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Adding an RSS feed to your tracking

Last Updated: May 11, 2017 06:12AM EDT
In this article we guide you through the steps you need to take when adding an RSS feed to your CX Social account.


What's the use of tracking an RSS feed?

An RSS feed allows you to track every post of a site or blog, regardless of any keywords. In this way, you can compare it to adding a social profile. It also allows you to track comments made on these posts (if the site provides this, of course).


How can I add an RSS feed to my account?


1. Find the RSS feed of the site/blog you want to track

This is of course the logical first step. If you have no idea how to find this, this site might be able to help you out. In the pop-up (see step 3), there's a search option as well, but that's not able to find all RSS feeds. Keep in mind that most sites have a separate feed for comments, so if you're interested in comments on posts as well, make sure to add both feeds. 

2. In Settings, go to the topic you want to add the RSS to, click the 'Add' button next to RSS feeds

3. Add the RSS feed in the pop-up and confirm

4. The RSS feed has been added to your topic. All new posts will enter your CX Social Inbox



What will an RSS mention look like?

As soon as you added the feed to the tracking, all new posts/comments will enter your CX Social inbox as the typical mentions. It will be clear right away whether it's a new post or a comment on one. 

Below, you find an example of a mention for a blog post. 

Though you're only able to perform internal actions (tagging, resolving, changing sentiment, assigning,...), clicking the time stamp or small RSS thumbnail will redirect you to the original page if you would like to react. 

Note: This feature isn't available for all plans. If you want to know for which plans this is available, you can reach out to your CSM.

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