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Getting Started with CX Social: Managing Projects and Topics

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2017 08:32AM EST

In this support article we show you how you can setup topics and projects and explain which consequences deleting streams and topics has.


Introduction - What is a topic?

To start using CX Social, the first thing you must do is monitor one or more topics.

By topic we mean a set of keywords, conditions, and/or social media accounts (Twitter users, Facebook pages, Youtube channels,...) that make a piece of user-generated text of interest to you. 

1. Projects

Once you are logged into CX Social at, go to Account Settings and make sure Topics is selected in the menu on the left. Topics can be grouped in projects. Use the 'New Project' button to create a new project. Or the 'Add Topic' button to create new Topic. 


2. Add and Configure a First Topic

Once you have a Project, you can create a Topic:

This will bring up the page to configure a new Topic.

To create a topic about 'CX Social', we would do the following:
  • Indicate that the name of the topic is 'CX Social', the project is 'My Industry', and that it is about 'Industry'.
  • Monitor the @CXSocial Twitter account.
  • Monitor the CX Social Facebook page.
  • Set 'CX Social' to be monitored as Keyword. Public user-generated content online containing the word 'CX Social' will then become a mention for this topic.


Whenever you create or change a set of keywords, you need to do click on 'Preview' before you can save your changes, to ensure it results in relevant mentions. A list of mentions matching the search appears on the right. If nothing appears, no problem, we're not always able to show you examples. 

3. Deleting streams and topics

There's a difference in deleting topics and deleting streams. When you delete a stream we'll stop crawling new incoming data, but the data which is already crawled won't be deleted (unless you perform a smart delete). However when you delete a topic, all the previously crawled data will be deleted. 

This means that if  you want to stop tracking data for a specific topic but you don't want to lose the data in CX Social, you don't have to delete topic. Instead: remove the streams. This way the data stays in your account and can be used for further analytics and your streams are free to use in a new topic.

Furthermore, when you delete a topic you'll see a warning if the topic was included in a dashboard, folder or custom user role.


If your keyword setup is getting very complex and you are working with a few people as an admin, we advise you to save the keyword query somewhere outside of CX Social. In case somebody deletes the keyword search, you still have your search.

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