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Inbox: Bulk editing in CX Social

Last Updated: May 30, 2017 06:22AM EDT
A feature that really could come in handy is the editing of multiple mentions at once i.e. Bulk editing. The possible actions with editing in bulk are: changing the status, language, country, category, type and sentiment. But also tagging, assigning and even deleting.
There are several ways to select the mentions you want to edit:

ŸŸ●  Selecting the mentions you want to edit
ŸŸ●  Applying a filter/date range and edit the matching mentions
ŸŸ●  Mark all as resolved
ŸŸ●  Smart delete
Selecting the mentions you want to edit
When working in the mentions list, you are able to press and hold CMD (on Mac) or CTRL (on Windows) to select multiple mentions. You’ll notice that the selected mentions get a grey background (this way you’ll know which mentions you are editing) and that next to the mentions list a new screen with several editing options appears:

Applying a filter/date range and edit the matching mentions
We can use the filter and date range field in the inbox to give us the mentions we want to edit. In this example we want to do a bulk edit on all Facebook mentions from this month:
Just select the dropdown menu next to the filter field and select “edit all”. This will open a pop-up giving you several options to edit the mentions that match the filter/date range.

Mark all as resolved
If an inbox gets to cluttered or you want to start over, it could come in handy to edit all mentions at once. When you go to the Archive of an inbox/mailbox you'll see the option 'mark all as resolved'. This option lets you instantly resolve all unresolved mentions from the connected topics.

IMPORTANT: This option won't take the active filter or date range into account. So even when you filter on a certain selection, it will still resolve all mentions from the topics connected to that inbox/mailbox.
Smart delete
During the course of working in CX Social, you might notice that your topic setup needs a little tweaking (Because you are pulling in too much irrelevant data). Once you’ve changed your topic setup, the irrelevant data stays in your inbox. The good news is that you can delete this data very easily by performing a smart delete. You can read all about it in this article. 

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