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Exporting Mentions from your Inbox in CX Social

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 09:14AM EDT
In this Support Article we will get further into exporting mentions from the Inbox. We also have a Support Article regarding exporting data from Insights, but there are several differences that are worth mentioning.

ŸŸ● How to export CX Social Inbox
ŸŸ● Filter
ŸŸ● Mentions list or Conversation
ŸŸ● Types
ŸŸ● Limit
● Finalize

How to export CX Social Inbox

Before you export mentions you should really think about what mentions you want to export. As you can't just select a few random mentions and click export. Everything that's visible in the mentions list will be exported.
There is a difference however with exporting a conversation, on which we will get back later.


This part is probably the most important one of the export. Think about which mentions exactly you want to export and set up a filter accordingly. Keep the Date Range in mind as well.

Mentions list or Conversation

Once you have filtered down to all the mentions you want to export, you can proceed to the export options.
Open the dropdown next to the filter and click on "Export".

This will open the following popup:

First of you can select what you want to export: The Mentions List or the Conversation. 
The Mentions List will export all the mentions in your current filtered selection. Tahe Conversation option will export the conversation regarding the mention that you have selected, the thread.


CX Social supports several types of exports: 

ŸŸ● Excel
You can select which format you prefer.

Note: When you select Excel an "Advanced" button will appear in the bottom left corner. This will open a list of fields which can be in- or excluded in your export.


The last option gives you the choice of how many matching mentions you want to include in the export:

ŸŸ● 100
ŸŸ● 1000 (default)
ŸŸ● 5000
ŸŸ● 10000
ŸŸ● All

For example, when you select 100, the first 100 of the matching mentions will be exported.

Note: If you choose to export more than 1000 mentions in Excel and CSV, CX Social will divide these mentions across multiple files. 1000 mentions per file.


Once you have finished your settings for your export you can click the "Export" button in the bottom right corner.
This will start the creation process, and once the export has been generated CX Social will download it straight away.

Excel exports will be shown in the popup itself:

Note: If you have the Advanced option open, it might happen that the exported Excel file(s) are not directly visible and you have to scroll down.


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