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Assigning and Smart Assigning in CX Social

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 08:22AM EDT
In CX Social, you can assign mentions to your fellow CX Social users. This is typically done from within the Inbox where you handle all mentions and organize your workflow.
There are two ways of assigning mentions to other users:

ŸŸ●  Manual Assigning
ŸŸ●  Smart Assigning
Manual Assigning
In the context view for the mention, click the 'assign' icon.

Select the colleague you want to assign the mention to, add a comment if needed, and indicate if you wish to send an email notification for this new 'Assignment' you're assigning your colleague.

This user will now see the mention in his/her Assigned To Me folder. 
You can access this folder in the inbox from Assigned > Assigned To Me 

The number of 'Assignments', i.e. mentions that have been assigned to you, is also clearly indicated on the Dashboard.
Clicking the number there will also redirect you to your Assigned To Me folder.

When checking your 'Assigned to Me' folder where you will find your own Assignments, you will also notice an 'Assigned to Others' folder. This is where all the mentions that have been assigned to your colleagues can be found. To view mentions assigned to one specific team member, you can filter your inbox for mentions 'Assigned to' followed by the user's name:

You can also 'unassign a mention' by clicking the assign icon again.. The mention will become part of the (unread) Inbox again.

Smart Assigning
Social conversations often take multiple messages sent back and forth to tackle a customer case. Smart Assigning is an automation option which will automatically assign new mentions to the agent who recently handled that social contact.

Due to this automation, the mention will land in the 'Assigned' folder of an agent who's already in the loop of the conversation history. This agent will have a better understanding of the context of the conversation with this user, and thus will be able to provide a better customer service.
How does this work?
As soon as you set-up a smart assign automation rule, we will keep track of which agents handle messages from which social profiles. If an agent replies to a mention from "social profile x", or gets a mention from "social profile x" assigned to them, the agent becomes "owner" of the profile (You can select the amount of time in the Automation Recipe)
If a new mention from that same social profile lands in CX Social, it will automatically be assigned to this agent.

Multiple agents can be owner of a certain social profile. In this case, the first available agent that has last handled the social profile will be chosen during smart assignment.

Note: If no available agent is found, the mention will not be assigned, and arrive in the inbox as a standard mention.

Note: Smart assignments only apply to new incoming mentions

How do I configure this?
First, go to Settings > Automations, and create a new Automation Recipe. When you scroll down, you'll notice the 'Smart Assign To...' option:

When setting up a smart assign automation rule, in order to suit your specific needs, you have the following options:

ŸŸ●  Maximum timeframe: This is the timeframe that we will keep a certain agent owner of a certain profile. Possible options include: last 24 hours, last 2 days, last 3 days, last week. If an agent hasn't handled a certain profile within this timeframe, he/she will no longer get mentions smart assigned to him/her.

ŸŸ●  Teams: Only allow agents from certain teams to be assigned to new mentions. (Only available for accounts that have access to the teams feature.)

ŸŸ●  Online Status: Only assign a mention when the agent is actively using CX Social at that time. This is based on your status in the CX Social Chat function. Only when the user has an 'online' status (green) can he/she be assigned a mention via this function when checking this option.

Important:  A user can set himself / herself as unavailable. When you select the option 'online status' in your automation recipe, it's impossible to smart assign mentions to users that currently have this status. Afterwards, this user has to manually set his status to available.


ŸŸ●  You can combine the filtering options of an automation recipe to further segment to which agents you smart assign certain mentions. Eg. you can configure an automation rule to smart assign all mentions with language French to a specific French-speaking team of agents.

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