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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 10:10AM EDT
When you are logged in to your CX Social account, you will see there is a tab in your sidebar named Publishing. Via this page it is possible to post new content. Any account - Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn - can be used to communicate with your fans. Thus, this tab only shows "posts" (no retweets, likes or anything originating from the inbox). Below, you can read how to use the features of the publisher. 

This support article is split up in seven different parts - referring to the various parts of the publishing section. You can also read more information on how to use the publisher itself, the Chrome Extension and how you can change the text direction when typing a message.

ŸŸ●  Overview
ŸŸ●  Calendar
ŸŸ Publisher Dialogue
ŸŸ●  Compare
ŸŸ●  Notes
ŸŸ●  Posts

In the overview you can see the upcoming posts and the most recent posts as well. You can easily add tags or notes to the posts, edit or delete them. In the upcoming posts section you can still edit or delete the new content, or publish the post right away. When you click on the copy button, the post is copied and the pop-up publisher appears. You will be able to post the same content, for example, on another platform. 


If a recent post has a history of adding or editing tags, or editing the message, publishing it, creating it or it has been send for approval, you will be able to see this history of this post. You can open the history list by clicking on the counter.

When you would like to search within the publisher you can create and save any filter you want. In the left corner you can add the specifics of your search. For example who posted the content and on which profile was the message posted. If you want more information on filtering, you can read it here

In the overview you can see two main tabs on top of the page: Topic and Profile. These will allow you to filter on the content of your choice. For example: you can select which topic posts you want to see or maybe you prefer seeing all posts of one profile (Facebook, G+, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)


The calendar gives you a quick visual overview of all the posts you’ve previously published and the ones that are scheduled.
You can use the calendar option to schedule your posts efficiently and to plan your content sharing activities. In the right corner you will see it is possible to choose the view of your calendar. You can change the date range and set it to your preferences. There is a day, week or month view.

All recent posts appear on the calendar and you can click through to see more details. More information appears in a pop-up screen. You will be able to see when the content is scheduled to appear online and there are four more features: publish immediately, editing the post, deleting the post or copying the content and publishing it, for example, on another profile.

It is also possible to drag and drop the post from one day to another. Or just click on a day, an hour and schedule the post right away.

Publisher Dialogue

When you want to create a new post, the publisher dialogue is where you need to be. This is how you open the dialogue:

This opens a pop-up window where you'll have the following options:

1. Profile selection

If you click the "+" icon, a dropdown will open where all the social profiles with an authorised connection will appear. You have the option to select multiple profiles at once from different social platforms.

Bear in mind that some options might disappear when selecting profiles from different platforms. You can find more info about this below.

2. Upload an image

This button will prompt a pop-up window where you can upload images. Wether or not you can upload (multiple) images depends on the platform you select. 

Facebook: You can upload up to 4 images, and add it to an album. If you don't want them to be added in an album, you just need to select the default option "choose album..."

Twitter: You can upload up to 4 images.

Google+: You can upload 1 image

Linkedin: No option to upload images.

NoteThe platform that has the most limitations always decides which publishing options are possible. eg. A scheduled post for both Facebook and Twitter can have 4 pictures, but no album due to Twitter's limitations.

3. Schedule this post

Here you have the option to schedule your post to a specific date and hour. As soon as you schedule the post, this button will be blue.

4. Targeting

For Facebook posts you have the option to target your audience. You can change the country and the language of the targeted audience. 

5. Canned Responses

Via this button you can quickly apply canned responses to your post. You can filter on the content or tags of these response to quickly find the appropriate response.

6. Add publisher tags

Here you can add publisher tags to your post. Publisher tags are mentions tags that can be applied in the Publisher section of CX Social. You can use these to label the content you are preparing.
However it is important to know that the tag is applied to the post in Publisher but not to the mention when it lands in CX Social.
For example if it’s a marketing post you can label it with marketing or if it is an informative post for example. This will allow you to compare and filter on posts specific to a certain subject in the Publisher.

7. Content

In this field you can type the content of your post.
note: when one of the selected social profiles is a Twitter profile, the maximum amount of characters will limited to 140.


The calendar tab also allows you to compare the different sources, users, profile, tags or teams. All posts are color coded, and that way it is easy to compare those posts.

When you compare sources, the calendar show you when content was posted on which profiles. So the color code shows you when Facebook posts were published, or when Tweets were send. 

It is also possible to compare the different user profiles. On the calendar you will see who posted which message, which day. On the other hand you can filter and compare the various profiles. So, you are, for example, able to see from which of the four Facebook pages you have, the content was published. 
Also the tags you added to a specific post, get a color. In the calendar you will see the content posts are getting the color of the tag you added to those specific posts. You will be able to compare the time on which tagged content was published. Next to that you can also compare the different statuses of your posts. Depending if the posts is scheduled, already posted, waiting for approval or saved as a draft, the posts will get a different color code in your calendar. 
And last but not least you can compare the publishing activity of the different CX Social users. For example the green posts are from a specific user, the pink posts from another one.
In the Calendar you have the possibility to add notes to your content. When you have something important to say about some specific content you are able to add a note that will be visible in the history of actions of this post. 


Beside the overview tab, there are four folders where your posts are organised: ScheduledHistoryWaiting for Approval and Drafts. The Scheduled and History folder speak for themselves: the Scheduled tab will collect all your planned messages, the History tab adversely will contain all sent posts.

Next to sending out or scheduling a post, the publisher also enables you to send a post for approval to other team members. These posts will appear in the folder: 'Waiting for Approval’ on the left side of the screen. 

Thus, before actually posting the new content online, it is possible to send it to others. Those persons can overlook your message and approve or deny the post to be published. When you click on the Send for Approve button, all CX Social members that have turned on their Publisher Subscriptions will receive a mail and / or phone notification that there is a post waiting to approve. 

Before publishing the message, you can also save it as a draft. Drafts will go to the folder ‘Drafts’. 

If you draft a post in our Publisher and set a publish date, we will send out an email (and/or push notification) to notify the assignee or author about the draft on the date it was scheduled. This workflow allows you to double-check and approve scheduled posts prior to publishing.

 Chrome Extension

If you need more information about our Chrome extension, you can find more information here. 
Text direction in the Publisher

It's possible to change the text direction in the CX Social Publisher. You can right-click on the text area and the following browser option will be available: 

This can be extremely useful and helpful for the Arabic language. You can also change the default text direction in CX Social. Read about it here

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