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How to Use the Filter Field

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2017 10:24AM EDT

In this article we will explain:



​The data from each topic you set up is stored and preserved from the moment you start monitoring it. Within CX Social, you can use several filters to determine precisely what data to look at. This filter applies to both the Inbox and Insights sections.

Tip: Filters stay valid while navigating CX Social. So, if the number of mentions shown in CX Social is lower than what you would expect, it can help to check whether the results are being filtered.

Filtering on Keywords, Source, Social Profiles, etc.

Click the filter field to see all the conditions you can filter on. Each line is a condition, so if you fill in several lines, this means all those conditions have to be fulfilled. You can also create complex filters. For more information about these, check the article on how to set-up a keyword search. The keyword search set-up and the internal filter field in the Inbox (or Insights) work in the same way.

Action - filter on all mentions that have undergone one of these actions: edited tags / assigned / mark as resolved or unresolved / added a note / replied / changed sentiment / liked / retweeted / automation actions / edited / forwarded via email. 

Action By - this filter combines a specific action with a specific user. You can use this filter to, for example, see all mentions replied to by user x. 

All - filter on mentions that contain keywords that can be part of both the title and the content of a mention.

Assigned to - filter on all mentions that have been assigned to someone of your team.

Author - filter on mentions from a Twitter user (insert the username and not the full name), a Facebook user (name between brackets) or an Instagram user name. 

Author ID - this filter is similar to filtering on author but this time with the Twitter ID.

Category Model Tag - filter on all mentions that need to contain a category model tag.

Contact with x, y, z as known Contact Field - you can use this filter field to filter on mentions from a certain contact, that only has a value in contact field x, y, z. 

Content - insert keywords that have to appear in the mentions content.

Continent - filter on mentions that were posted in a specific continent.

Conversation - if you have a mention with a large conversation attached to it (many comments, replies, etc.) and you only want to see mentions belonging to that conversation (or only Insights for those mentions), you can filter on the Conversation ID. You find this number by going to the mention, clicking open the drop down menu, and clicking 'view statistics for conversation'.

Conversation Type - filter specifically for Facebook mentions. This allows you to filter on just posts by the page, wall posts (by others) or unpublished post.
Contact Tag - filter on the tags you've applied to certain contacts in CX Social. When you filter on this Contact tag, you'll see all the mentions posted by all the Contacts that were tagged with this specific Tag*

Country - filter on a mention's country location. More info about detecting the location here

Domain - the website (URL) a mention comes from (e.g.

Followers - filter on minimum and maximum number of followers (only for Twitter users).

Handled by - filter on all mentions 'handled by' (i.e. this user performed an action on it such as tagging, assigning, replying, etc.) one of the CX Social users.

Hashtag - filter on a specific hashtag by just entering the word with or without the # sign.

Language -  filter on the language of the mentions

Last Action Date - Filter on mentions with all actions based on the last moment an action was performed on these mentions.

Last Action Date (during BH) - Filter on mentions with all actions based on the last moment an action was performed during business hours on these mentions.

Mention Age - the time that has gone by since the post was published.

Mention Age (during BH) - the time that has gone by since the post was published, taking business hours into account. Meaning if your business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., a mention from 4 p.m. on day 1 will be seen as 1 hour old at 9am the next day. (instead of 17 hours when not taking business hours into account like in the previous filter option 'mention age'). When you are working with different Business Hours Schedules the schedule from the user viewing this filter will be used. 

Original Author- allows you to filter on the original author of a message in the case of retweets. Use the twitter handle without the @ (@clarabridge becomes "clarabridge"). Be careful, this one is case sensitive, if the twitter handle includes capital letters, you need to type them in the filter as well. 

Original Author ID:  same as Original Author, but based on the author's Twitter ID.
  • Posted by - filter on all mentions posted by one of the social profiles you have connected to your topics. 
  • Posted on - filter on all mentions that have been posted on one of the social profiles you have connected to your topics.
  • Profile - one of the social profiles you are monitoring (i.e. having it connected to one of your topics).
  • Question - this filter will show all mentions containing a '?'
  • Reply time - how long it takes you to reply to a message (i.e. time between the moment of publication of the message and its reply). 
  • Resolve time - how many minutes it took to resolve the mention (i.e. time between the moment of publication of the message and resolving it).
  • Sentiment - find mentions with a specific sentiment (positive / negative / neutral)
  • Source -  filter on news, social, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.
  • State - filter on US states.
  • Status - filter on all unread, assigned to me, assigned to others, and sent mentions.
  • Tags - tags are used to categorize your mentions. Use this filter to see all mentions with a specific tag applied to a specific mention.*
    • Note: When filtering on a Tag, you will be able to choose fro the complete list of tags that were ever created (tags + contact tags). 
Title - insert keywords that have to appear in the mentions title.

Topic - ​filter on the topic the mention belongs to. More info on topics here.

Type - filter on a certain type of mention. For example on all private messages / re-tweets / comments / replies / likes / photos / videos / checkins / listed / tips / shares / repins / favorites / others

With attachment - filter on mentions where an attachment is shared. 

With photo - filter on mentions in which a photo is shared

With video - filter on mentions in which a video is shared.

