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Team Performance in CX Social

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017 04:44AM EDT
If you are interested or curious about how well your customer care team is performing in CX Social, you might want to take a look at the Team Performance section.
Team Performance in CX Social gives you a detailed overview of how your team is handling mentions in the CX Social Inbox. Here you will be able to calculate the response time, handle time and even compare the amount of mentions per user or per team. In this support article we will explain everything you need to know about Team Performance in CX Social

ŸŸ●  Team Performance Overview
ŸŸ●  Different activities in Team Performance
ŸŸ●  Calculation of time and actions in Team Performance
ŸŸ       ●  Total amount of Actions
ŸŸ       ●  Action Time
ŸŸ       ●  Average Time/Amount
ŸŸ       ●  Time Spent
ŸŸ●  Users and Teams in Team Performance
ŸŸ       ●  Users and Teams Overview
ŸŸ       ●  Specific User/Team
ŸŸ●  Watchdogs in Team Performance
Team Performance Overview
If you navigate to the Team Performance section of CX Social you will automatically land on the Activity Overview page. If you look closely at the overview you will immediately see a couple of interesting and most the most relevant metrics for your topic.
Just like in the Insights section of CX Social the top bar (1) will show which topic you are looking at as well as whether or not to take the Business Hours into account or not. You can read more about Business Hours here. On the right side you have a filter field and the date range available as well as the option to add these widgets to a dashboard.

If we look at the section subsection of Team Performance you will see a couple of metrics available. From left to right you have (2) Total Mentions; followed by (3) Mentions with Actions, Average time to 1st action during Business Hours (4) and Unique Users serviced.

ŸŸ●  Total Mentions: Total amount of mentions that were published during the date range (or filter) you have selected. KPI is calculated based on the date your mentions were published.
Additionally you can also see the amount of Unique Users that we have detected in the dataset. Uniqueness is based on the Author ID and not on the name. Mentions that don’t have an Author ID are not included (e.g. blog post for example)

ŸŸ●  Mentions with Actions: Total amount of mentions that were published during the date range (or filter) you have selected and required an action (reply, resolve, tag,).

ŸŸ●  Avg. Time to First action: Average based on the total amount of actions done during the selected date range and how long it took to perform these actions. We calculate this based on the publish date of the mention and the time it took to perform an action.

ŸŸ●  Unique Users serviced: Amount of Unique Users you have serviced during the selected date range and/or filter.

Important: Only actions done within CX Social, on mentions from max 28 days before the active date range are included in the statistics. So if your date range is this week and today you resolve a mention that's a month old it won't be included in your statistics.

Important: When comparing the results of your statistics with the inbox/insights it's good to check this support article.
Right underneath the metrics you will find a nice visual display of the activities in your account.

If you prefer a list of the total amount of actions per type you can simply scroll down and we will show you a simple list view of all the actions taken. On the right side you will also see the average time (during BH) per action.

Different activities in Team Performance
If you are looking Performance metrics for a specific action in CX Social you can simply click on the dropdown menu in the side bar right next to Activities and you will get a full list of all the available actions in CX Social

We will show the exact same metrics as in the Activity Overview however it will only be calculated for that specific action.
Calculation of time and actions in Team Performance
In order to understand all the metrics it is important to know how CX Social calculates them.

Keep in mind that the calculation is always based on the mentions for the topics you have selected. Each action a user performs in the selected topics will be taken into account (excluding likes by default – however if you want to include them simply add these to the filter field)

ŸŸ●  Total amount of Actions: We calculate the total amount of actions based on the time the action took place – not based on the date of the mention. All of these calculations are based on actions done within CX Social. We will also provide the total amount of actions versus the amount of unique mentions.

ŸŸ●  Action Time: Action is calculated based on the time of the mention (timestamp of the mention) and the moment you perform an action.

ŸŸ●  Average Time/ Amount: CX Social also calculates the average time of the total amount of specific actions. It gives you an idea how often this action is performed on average for all users (=Average Amount) or how long it takes for the action to be done on average for all users (=Average Time). Keep in mind that we only take mentions into account that have actions. Mentions that never got a reply will not be included in "Average action time" metric(s).

