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Account Settings: Overview In CX Social

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 10:18AM EDT
Account Settings

Clicking the cog wheel in the top right corner of CX Social will give you the option to go to your CX Social Settings where you can edit topics, users, tags, preferences and so much more. 

When you click on account settings, the following page will open:

As you can see, the menu in the left side bar is exactly the same as the one given on the overview page. The overview page gives you some additional information on the different menu functionalities. It also gives you the functionality to do a quick search and it shows you E.g. how many topics you are using.


Note: Please note that functionalities NOT in your account plan will be grayed out. The check mark in the right corner of every functionality indicates if you are already using the functionality.

In this example we have tags and watchdogs active in our account plan, but we do not use any watchdogs yet.
Want to know more about every functionality? Click on the name of the Account Settings tab you want more information about:

ŸŸ● Topics
ŸŸ● Users
ŸŸ       ●  Overview
ŸŸ       ●  User Roles
ŸŸ       ●  Teams
ŸŸ       ●  Business Hours
ŸŸ● Security
ŸŸ● Publishing
ŸŸ       ●  Saved Targetting
ŸŸ       ●  Canned Responses
ŸŸ       ●  Guidelines
ŸŸ● Alerts & Reports
ŸŸ       ●  Reports
ŸŸ       ●  Notifications
ŸŸ● Preferences
ŸŸ● Tags
ŸŸ● Watchdogs
ŸŸ● Integrations
ŸŸ● Contact Fields
ŸŸ● Automation
ŸŸ● History
ŸŸ● Saved Filters
ŸŸ● Command Center
ŸŸ● Crisis Plans


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