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Inbox: Default folders

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 10:29AM EDT
Let's talk about all the default folders that are available in the Inbox. We will have a closer look at what each folder is meant for and its capabilities. There is quite some information to be found in there.

ŸŸ●  Topic & Mailbox
ŸŸ●  Inbox
ŸŸ●  Private Messages
ŸŸ●  Archive
ŸŸ●  Outbox
ŸŸ●  Assigned
ŸŸ●  Activity

First of all you need to go to the Inbox section of CX Social. 

Topic & Mailbox

The default folders are connected to the preselected Topic or Mailbox. So make sure that you have selected the one that you want more data from.


The Inbox consists of all new mentions. So by default this folder won't contain any resolved or assigned mentions.
It is possible however to edit this folder if you would like to personalize it a bit. This is also the case for the Private Messages folder.

In this folder you can also set up Smart Folders.

Private Messages

Contains all your Private Messages. Keep in mind that Private Messages will only be shown if you connect your Social Profiles in CX Social (Authorized).


As the title itself indicates, this folder gives you all your mentions that you ever tracked in CX Social, including Resolved and Assigned ones. By implementing a filter, Date Range and/or Sorting you can get a better overview of your mentions.


Includes all mentions that are related to publishing and replying.
There are multiple subdivisions in this folder:

●  Sent: All sent posts and replies. Including everything that was sent natively.
●  Messages awaiting your approval: All posts and replies that are ready to be sent, but need       approval first.
●  Assigned to Me: All Waiting for Approvals that are assigned to me.
●  Scheduled: All posts that are scheduled to be published. Replies are not included.
●  Drafts: All posts and replies that have been saved as drafts.
●  History: All posts that were made via CX Social. Native posts are not included.


Assigned mentions are mentions that require certain actions.
There are three subdivisions:

●  Assigned To Me: All mentions that require action by me.
●  Assigned To Others: All mentions that require action by others.
●  Resolved & Assigned: All mentions that were assigned and are already resolved.


An overview of all mentions where some kind of action has been performed on. These actions also include tagging for example.

●  My Activity: All mentions I performed an action on.
●  All Activity: All mentions with an action, including your own.


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