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Hard locking mentions in CX Social

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 10:22AM EDT
Hard locking mentions in CX Social is a new way of locking mentions. It’s similar and related to the current mention and contact locking but it has new and improved features. Previously mentions only had a visual lock (cfr. mention locking) which means that we showed a visual overlay telling you which person was working on which mention.
Hard locking will lock mentions from one customer to the agent that is working in the Inbox. This will make the mention unavailable to other agents that are working in the Inbox meaning this is no longer a visual lock. This way you can avoid two agent working on the same mention. 
There are a couple of other great features that go along with the new hard locking as well. By default everyone will be able to take over a mention (this can be changed in the user role permissions) from an agent and handle it themselves or just following along with an agent by going into read-only mode. 
Enabling this feature in combination with Contact Locking will make handling mentions in CX Social much more powerful and solution-oriented. In this support article we will explain you everything you need to know about the hard locking feature in CX Social.
Hard locking is a feature that can be enabled and disabled in the Account Preferences of your CX Social Account. Simply navigate to the Account Settings and select Account Preferences from the side bar. Once enabled the setting will be active. 
After enabling the feature all the users in your CX Social account will have the hard locking setting active.

However you can still enable and disable “mention locking” on a user level. Although this can be prohibited in the user roles. Simply adjust the user roles of the agents that shouldn’t be able to enable/disable locking via the dropdown menu in the Inbox. 


Hard locking mentions works the same as the previous mention locking feature which we now call soft locking. Nothing has changed except that it is no longer a visual lock. When an agent selects a mention in the Inbox it will be hard locked by that agent and become unavailable to other people working in the Inbox. It will be locked in both the conversation view and the mention list in the Inbox. 
If the customer has sent multiple mentions and thus coming from the same contact, the agent will also lock the additional mentions from that person. This will enable him/her to tackle and solve the customers' problem in one go. 
After replying and resolving the mention, the agent will automatically jump to the next available mention which prevents people from working on the same mention. 
However there are a few exceptions for hard locking mentions: 
Mentions from own profiles or non-social sources aren’t contact locked, these are mention locked.
For example three mentions from the same newspaper will be mention locked one at a time and aren’t treated as a contact.
If the agent is working a single mention the annotation displayed in the mini mention list will be “Agent X is handling this”. 

If the agent is working on a mention from a customer that has sent more than one message to your brand the mention that is being worked on, or active, will have "Agent X is handling this" as an annotation in the mini mention list, the other mentions will have the "Agent X is handling this contact" displayed. 

If you want to view a mention or contact that is locked by one of your agents you can click on the mention and an full overlay of the conversation view will appear telling you that the conversation is locked. However, there is also a “Read-Only”-button available. 
After clicking on the “Read-Only” button you will be able to monitor the agent without him or her noticing or simply just read along what the agent is replying. When you are in Read-Only mode all the actions like replying, sentiment changes, liking,.. will be disabled. 
If you want to take over a mention or contact that is locked by one of your agents you can click on the mention in the Inbox’s mini mention list. A full overlay of the conversation view will appear telling you that the conversation is locked. 

Here you will have the option to click on the “Take Over” button. If you do take over the mention, it will no longer be assigned to the agent and he/she will get the same overlay saying that the mention has been locked by someone else and he/she can move on to the next mention. 

Taking over mentions is also a custom user role setting that can be enabled and disabled depending on the user role. You can do this by going to the User Roles in your CX Social account and tick off the option to take over mention that are hard locked by others.

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