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Account Setup: Account Preferences in CX Social

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017 07:56AM EDT
In your CX Social account you have the option to change a couple a features around to ensure a better workflow in your account. From checking the amount of volume for your account to enabling Facebook Replies or Hard locking and more! However, keep in mind that these changes are account wide and everyone will be affected when changing things in the Account Preferences.
Account Preferences is divided in five subsections. Every subsection is listed here with additional information about each feature. You can click on any of the below links to jump to a certain section.
General Account Information

●  Account Name
●  Plan
●  Volume
●  Demo Data

●  Default Language
●  Facebook Replies 
●  Facebook Business Manager
●  Hard locking
●  Forward Template

●  Applause/ Engagement rate
●  Facebook Engagement Counters

●  Source Tracking
Customisation & Localisation

●  Weekend
●  White labeling  

General Account Information
In case you wish to change your Account Name (1), you can by simply filling in the new name and saving the settings. Your Account name is what you see displayed in the upper right corner. Right underneath Account Name you will find more details about the plan and package of your account (2). As well as the expiration date (!) and the number of topics, users and streams you have.

Next up is the Volume of your account (3) Here you have an overview of how much of a percentage of your available volume you have already used. Please be aware that your allowed monthly volume of mentions depends on your specific pricing plan. 
If you don’t want to exceed your monthly volume, you can adjust your topic settings or upgrade your account to have more volume available. If you already exceeded the monthly volume of your account, please get in touch with
Last but not least you can add Demo data (4) to your account in order to test and play around with mentions in CX Social. Just select a subject in the dropdown menu, and this data will be added to Settings > topics. This data doesn't take up any volume in your account. 

Default Language
You can select the default translating language in the Account preferences when working in the Inbox. Every mention in CX Social can be translated by clicking on the library book icon. For translating we use Bing Translating Technology.

Facebook Replies
Facebook added a feature for improving conversations on their native platform called: Facebook Replies. It allows you to reply directly on a comment on one of your posts.

It enables you to start threaded conversations. We have implemented this feature in CX Social as well. By enabling this setting, your comments on Facebook comments in CX Social will be sent in the 'reply' format.

Facebook Business Manager
Many businesses use Facebook Business Manager to manage their Page(s). We implemented a clever system that detects if you're a Business Manager user or not.  Once detected, you will be correctly redirected to the interface. If you don’t want to be redirected, you have the option to disable this feature.
Hard Locking
Hard locking mentions in CX Social will lock mentions from one customer to the agent that is working in the Inbox. This will make the mention unavailable to other agents that are working in the Inbox. Hard locking avoids two agents working on the same mention. 

However, when the feature is turned off, the mention lock will be purely visual which means that we show a visual overlay telling you which person is working on this mention.
Forward Mention Template
In CX Social you have the option to forward a mention via email to someone who isn't a CX Social User. Here you can set your default e-mail body that will be sent along with that mention. 


Facebook Like Counters
For every Facebook post there are 2 slightly different ways to count comments and likes:

●  Only counting the comments and likes directly on the post itself. These are the exact same numbers displayed on the Facebook platform itself if you were to check the post there.

●  Counting the number of news feed 'stories' (i.e. anything that appears in a news feed) generated by comments and likes of the post. This also includes the amount of times people share it indirectly on their own news feed, their friends in turn liking and commenting on that shared post. For viral posts, this number is usually significantly higher than the 'direct' likes and comments displayed by Facebook.
Source Tracking
Source tracking is used to identify where traffic to your website page has come from. CX Social will automatically add the following source tracking tags to links posted through CX Social.

●  utm_medium: the type of medium that the link is featured in, we set the value to social.
●  utm_source: which website is sending the traffic. We set the value to the name of the social network in lowercase, e.g. twitter or facebook.
●  utm_content: Used to track the types of content that point to an URL from the same campaign, source, and medium codes. We set the value to a unique value for that mention in CX Social, e.g. CX Social_MjIwNzM0NQ==
●  utm_campaign: Groups all of the content from one campaign in your analytics. We set the value to: CX Social
Default is that we do not add UTM tags to your links. Meaning your links will be posted without added tags. Other options include: Add Source Tracking Tags to all URL's or add Source Tracking Tags only if no existing tags in URL.
Important: Links within a private or direct message will not carry an UTM tag.
Customization & Localization
You can set your default as a weekend in this setting. If for instance you set the weekend in your region to Friday - Saturday, then the first day of the week in our charts will be Sunday. 

Certain CX Social plans allow you to add and edit a customized interface. If you do not have this option available, but want more information about this feature, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or the Support Ninja's.

The URL Subdomain will generate the link that will give you access to your CX Social account. When you work for Tapcrowd for example, you can enter "Tapcrowd" and you will be able to enter your CX Social Inbox by surfing to
Title will just replace the word CX Social into "Tapcrowd" for example, but only in some places in the application. You are also able to change the CX Social logo in the top left corner into your own company logo. You will have to copy the Image URL and paste it here. After saving, it can take a few minutes before everything changes.
By adding some style HTML tags to the Header box you are able to change the lay-out of the top banner of you CX Social account.


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