More Information on "Type is X"

When you use the Type filter in the dropdown, you have the possibilty to show only certain mention types in your Inbox. Below you can read through the different types that are available:
  • Answer: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are answers shared on Tumblr
  • Applause: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are likes (done on Facebook, as well on Instagram and Twitter) 
  • Audio: when using this filter you will only see mentions that have audio content available
  • Chat:  when using this filter you will only see mentions that are chats on Tumblr
  • Checkin: when using this filter you will only see mentions that represent a Foursquare checkin
  • Comment: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are Facebook comments
  • Email: when using this filter you can see all your e-mails 
  • Engagement: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are comments or replies (textual engagement mentions done on different social media channels)
  • Favorite: when using this filter you will only see Twitter favorites - Note: favorites are replaced by likes on the native Twitter platform
  • Like: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are likes (over all social media platforms)
  • Link: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are links shared on Tumblr
  • Listed:  when using this filter you will only see listed venues on Foursquare
  • Photo: when using this filter you will only see mentions that have photo content available
  • Post: when using this filter you will filter on all posts done on all social media platforms (so no retweets, no comments, no likes, etc.)
  • Private Message: when using this filter you will only see private messages mentions from Twitter and Facebook
  • Quote: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are quotes shared on Tumblr
  • Reblog: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are reblogs shared on Tumblr
  • Repin: when using this filter you will only see repins of Pinterest pins
  • Reply: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are Twitter replies 
  • Retweet: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are retweets
  • Review: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are reviews
  • (Share: when using this filter you will only see Facebook shares) Note: facebook shares are deprecated
  • Text:  when using this filter you will only see mentions that are text shared on Tumblr
  • Tip: when using this filter you will only see mentions that are Foursquare tips 
  • Video: when using this filter you will only see mentions that have video content available


Filters you can use, but are not by default in the filter dialog 

  • Filtering on city

If you want to filter out results for a specific city, you can do this manually.

In the filter dialog you should typ "city:" followed by the city you want to filter on. In our example we filter on Ghent. After entering your search conditions, you'll see we added the country code of the city that we selected for you. 

If you want to filter on a city that has two or more words, you should use quotes. For example: city:"new york"

- ​If what you typed is ambiguous (eg. a city that exists in multiple countries), we will select what we think is the "best match" for your search (based on population a.o.). 

- If you're not sure CX Social will find the city you are looking for, just add the country where the city is localized, to optimize your search. 

  • Filtering on mentioned urls

If you want to check which mentions contain a certain url, you can do this by typing mentioned_url:""  in the filter bar. 

- It can be tricky to find the exact url. If you feel like your results are not correct, jump on Live Help and we'll help you check the filter. 


Pro Tips for filtering

  • Since the list of search properties is quite extended, we've made it possible to jump within the list by typing the first letter of the wanted property. Typing "R" for instance will automatically scroll down the list until the first property staring with an R -Reply Time- is at the top.
  • More advanced filtering can be performed by grouping conditions using nested AND, OR and NOT conditions. For an explanation about creating more complex filters, please refer to the article on creating keyword searches for the topic setup. Everything from step 2 forward can also be applied to filtering CX Social data.
  • You can use the * symbol to filter on parts of keywords. This can come in handy if you want to filter on a word that can be found in different variations. For example, filtering on "check*" will find mentions as well containing "check" as for instance "checked in": 

  • Creating saved filters allows you to easily save (complex) and access filters for future use. You can save your filter by clicking the 'save' button in the bottom left corner of the pop-up. It will then be accessible through the dropdown menu in 'Saved Filters' at the same bottom left corner.  More information on Saved Filters can be found here.


Example of filters


Example 1: Filtering your inbox mentions for tweets containing 'king' or 'kong' by people with many followers.

As an example, let's filter the demo data of topic Telenet (a Belgian telecom operator) based on influential Twitter users talking about their subscription plan named King Kong. For this, we would need to create 3 conditions as follows:

  • Navigate to the CX Social Inbox using the tab at the top of the page.

  • Click the filter bar in the upper right. A number of default conditions appear that you can fill in. Empty conditions will be ignored. You can set the mention property the condition applies to by clicking the drop down on the left of a condition.

  • In the uppermost condition for All (this means simply the text of the mention, its title, and its author), set the middle drop down to contains any, and fill in the words kingkong and "king kong" (including the quotes).

  • In the condition for Source, click the input field and select Social-Twitter from the drop down menu that appears.

  • Click the + sign on any condition to add a new condition bar. In this bar, set the property on the left to 'Followers', and then fill in the fields or drag the slider to indicate '1000 to *'.

  • Click the Filter button.


Only data that matches the filter will be shown now. Click the filter bar again to see the current filter which should look something like this:


Example 2: Viewing insights on social network activity excluding yourself (i.e. excluding activity by your own profiles).

To get a sense of online buzz surrounding a certain topic, you might want to exclude content posted by profiles you own yourself. Profiles you own yourself are typically connected for monitoring with CX Social, so in this example we will assume that you connect your own profiles. Read more on connecting social profiles.

So what we need is a filter excluding our own connected profiles:

  • Go to the Insights overview of any topic or project.

  • Click the filter bar. If there is a filter still in use (remember, filters continue to be applied across CX Social pages!), press the reset button to reset it, then click the filter bar again.

  • In any one of the condition bars shown, click the right drop down and select 'Posted by'. (Note that only conditions that are filled in are taken into account, so you can ignore the other conditions that are shown by default.)

  • In that same bar, click the green 'is' and change it to 'is not' from the drop down that appears.

  • Finally, click the input field, and select the profiles you want to exclude from your analysis.  

  • Click the Filter button.

The following screenshot shows how your filter will look after following the above steps. We are using the Telenet example again, and thus excluded everything posted by the monitored Telenet Twitter account and Telenet Facebook page:

After applying this filter, all charts and statistics shown under Insights will be about mentions excluding those posted by any of these 2 profiles.



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