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Actions on Widgets in CX Social

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 07:06AM EDT
Adding a widget to your dashboard is one thing, but did you know you can perform several actions on your widget? We will discuss the possible actions in this article.


●  Edit
●  Refresh
●  Copy
●  Delete
●  Export To PDF
●  Export To Excel


By pressing edit, you'll open up a pop-up window that gives you several options to tweak the widget:

1. Title

Here you can easily change the title of your widget (as it appears on the dashboard)

2. Topics

Here you can select all the topics you want the widget to report on.

3. Filter

Here you can add a filter that is solely applied on the widget itself. Please note that your widget filter comes first after that the dashboard filter (if active) will be applied.

4. Advanced

Clicking the advanced button will give you some extra options to tweak your widget (depending on which widget).
E.g. these are the advanced functionalities for the inbox widget:

You’ll notice you can also add a date range on the filter itself. To read about the combination of a widget date range and a dashboard date range, click here (scroll to N°2).

5. Delete

This will delete you widget. Before permanent deletion, you will get a confirmation message

6. Source Data

Clicking Source Data will give you some useful information about your widget (where does it get its data from, which date range, which filter, …).

7. History

This will give you the history of actions performed on the history.

8. Save

After tweaking the widget to your needs, don’t forget to press save.

Refreshing a widget can come in handy when you did not select the auto-update functionality in the widget settings.

This will make an exact copy of your existing widget. The title will usually get a “- copy” in the title. You can choose to copy this widget on your dashboards and choose whether to add it at the top or the bottom of your dashboard.


This will delete the widget after you confirmed.
Export To PDF

When clicking this, a new tab will open with a a PDF solely based on the selected widget.
Export To Excel

This will generate an excel file, solely based on the select widget. The excel file will be downloaded automatically and can be found in your downloads folder. 

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