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Watchdog: Keep track of your SLA target

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:36AM EST
The Watchdog feature keeps track of everything happening in your Inbox(es) and/or folders and alerts you when something is happening. Watchdogs allow you to keep mentions on a short leash and by triggering alerts via e-mail or push notification on your phone when there is certain number of mentions in a specific folder. 
This support article explains everything you need to know about this feature, from creating and setting up a Watchdog in your account to interpreting the Insights of Watchdogs in Team Performance. 


What is a Watchdog in CX Social?

Watchdogs are SLA alerts or folder alerts in CX Social you set up to monitor your Inbox or Smart Folder. They keep watch over the number of incoming mentions in a certain folder, and give you useful Insights. 


How do I create a Watchdog in CX Social? 

You can create a Watchdog within the smart folder or Inbox you want to keep an eye on, or you can go into Account Settings to set one up.

Creating a Watchdog within Inbox or Smart Folder

Creating a Watchdog within an Inbox or a Smart Folder is really simple. First navigate yourself to the settings of your Inbox or Smart folder. Once you are in the settings for the selected folder click "Edit", and a dialog box will open with the settings of that folder. Simply click on "Add Watchdog" and the Watchdog feature will be prompted on the screen.

  • Name and give him or her a "collar" as well.
  • Then, select the SLA target in minutes and decide if you are going to take Business Hours into account or not. If you choose to add this, the target of this watchdog will take business hours into account, meaning that if e.g. a mention was published outside your business hours, we will not start counting towards the set target until the agents should have started working according to the chosen schedule. 
  • Next you can choose which notifications you want to receive when a certain number of mentions are older than the target SLA time. Additionally you can select how many alerts need to be sent out during x amount of time, whether you are going to send a notification when the issue is resolved, and if you would like in-browser notifications or not. 

Creating a Watchdog via Account Settings  

You can also create a Watchdog via Account Settings. First navigate yourself to the Account Settings of your CX Social account and select Watchdogs in the left side bar. Simply click on "Add Watchdog" in the bottom right corner and the Watchdog creation dialog will appear on the screen. 


  • Start off by giving your Watchdog a proper name and give him or her a "collar" as well.
  • In the next option you will want to select the SLA target in minutes and either decide to take Business Hours into account or not.
  • Next you can choose which notifications you want to receive when a certain amount of mentions are older than the target SLA time.
  • Additionally you can select how many alerts need to be send out during x amount of time, to send a notification when the issue is resolved and if you would like in browser notifications or not.

Note: Once you have created a Watchdog via the Account Settings, you will also immediately find an overview of all active Watchdogs in your account.


How do I change the SLA of a Watchdog in CX Social? 

Changing the SLA or conditions of a filter can be done either by going to the Account Settings > Watchdogs and clicking "Edit" or by manually navigating to the Inbox or Smart Folder and changing it there.

If you change the settings or conditions of your Watchdog, the Insights will change accordingly. It will not take the previous historic data into account and it will make an entirely new snapshot of the workload in that Smart Folder at this time. So be careful when changing conditions and filters.


Where do I find the Insights for each of my Watchdogs?

Watchdog Insights can be found in the Performance tab in CX Social. You will find Watchdogs listed as a subcategory under Teams and Users in the left side bar. Watchdog Overview will give you a summary of the active Watchdogs.


Watchdog Insights

If you are interested in the Insights that your Watchdogs have fetched, you can navigate yourself to the Performance tab and select Watchdogs in the CX Social side bar.

You have two options here:
  • You can click on Overview and get a quick summary of main statistics of the Watchdogs in CX Social, including the number of unresolved mentions, amount of resolved mentions, resolves, reply time, and the agents working in that map.
  • Or you can click on each Watchdog individually and look at more in-depth Insights for that specific folder. 

SLA Metrics & Compliance 

If you clicked on one of your Watchdogs in CX Social, the first widget you will see is the SLA widget. It will give you an overview of the amount of mentions that are still open in the folder and that are older then a given time. 


Resolve Time Breakdown

In this widget, you'll see a quick overview of how many of your mentions were under/over your selected SLA.

This widget consists of different bars. Each bar represents a certain timespan in which the mention is resolved, relative to your SLA. (50, 100, 200, 400 & 800 % of your SLA)

At the left of every bar, you'll get the absolute amount of mentions that match the resolve time of that bar. At the right you'll see the percentage of the total amount of mentions that were resolved in the given timespan.
The red line indicates your selected SLA.



Average Resolve time


On the right side of the Watchdog Overview you will find the Average Resolve Time that shows you how long it takes on average to resolve a mention based on the number of replies in the specific Smart Folder or Inbox. This will give you an indication of how long it takes for the agents to resolve mentions.  



Workload Estimation widget

In the Workload widget displays three different graphs. You can see how many mentions were resolved, the average number of unresolved mentions, and the average number of unresolved mentions that went over SLA  for your folder. 

With this widget you will easily see when there was a high/low workload and how many mentions went over your SLAs on a certain day. The default date range for the Workload widget is 3 days; however this can be adjusted by selecting your own custom date range in the upper right corner.

The dropdown next to the header also allows some different display options: group by 'day of the week' or by 'hour of the day':

Note: Choosing a longer period of time will give you a more accurate average than a short period of time

On the right side of the widget you can see how many agents are working in the folder and what the average resolve rate/ hour is and even the average resolve rate per agent. Additionally you also can change the amount of agents and schedules to simulate what the workload would be when you add additional agents to the smart folder. You can read more about this simulation mode below.


Watchdog Simulation Mode 


The Workload widget also has a simulation mode which allows you to simulate how the workload would change by adding / detracting users (with a certain business hours schedule).

Entering the ‘Simulation mode’ is possible by either clicking on the arrow up/down to to the right of you screen next to the resolves figures or by clicking on the + sign next to the ‘active users’ list.

By clicking on the + sign next to ‘active users’, a Dialog box will open showing all the available Business Hour Schedules associated with your account. Here you can add users for a certain schedule, in order to see what the working scenario would be for this amount of available users. Via trial and error you can find the scenario which best matches your SLAs.
Example: Say that you currently have 5 agents who work during the day and 3 who work the evening shift. Via Simulation Mode, you might figure out that you can lower your average response time by working with 4 agents during the day and 4 during the evening.

Note: The Workload Estimation widget can be added to a dashboard, but Simulation Mode is not available there. 
Simulation Mode is only available in the Performance section.

Alerts History widget:

This widget shows when alerts were sent out and the amount of unresolved mentions there were at that time. The display includes small circles and bigger circles on the horizontal axis, representing how many alerts where sent out (the bigger the circle, the more alerts were sent).
On the right side you will also find a full log of every alert that was send out, including the date and timestamp, the number of mentions and how many people where notified. 




Can I add this to my Dashboard?

Every widget that is available in the Performance view can also be added to any dashboard. Simply click on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your screen, right under the small text balloon in the navigation bar, and click "Add to dashboard". After clicking "add" option your screen will become interactive and you will be able to select a widget.

The Simulation Mode of the Workload Estimation widget is currently not available for dashboards. This means that you can add the Workload Estimation widget to one of your dashboards, but you won't be able to simulate there. For this, you need to be in the Performance view. 

Note: Adding these widgets to a dashboard is still in beta. 
If you have more questions about this feature you can always contact us via support@engagor or join us on Live Help. 


Now go and create some Watchdogs in CX Social, it's barkin' fun! :tada:


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