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Tags in CX Social

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017 10:01AM EDT

Tags in CX Social
Organizing and structuring the data you are monitoring and tracking in CX Social is a crucial part in order to get a better understanding of what the customers are saying about your brand or company.
In CX Social mentions can be categorized and organized in way specific to your workflow or to a certain level of importance by simply using tags. 

Tags can be applied to mentions and contacts (=customers) which can be used as criteria to filter or report on. There are a bunch of different tags in CX Social and these can help you tackle the chaos that might exist in your Inbox. You can jump to a specific section by clicking on the below links:

ŸŸ●  Different types of tags
ŸŸ●  Creating tags
ŸŸ●  Applying tags
ŸŸ●  Archiving tags
ŸŸ●  Parent & Child tags
ŸŸ●  Tag Suggestions
Different types of tags in CX Social
Before we are going to create tags in CX Social it is good to know the difference between the types of tags that are available, how they work and what exactly they do or can do. Let’s go over each type and see what they actually do and how they work:

ŸŸ●  Mention tags
ŸŸ       ●  Manual tags
    ŸŸ   ●  Smart tags
ŸŸ●  Contact tags
ŸŸ●  Publisher tags
ŸŸ●  Category model tags
Mentions tags in CX Social
There’s two types of mentions tags in Cx Social. We have manual tags, these are applied manually by you or an agent, and we have smart tags, which are automatically added when mentions meet a certain criteria or filter.
Manual tags
These are tags that are applied manually when working on a mention in the Cx Social Inbox. You can apply tags by  clicking on the label-icon underneath a mention in the engagement bar.

Smart tags
Smart tags are tags that are automatically applied to mentions that meet the conditions of a certain filter you have created.  You can see the difference between a manual tag and a smart tag by the small Asterik-sign (*) to the right of the tag.
For example if you want to automatically label every mention with the word “service” in the content with the tag “Positive Experience”, you can create a smart tag.

Tip: Smart tags work retroactively, meaning that when you create a smart tag this will applied to all existing mentions in your Inbox – old and new.
Contact tags
In CX Social it is also possible to tag customers or contacts. You can categorize or label certain people to a level of importance. For example if you work with Influencers or Important clients  you can label these by adding a contact tag to their profile in CX Social.
You can apply these by clicking on the name of the customer and adding the tag to his or her profile:

You can see the difference between a contact tag and a manual tag by the small person-icon to the left of the tag.
Publisher tags
Publisher tags are mentions tags that can be applied in the Publisher section of CX Social. You can use these to label the content you are preparing.
However it is important to know that the tag is applied to the post in Publisher but not to the mention when it lands in CX Social.
For example if it’s a marketing post you can label it with marketing or if it is an informative post for example.  This will allow you to compare and filter on posts specific to a certain subject in the Publisher.

Category tags for CxA models
Tags for CxA models are referred to as Category tags.  These tags are applied to mentions based on the category model you have set up in the topic setup. Read more about this here.
Basically when your category model is active, new mentions matching the filter will get with relevant Category Tags. These can be hidden or shown depending on your personal setting. You can read a more in depth article about CxA tags and models here.
Creating tags in CX Social
Now that you know the different tags that are available in CX Social we can get started and create some. There are two ways to create a tag. Either via the Account Settings or directly from the Inbox via the tag dropdown menu.
We will cover both methods but we will start with tag creating via the Account setting. You can create any of the listed tags mentioned above except for Category tags. Creating a tag in CX Social is very easy. Simply go to your “Account Settings” and select “Tags” in the left sidebar.

After clicking on the Tags option you will see the overview of all the tags in your account. Depending on whether you already created tags or not. In order to add a new tag to your account you click on the “Add Tag” button.
Clicking the “Add Tag”- button will bring a dialog box with several options in order to create your tag.  You will see three fields – Tag name, Tag Color and whether or not it has to be a smart tag.
If you chose the smart tag option an additional field will open up and a filter field will appear where you can specify the filters for that tag.

After choosing a name, selecting a color  and in case of a smart tag, selecting the matching conditions you can click on “Add”  and your tag will be saved. You will return to the overview and your tag will be listed in the overview. Perfect! Now make sure to create more than one. 
Second method of quickly creating a new tag in CX Social is via the dropdown menu directly from the Inbox.
Simply type in the name for the new tag and hit the Enter button on your keyboard  – the new tag will be applied to the mention and it will automatically be added to the overview of tags in Account Settings.

Applying tags to mentions in CX Social
Applying a tag to a mention is very easy and can save you a lot of time when you want to look for data in the near future.
Applying mention tags to a mention
If you want to tag a mention in CX Social you can click on the label-icon in the engagement bar of the specifc mention and a dropdown menu will appear with all available tags. You can select or search for your tag.
Click on it and the tag will be applied. Now you can filter on these mentions when using the “Tag” filtering condition in the filter field.

Applying contact tags to a profile
It is possible to add tags to a customers’ profile in CX Social. For example if there’s a couple of Influencers tweeting about your brand you can label these people with the tag “Influencer”  - Simply go to a mention from one of these people in the Conversation View you should see the contact details of this person. 
On the bottom you should see “+ Add contact tag”  click on it and the tag dropdown should appear.

After applying this tag to this customer it will always be applied whenever a mention from that person lands in CX Social. You will be able to filter on contact tags afterwards.
Applying Smart tags to mentions
Smart tags are tags that are automatically assigned based on the filter you selected when you created this tag. However you can apply this manually as well if you want to tag a certain mention with this tag.
Simply, select it from the tag dropdown when you want to apply it.
Archiving tags in CX Social
In CX Social you also have the option to archive or retire tags in your account. For example a certain tag that was used in a marketing campaign that no longer has use to be actively listed in the tag dropdown can be archived. You can view all the archived tags in your account under the Active tags overview.
If you archive the tag, every mention that had this tag will still have this tag attached and you can still filter on this – the only thing that changes is that the tag is no longer listed as an active tag.

You can archive tags by going to the “Accounts Settings” followed by selecting “Tags” in the left side bar. Look for the tag you want to archive and hover over the icons to the right. Normally a small enveloppe-icon will appear that can archive your tag. If you want to unarchive the tag, simply do the same in the Archived tags overview.
archiving tags

Parent and Child tags in CX Social
It’s also possible to create subcategories for tags in CX Social – We refer to these as Parent and Child tags. If you already created a couple of tags in your account you will see an additional field when creating a new tag, called the Parent field.

Here you can assign a Parent to your new tag. Choosing Parent tags can be really helpful when you have created a lot of tags for 1 specific subject. For example you have one Parent tag: Customer Experience and four Child tags: Postive experience, Feedback, Complaint, and Negative experience. 

If you filter on “Customer Experience”  it will also show all the mentions labelled with a child tag thus the  positive, negative, complaint and feedback tags. This will give you a complete view on the Customer Experience mentions.
Tag suggestions in CX Social
Tag suggestion(s) is a machine-learning algorithm and system that we introduced and developed for CX Social. This allows CX Social to learn from you and give you tags suggestions based on what you have manually tagged in your account.

It only works when you manually add tags in CX Social and doesn’t learn from Smart tags nor from bulk-editing. Whenever a mention is tagged and resolved it will be picked up by our AI and it will observe and learn from it. When it feels confident enough for your account it will automatically give you tag suggestions. 

You can see the suggestions from our CX Social machine when there is a lightbuld icon active on the reply bar in the Conversation view.

If there is a suggestion, click on it to open and apply the tag when CX Social gets it right. It will store the information and learn form you, cool feature huh? Make sure to use this feature whenever you see it.


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