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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:33AM EST
On this page, we give more insight into how your team is performing. Here, you can compare the different users within CX Social and see who performs how many and what type of actions. The Team Performance analytics for all users in CX Social can be found on a general level and for each action individually:



If you'd like to know what's behind these numbers, you can find more info about how we calculate all these metrics at the bottom of the general Team Performance support article. 



Team Activity Overview

The first graph you'll see here is the Team Activity Overview Chart showing:
  • Total Mentions: The total number of mentions in Inbox > All Mentions for the selected topic, date range and filter. 
  • Time Spent per CX Social User: The amount of time each user spends in CX Social. Hover over the bars to see the exact amount of minutes a user spent in CX Social on a specific day. 


The table at the bottom gives an overview of both 'time spent' and 'the number of actions made per user during the selected date range'.

Inbox activity per user

These metrics are clickable and lead you to the specific list of mentions on which this action was performed by that person. If you click on the users' names, you will be taken to a page with even more specific statistics for this user.


Handle time per user

Further below, you can find the 
"Handle Time Per User" table for all users. Only those users who actually took actions are displayed. 

In this table, we show an overview of how many mentions each of your users handled, as well as how many unique users were serviced and how look it took, on average and in total, to handle all these mentions.

  • "Mentions Handled": To compute the "Mentions Handled" number we search all mentions that match your filter and take those mentions that have actions done by that user within your current date range. (Note: Only actions done within CX Social, on mentions from max 28 days before date filter are included in these statistics.)
  • "Unique Users Serviced": this is the number of unique authors of mentions that the user handled. (Example: If a certain Twitter profile tweets 2 times, and your user handles these 2 mentions, the "mentions handled" number will be 2 and the "unique users serviced" number will be 1.)

    Note: The two KPI's above are also visible when you click through to the user specific page in Team Performance. 
  • "Average/Total Handle Time": is computed by the average/total of how long that user has worked on the "handled mentions". If multiple people work on the same mention, only the time matching the shown user will be taken into account.

    To see the mentions that took the longest to handle click the number in the "Mentions Handled" column to see all mentions that that user handled, sorted by how long he/she spent working on those mentions.

Publishing Activity per user

On the bottom of the overview, you'll see the widget 'publishing activity per user'. As the name states, it shows the detailed activity of the actions your agents made in the publisher. This goes from the amount of created drafts to the posts sent for approval.

The data you'll see is the amount of mentions that currently exists for the social profiles which are connected in the selected topics. eg. When two profiles are connected to your selected topic, we'll look at the amount of publisher mentions made for these two social profiles combined.  When some of these publisher mentions are deleted, they won't be taken into calculation.

Note: This data will only be tracked from the moment this feature goes live. eg. you won't be able to track publisher activity data for 2015.

Note: It's possible that the filter in your performance tab won't effect this widget. Publisher mentions are different from regular mentions. eg. they don't have sentiment.

One Specific User


If you click the small triangle next to 'Users', you will discover several sub menu items, one for each user to be precise. On the top of those pages, you will see a table with general statistics:

  • Total Actions:
    The sum of all possible actions one has performed on the mentions during the selected date range, and matching your filter. The possible actions are: resolve, add a note, favorite, reply, edit, forward via e-mail, delete, hide, like, assign to a user, change the sentiment, edit tags, and retweet.
  • Total Time Spent: The amount of time this user worked actively in CX Social during the chosen date range. Clicking white space, randomly moving your cursor around or simply being logged in aren't counted as actively working. Note: as of January 22nd 2015, time spent includes active use time of the CX Social mobile app. This may cause a sudden increase for your users' time spent in that period. 
  • Time (during BH) per Action: Of all actions of this type done during the selected date range, how long did it take on average to complete them? The time spent here is based on the difference between the moment on which the mention was published and the moment the action was taken. 

    Take note that business hours are incorporated in the calculation of this action time. You can turn this function of by hitting the switch on the top of the page.
  • Unique Users Serviced:
    How many unique users did this Team member serve by taking an action on its mention? For this we take a look at how many mentions this Team member took an action on during the selected date range, and then determine the amount of unique users in this dataset. 

    Uniqueness is determined by author ID, not by name. This means that when you have 2 mentions: one coming from Twitter User "Jozefien Verhaeghe" and another one coming from Facebook User "Jozefien Verhaeghe" will be recognized as 2 individuals, since they'll have different ID's. Also, mentions that don't have a user ID (eg. some blog posts) aren't included.

Below the numbers you can find a chart that gives an overview of the types of actions that were performed by this user and their Time Spent on the specific days in the date range:

At the bottom of the page you will find two charts containing both number and bars:

  • Total per Action 
    The left chart shows you the amount of actions you've done within the selected date range. 
  • Average Time (during BH) per Action 
    The right chart shows you how long it takes on average for a certain action to be performed during business hours.


Other Support Articles on Team Performance: --------

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