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How to Integrate with your CXA account

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 10:02AM EDT



You are able to connect and integrate with your own Clarabridge Analyze account. An integration with your Analyze Account will allow you to:

After selecting and activating a certain Model, mentions that are discussing certain topics will get tagged with Category Tags. If you want to read more on the activation of Standard Industry Models without having an own CxA account, you can read this article

How to Integrate with your CXA account?


In order to integrate with your own CXA account, you should go to the Account Settings in your CX Social account. In the sidebar you can click on Integrations. There you have the option to click on the Clarabridge CXA logo. 

After clicking on the Clarabridge CxA logo, a pop-up will be shown. In this pop-up you must enter the name of your Integration, the Host where we can find your Analyze account, and both your Login and Password. 

Once you've created your personal Integration, you can enable or disable the Integration whenever you want. Just switch on or off the button in the Integration field. 


How to Activate Standard Industry Models or your own, customized Models?

Once your Integration is established, you can go to the Topic set-up where you would like to enable Category Models. On the bottom of the Topic set-up, you can click on Add Category. Afterwards, you can choose to add the Standard Industry Models or just to connect with a Project from your CxA account. 


After I selected Project X from my personal CxA account, I will see the following pop-up. On top of the window, I have the option to choose my Category Model. Since I only have one Category Model in this Project X, I will choose that one. 

You can also choose to apply a filter on your data. This means that you don't want to tag all incoming mentions, but only a part of your data. In my example, I only want to categorize mentions that are English and from Twitter.

You can as well choose to run the CX Social Sentiment Engine, or you can choose for the Sentiment application ran by the Clarabridge Project. If you want to store your CX Social mentions in your personal CxA account, that's possible as well by ticking off that option in the Syncing field. 

On the bottom of this pop-up, you are seeing the Volume Preview table. The table gives you an overview of the Total Volume and the Filtered Volume of a selected topic in the last 4 Months. Why is this? Because this gives you an idea on the number of mentions we'll send to the CXA Instance, where your mentions are being analyzed and categorized. 

How to send CX Social mentions to the CXA instance

To start you have to make sure you have set-up your personal integration between the CXA instance and CX Social. Afterward, you can go to the set-up of the Topic from which you want to send mentions to CXA. Over there you can click on the "Add Category Models" button and you'll see the following pop-up appear:

Here you'll have to select your own CXA account and the destination Project. When clicking on the Next button, you will see the below pop-up. Within the pop-up, you will be able to choose to store your mentions within a Clarabridge CXA Project. In addition to the mentions, accompanied tags and contact tags are sent to the CXA Instance as attributes. Additionally, you will be able to filter on these newly imported attributed.

Later, after the connection is established, these mentions will be updated real-time in CXA. This means that if you add, edit or delete tags and contact tags in CX Social, these attributes will be updated in the CXA Instance as well. 

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