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Keyboard Shortcuts in CX Social

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 10:10AM EDT
On some occasions, you might have to go through a huge amount of mentions in your Inbox. In times like this, it might come in handy to know that we have some keyboard shortcuts, that allow you to implement a faster workflow

Shortcuts to jump through mentions

When being in the Inbox, you need to select a mention in order to take an action on it. Moving through the mentions can be done with the following keyboard shortcuts:
●  Select next mention: N / J
●  Select previous mention: P / K 
●  Scroll up in the conversation view: Space
Press shift in order to select multiple mentions. A mention that's selected can be recognised by the light green color.

When you want to edit all the mentions you are currently seeing in the mention lists, you can press Shift + A. So the mentions that are loaded into your mention lists - not the entire mention list, but the ones you can see until you scroll down and see the loading sign - will be selected when you press Shift + A. 


Shortcuts to take action on a selected mention

Once you selected one or multiple mentions, you can use these shortcuts to make a change on them:

●  Resolve / reopen mention: X

This will (un)check the box in the upper right corner of a mention in order to (un)resolve it. Resolved mentions move from the 'Inbox' folder to 'Archive'. 

●  Assign mention to: A

Press 'a' to open the dialog that allows you to assign the mention to a Team member. Note: Assigning is not available in all pricing plans. 

●  Add a tag to a mention: L

Tagging a mention can be done with keyword shortcut 'L'

●  Forward mention over mail: M

Sending a mention via mail can be done with keyword shortcut 'M'.

●  Edit mention: E

Hit keyboard shortcut 'e' to open the mention properties. Here you can change the language, country, category and type of mention.

●  View Author's Profile: W

In order to quickly open the contact sheet of the person who sent a mention, press keyboard shortcut 'w'. There will appear a pop up with all the mentions sent by that customer

●  Edit sentiment: V

CX Social offers automatic sentiment detection for some languages. In the unlikely case this is false, you can change this manually.

●  Reply to: R

Keyboard shortcut 'r' will automatically redirect you to the Reply Bar where you can start typing your Reply. 

●  Delete mention: D

When hitting 'd' on a mention, a dialog screen with delete options will appear:


●  Toggle History / Conversation: T

In case you'd like to see what actions were taken on mention, or what the previous conversation was, then press keyboard shortcut 't'.

●  Open contact sheet: I
Use the shortcut 'i' to toggle the Contact Sheet of the current Contact in the Context View 


●  Translate mention: Q

​Last but not least, if you want to immediately see the translation of a mention (in the language you've chosen as default language in your personal settings > preferences > localisation), then press the keyboard shortcut 'q'. 

Shortcuts to filter the mentions

●  Filter mentions: S

Pressing keyword letter 's' will open the filter section.

Shortcut to the publisher

●  Create a new mention: C

Pressing keyword letter 'C' will open the pop-up window from the publisher which allows you to create a new mention.





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