ŸŸ●  Time Spent: Login time or time spent in CX Social, is the time you actively spent in CX Social. Taking actions (replying, resolving, etc.) will be registered as Time Spent.
In CX Social we calculate time spent per 5-minute time frames. For example if you perform an action in CX Social it will count as 5 minutes Time Spent, this can be 1 action or multiple. Therefore you will only be able to drill down the Time Spent in blocks of 5 minutes. Clicking on white space, moving your mouse cursor randomly or simply being logged, thus not taking any action, will not be counted towards your Time Spent. We use time frames in CX Social to make up for loading and reading time.  
Important: As of January 22nd 2015, time spent includes active use time of the CX Social mobile app. This may cause a sudden increase for your users' time spent in that period. 
Users and Teams in Team Performance
In the User subsection or in the Team subsection of Team Performance we give you a better understanding on how well your users or teams are performing in CX Social.

You will be able to compare different users and teams with each other in the Overview section or drill down to a specific user/team by selecting his/her name in the sidebar.

ŸŸ●  Users Overview
ŸŸ●  Specific User/Team
Users and Team Activity Overview
In the User Activity Overview you will be able to see any metrics related to the users in your CX Social account. It’s divided in four subsections:

ŸŸ●  User and Team Activity Overview
ŸŸ●  Inbox Activity Per User/Team
ŸŸ●  Inbox Handle Time Per User/Team
ŸŸ●  Publishing Activity Per User/Team
User/Team Activity Overview:
The first subsection in the User Overview is the Overview widget. Here you will be able to see the total number of mentions and the total Time Spent per User. By hovering over the graph you will be able to see the exact amount of mentions and the amount of time for a specific day.

Inbox Activity per User/Team:
Our second subsection is the Inbox Activity per User in a list view. Here you will be able to see the total amount of time spent and the number of actions performed by that user. All of the numbers are clickable and this will return the mentions in a publisher dialog box when clicked upon.

Inbox Handle Time Per User/Team:
Inbox Handle time is the third subsection of the User performance page. Here you will be able to find the total Handle time per user.

We provide you an overview of how many mentions each of your users handled, as well as how many unique users were serviced and how long it took - on average and total - to handle them.

ŸŸ●  Mentions handled: In order to compute the "Mentions Handled" number we search all mentions have actions by CX Social users matching your current date range. 

ŸŸ●  Unique Users Serviced: this is the number of unique authors of mentions that the user handled. Example: If a certain Twitter profile tweets 2 times and your user handles these 2 mentions the "mentions handled” metric will be 2 and the "unique users serviced" metric will be 1.

ŸŸ●  Average/Total Handle Time: In order to compute Average and Total Handle Time we check how long a user need to handle a mention.
Publishing Activity Per User
Publishing activity per user is the fourth and last subsection of the User Overview Performance section. It provides you a detailed overview of the publishing activities per agent. Including the amount of drafts and posts sent for approval.

Specific User/Team
If you are looking for metrics for a specific user or team in CX Social you can click on the either of the sub menus in the left side bar to find the user or the team you are looking for.

Here we will provide you with the most important metrics for that team or user.

ŸŸ●  Total Actions: Total amount of all possible actions one user or team has performed on the mentions during the selected date range.

ŸŸ●  Total Time Spent: Total amount of time this user or team worked actively in CX Social during the chosen date range.

ŸŸ●  Time (during BH) per Action: Total amount of time for all the actions done by the user or by the team.

ŸŸ●  Unique Users Serviced: Total amount of Unique Users the team or the user served.
Additionally right under the line graph widget we provide you a list view of the total amount of actions and the average time per action during Business Hours.
Watchdogs in Performance
In the Team Performance section of CX Social you are also able to create watchdogs and/or see the metrics of your active watchdogs. We have a dedicated support article about this specific feature and how to set them up. It’s a walk in the park to create them. Click here* to read more about Watchdogs in CX Social. 


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