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What's the Difference Between Total Mentions in the Insights and the Performance Section

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 09:27AM EDT


When you are situated in the Insights section of CX Social, you can see an amount of Total Mentions on top of your page. The "same" Total Mentions widget is situated in the Performance section. But you can not compare both. In this article we will explain why you can't. 

Inclusion of likes

In the 'total mentions count' in your insights tab, you'll get an overview of all the mentions in that topic during the selected date range. This includes comments, post, private messages, ... but also likes.


In the performance tab, likes won't be included.

This explains why the total mention count in the Insights might be higher then the total mention count in your performance tab.

Time Stamp action vs. mention

The difference in amount of mentions between Insights en Performance can also be explained by the time stamp. Let's take the following example where both date sets have the same date rage (last week).
In your Insights, with the active filter 'action is reply', you filter on all the replies which entered your inbox the last week. 

When filtering on 'activities is replies' in your performance tab, you filter on all the replies which happened during the last week. This means that when you reply a mention that's older then a week, it will -contrary to the Insights tab - still be included into the calculation of these 'total replies'.

So shortly put: the Insights tab uses the timestamp of the mention, while the Performance tab uses the timestamp of the action.


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