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The Context View in CX Social

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 09:08AM EDT
The Context View is the part of the Inbox on the right that gives you more details about the mention that is selected in the mention list. The selected mention will appear clearer than the rest of the conversation
The Context View is build out of these 3 elements:
The Contact Bar
The Conversation Overview
The Reply Bar

If you prefer solely working in the Mention List, it's possible to hide the Context View. This function is available in the dropdown next to your filter bar.

When the context view is hidden, your inbox will look like this:

The Contact Bar 

On top of the context view you can find the contact bar. This bar contains all the necessary information about the user who sent the message you're working on. Clicking the author's name will redirect you to their social media profile, and next to the name you'll see relevant figures matching their profile. This is also the place to add user tags, or edit the contact sheet - with custom fields (more info here) - by clicking the arrow in the right corner. If you see an envelope in the contact bar, you can click it to be directed to the reply bar to immediately send the user a private message.  
The Conversation Overview  

In this area you are able to see the enlarged mention of the user, and the context wherein the message was sent. This means you are able to see previous mentions of the same user. This also means you will see the messages you - with your CX Social account - sent to that user. We will automatically load older mentions from that user if he sent messages within 14 days, otherwise you can click and load older mentions manually. In this way everything is structured clearly and chronologically.

Here you are able to do any action (changing sentiment, assigning, tagging, liking, etc.) on every individual mention. For more information about the possible actions on mentions, you can go to this support article. The triangle in the right bottom corner of every mention will allow you to open the mention history, where you can find all actions previously performed on this mention, as wel as reply time, resolve time and handle time.
You can narrow down on the results you get in the conversation overview by using the conversation filter in the dropdown.

'Full conversation' shows you the conversation in which the mention is included. The latter can be useful if you have a comment and you want to quickly figure out on which post this was written.

'Conversation with you' will only show you the mentions of that contact and mentions between you and the customer, in other words it filters out mentions from third parties. 
'Notes Only' will filter down on the added notes.
And finally, 'Private messages only' will narrow down on the PM's sent between you and the customer.
The Reply Bar 

Beneath the Context Field you are able to see the Reply Bar. In this field you are able to reply to the selected mention. For more information about the Reply Bar, click here.


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