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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 05:01AM EST
Clicking the cog wheel in the top right corner of CX Social will give you the option to go to your CX Social Settings where you can edit topics, users, tags, preferences and so much more. 
The following menu will appear: 

Click on the name of the Account Settings tab you want more information about:

- Topics
- Users
- Security
- Publishing
- Contacts
- Alerts & Reports
- Preferences
- Tags
- Automation
- History
- Saved Filters
- Command Center



Set up and manage which keyword queries and social profiles are monitored. Go to topic setup: creating a keyword query and connecting social profiles to CX Social (section 'how do you connect social profiles to your topics') for more information.




  • Add, edit, and remove users that have access to the CX Social account.
  • Manage user roles, i.e. determine which users can use/see different CX Social features. For example, only users with role 'Administrator' can add and remove other account users.

User Roles

Apart from the predefined user roles of 'viewer', 'contributor', 'editor', 'manager', and 'administrator', you can also create custom roles. More about (custom) user roles.


In CX Social you have the option to set up different teams. You may have a team consisting of agents who are working in your Customer Care Team, or you may have two people working together in CX Social on the Marketing of your brand. This will then be your Marketing team. On this page you can compose those teams. 


Business Hours

In order to define the Business Hours Schedules, you need to be an Administrator in the account, or have this permission in your Custom User Role. You can check this under Settings > Users > Overview. 

Click 'Add Schedule' on the right to configure a new set of business hours. Each schedule allows you to define a 
name, the time zoneworking hours per day of the week, and occasional holidays. Once you defined all the occurring schedules in your company, you can move along to Settings > Users to define each person's schedule.  Click 'Edit' next to a certain User, and fill out his/her precise schedule next to 'Business Hours':





Security Settings

In this article you can read all about the security settings and the new, enhanced security features.

Security Audit Log

In the security Audit Log you are able to see all security related actions done by all the CX Social users in your account. Who logged into CX Social, who logged out, who resetted his/her password, etc. 



Saved Targeting

The Facebook targeting you can save in the publisher, will be stored here in the saved targeting section. If you want to create and save a target you are able to do this via this setting or by clicking on the globe in the publishing dialog. 

Canned Responses

Manage your canned responses, i.e. short snippets of text you often use that can be inserted easily when posting new content with the publisher. More on Canned Responses.


Integrations (only for professional and enterprise price plans)

With integration URLs you can easily integrate third party tools (like ZendeskDeskSalesforce and Bitly) in CX Social. An integration URL allows you to load an external website inside/from CX Social and pass on contact information as parameters to the external website. Create custom integrations or enable/disable a default integration. 

Custom Fields

With Custom Fields you can add additional fields to social profiles to store extra contact information specific for your company, like a client number. 

Alerts & Reports




Choose whether you want to receive an e-mail with an automatically generated summary report daily, weekly, or never. Summary reports give an overview of total volume, trends, popular videos, photos, and other KPI's per topic. You can set your preferences both for Project Reports and for Dashboard Reports. Those preferences can be set differently for each user. Users with an administrator user role can also set up reporting for all users of the account an the "All Users" tab. 


  • Choose whether you want to be notified by e-mail of new mentions instantly (every 15 minutes, max. 4 e-mails per hour), hourly, or daily (or never) per topic. This means you receive an e-mail if there were new mentions the last 15 minutes/hour/day.
  • Choose whether you want to be notified about new content that is been waiting to approved or if a post has failed to publish. Similar to the mentions you can be warned instantly, hourly or daily per message. 


Here you have the option to do the following actions: edit your account name, view your pricing plan and available/used volume, add demo data, change location settings (weekend, time zone and business hours), and within the advanced section, you can set the default language, change automatic sentiment analysis to manual analysis, set replies to Facebook comments to appear as replies and create a forward mention template. If you want more detailed information, you can read all about it in this support article. 



Add, edit, and remove tags. You can then add these tags to mentions in the CX Social Inbox. Tags help you to keep your data structured, and you can easily filter on one or more tags in the Inbox/Insights. You can also create smart tags that are applied based on a filter, such as certain keywords occurring in the mention. More on (smart) tags. 




Set up automation rules, i.e. actions to be executed automatically on incoming mentions that match certain filter criteria, optionally only when a certain volume is exceeded. An example of an automation rule would be: 'send me an email when there are more than 50 mentions in an hour on topic X containing keyword Y.' More on automation.



This is a list of all big changes in the CX Social account optionally filtered by user that made the change and/or type of action.

Some examples:
- Adding, editing, and removing topics.
- Adding, editing, and removing users.
- Deleting large bulks of mentions.
- Connecting/deleting social profiles.


Saved Filters


Saved filters are stored when you press the 'save' button when setting up a search filter within CX Social, and can be accessed later on. More information on setting up filters.

Command Center

The Command Center is a very handy presentation mode with which you can show certain pages and statistics from within CX Social. With the Command Center (for users with a professional or enterprise plan), you can create a fullscreen rotation betweens the pages and results that you want to show. Read more about it here


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