping a mention to the right side of your screen​ when you are in the Inbox:
  • By tapping on a mention and pressing the resolve button in the bottom left corner:
  • By tapping on the bulk resolve button when you are in the Inbox: 
By tapping on a mention in one of your mailboxes or smart folders you will land on the Mention History page for that specific mention:
Here, you will be able to see the mention history just like in our web application. You can see which tags were added and by whom, the amount of related messages, who replied or assigned the mention and if it trigged automation recipes. 
In the CX Social mobile application you can also assign mentions to your team members or available agents. If you want to assign a mention simply click on a mention and press the assign button which is the third button. 

Additionally you can can select a team member, add a comment to the assignment and even notify the person via e-mail. 
Adding tags to mentions on the go is also something that possible via our mobile application. First select the mention where you want to apply a tag(s). Once you’re in the mention detail screen you should see a couple of buttons on the bottom of your screen. The tagging button is the 4th available button. 
Simply click the tagging button and you’ll be able to select the tags that are available in your account. Once you’re done with tagging, click the “Save tags” in the upper right corner and the tags will be applied to the mention. 

Reminder: Tags you archived in Settings > Tags won't be available in the list of tags.
In the CX Social mobile application you also have some other available actions. These actions can be found by clicking on the three horizontal dots icon when you’ve tapped on a mention. Here’s a list of available actions: 

  • Sentiment
    Simply select Sentiment from the list and you can change the sentiment (positive, neutral and negative) from mentions. 

  • Note
    If you want to add a note to a mention, simply click the Note and you’ll be directed to a text field where you can type a comment for team agents. 

  • Permalink
    You can generate the permalink for a mention by clicking on Permalink and you will be redirected to 

  • Like/Retweeting/Favorite/Private message/..
    Social platform specific actions. Depending if the mention is a Facebook comment, a Facebook post or a tweet you will be able to either like the mention, retweet, favorite the mention or send a private message. 

  • Share
    Sharing a mention via the CX Social mobile application is also possible. If you click on Share you’ll get several options to share this mentions. Either via your social media, via e-mail, text message and several other options. 

  • Delete
    If you want to delete mentions via the CX Social mobile application simply click “Delete” and you’ll remove the mentions from CX Social but not from the service.
In case you wish to see the recent conversations with a person, you can access this by tapping on the profile picture of the customer:
After landing on the Contact Details page for that specific customer you'll see a small dropdown arrow to the right side - (this is already expand in the screenshot) Expanding this will allow you to see the Contact Details - biography of the customer, user tags and the custom contact fields.

Team Performance

When you are working in our mobile application on your smartphone the time spent is also taken into account when you look at the statistics in Team Performance. 
If you want to stay up to date and receive push notifications or alerts when mentions with what's happening on CX Social, even when you're not using it (after business hours), you can trigger alerts and notifications on your mobile phone. This feature is especially handy in case of an escalation on the social media or when someone with X amount of followers retweets something concerning your brand. 
If you set up an Automation Recipe you can decide whenever you want to receive a message on your phone (and via e-mail). You can read more about Automations here
If you have alerts configured for any or your smart folder(s) (e.g. to be notified by a mobile push notification when there are more than 5 older than 1 hour in of your high priority folders), we do display the amount of alerts in the overview of folders. 
In custom user roles it's now possible to specify whether those users have access to the CX Social Mobile Application and/or the CX Social API. You can change this by going to Account Settings > User Roles > Edit a User Role > Permissions > General. 

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