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What does "complexity" of a keyword query mean?

Last Updated: May 11, 2017 05:35AM EDT
You can start monitoring a topic in CX Social by connecting social profiles and/or by defining a keyword query, i.e. a combination of keywords and boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT. (Click here for a detailed article about keyword queries in CX Social.) 
In CX Social, each keyword query has a complexity score. If your query is too complex, you will get a warning that you have to reduce the amount of keywords. 

In CX Social, we allow a maximum complexity of 80 for each keyword query. Put quite simply, this means you can search 80 words combined by OR.

a OR b OR c OR ...

From the moment you start 'nesting', you reach complexity 80 quicker. If you say you want a combination of (a OR b OR c) AND (d OR e OR f OR g), you have a complexity of 12 (one of the first 3 words combined with one of the next 4 words).

Some examples:
  • a OR b: has a complexity of 2
  • (a AND b) OR c: has a complexity of 2 --> (a AND b) is considered one element
  • a OR b OR c OR d OR e: has a complexity of 5
  • (a OR b OR c) AND (d OR e): has a complexity of 6 (3 x 2)
  • (a OR b OR c OR d OR e) AND (f OR g OR h OR i OR j OR k): has a complexity of 30 (5 x 6)

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