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Last Updated: Jan 02, 2017 08:14AM EST

CX Social was designed with teamwork in mind. Many companies have multiple people in service who manage their online presence. It's only logical that those team members can interact with each other while working in CX Social. That's why we designed the built-in Chat:

Where can I find the Chat?
Different Statuses
Private Chats
Chat Rooms
How to disable the Chat?


Opening/Closing the Chat

The Chat is available throughout all features. You can simply open it by clicking on the text balloon icon in the upper right hand corner. This icon also indicates how many unread messages you have in the different rooms and private chats:

A new sidebar with the Chat will open in the right side of your screen:


You can close the chat by clicking the 'x' at the top right corner, next to 'Team Chat'. 

Different Statuses

There are 3 statuses the chat users can have:

  • Green: The user is logged into CX Social and activily using our tool.
  • Orange: The user is logged in, but is currently not working within CX Social.
  • Grey: The user is not logged in.
  • Red: The user is currently unavailable in CX social.

When a user selects the option 'unavailable' in the dropdown next to his avatar, a couple of actions will take place:

  • If you've set your status to unavailableyour handle time won't be tracked. Tracking your handle time will be possible again when you manually set your status to available.
  • You won't be able to handle a mention. So any actions such as replying and liking aren't possible.
  • Mentions won't be smart-assigned to you when you're unavailable.

Private Chats

Of course you can chat one-on-one with another user. All you have to do, is click his profile pic in the chat bar, and you can start a conversation :-). When doing so, the other person will receive a pop-up notification that you are sending him a message.


Chat Rooms

Sometimes you will have to discuss something with multiple users at the same time. In those cases, it's better to create a chat room. This can easily be done by clicking the small cog-wheel next to 'Public Rooms'.

In the pop-up screen that appears, you can then enter a name for the Chat Room. To delete a certain Room, click the same cog-wheel, and close it via the cross next to the Room.

If you want to mention someone in a Chat Room, you can do so by typing an '@'-sign and adding a part of their username, but without spaces. You can find the list with user names by going to Settings > Users. 

For instance, I want my colleague Dimitri to receive a notification that I mentioned him in a Chat Room. When I go to Settings > Users, I see that his username is 'Dimitri Callens':

When I want to mention him, I can use @dimi, @dimitri, @dimitrical, @dimitricallens, and so on. As long as it contains part of his username, without spaces, he will get a notification about it. 



Any self-respecting Chat has emoticons. How else will you translate those feelings you can't quite put into words? Here's an overview of the emoticons that are currently available in our Chat:
  • Smile: ':)'
  • LOL: ':D'
  • Blush: ':$'
  • Oops: ':s' or ':S'
  • Drunk: (drunk)
  • Chill: (chill)
  • Heart: (l), (h), (L), (H), (love)
  • OMG: ':o' or ':O'
  • Sad: ':('
  • Tongue: ':p' or ':P'
  • Yes: (y) or (Y)
  • No: (n) or (N)


Disabling the Chat

If in any case you would like to disable the chat, you can do so in Settings > Personal Settings > Preferences > 'Enable Chat'. 


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