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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 10:53AM EDT
By clicking on Personal Settings in the drop-down menu, you will land on this page - where you are able to choose your Personal Preferences - which are not account specific, but user specific. 


Inbox & workflow


Require confirmation when deleting mentions

Disable the confirmation step via this option when deleting single mentions from your topic. Deleting mentions is permanent though, so be careful with this one.

Group mentions per contact

When this option is enabled, the mention list will look different: if a certain contact (a specific social profile) has several mentions in the folder you are currently working in, you'll only see the latest mention from that contact. Read more about contact grouping here.


Shorten URL's With Bitly

In CX Social, you have the option to shorten the links you use in messages. Connecting your personal account has the additional advantage that the click-throughs on your links will be captured in your account.

In order to connect your personal to CX Social, check this option above. You will then be referred to Settings > Integrations. Make sure you're logged in to the right account in your web browser On Settings > Integration, click the button and give permission when in the following pop-up.


Edit Retweet Style

When you choose to retweet a certain Twitter post, do you want to use the quote style "@user: tweet" or the original style "RT @user: tweet" ?


Especially in Customer Service users sometimes want to reply to a mention with their initials at the end of the reply. In this way, it is instantly clear which team member made the comment. 

Automatically Save Posts as Draft

When selecting this option, your posts will automatically be saved as draft when closing the publisher by accident (eg. clicking outside the publisher field). 

Show Week Numbers in Calendar

When selecting 'Yes' in this option, your content calendar will automatically show the week numbers. If you prefer not to see them, you can select 'No'. 



Choose your default billing currency here, so that prices are displayed as such on the pricing page.


Some regions in the world apply different weekend settings. This setting is important however to know what you define as eg. 'last week' in the date range filter. 

You can also adjust this in account settings to apply the chosen weekend default for all users in the account.

Time Notation

This setting is used to display mention times, insights, team performance, ... in the preferred notation: 12-hours clock or 24-hours clock.



Another important setting when it comes to how we display data. The chosen time zone is used for displaying insights and timestamps in your local time. Make sure the selected time zone is the same as in your browser. If not, you will receive an error message.

Default Language

Here you can choose the default language a mention should translated to when choosing the 'translate mention' option in the inbox.

Default Writing direction

Text direction is used to detemine where you want to start typing. You can choose between the following options:

Left-to-right: In a left-to-right, top-to-bottom script, writing starts from the left of the page and continues to the right.
Right-to-left: In a right-to-left, top-to-bottom script, writing starts from the right of the page and continues to the left.

Default File Type

When exporting mentions, you can choose here which default file format you prefer. You can export to PFD, CSV, Excel or JSON. During exporting, you can always choose a different type as well.

Mentions Export Fields

Here you can select which properties you'd like to have included by default when exporting mentions. E.g.: do you wish to export tags on mentions as well? 

Chat & notifications

Chat enabled

Via this setting, you can choose to enable the CX Social Team Member chat. This chat box can be accessed via the speech balloon icons in the upper right corner: 

Receive offline messages as notifications

Would you like to receive notifications of chat messages that were sent to you while you where offline in CX Social? 

Chat sound

Choose which sound you want to hear when you receive a new chat message. You can choose for Airport, Plonk, Woop of Alka. 

Live Help

Here you have the option to enable the Live Help Chat function, that will put you in contact with our Support Ninja's. 

Browser Notifications

Should CX Social send you Browser Notifications when new mentions are entering your Inbox or when you have new mentions assigned to you in CX Social. 


System Status Notifications

On our status page you can see how our systems are performing. In the unlikely case of an error, you can receive an alert via SMS or email if you'd like. Subscribing to these alerts can be done here, or on our status page itself. 

CX Social System Status Notifications

If you're an admin of the account, we'll send you notification emails about security related events of users in your accounts. This includes when any of the users in your account are locked (e.g. because of too many failed logins) or unlocked.

We recommend receiving these emails, since they're important information for the security of your account. If you however don't want to receive these types of remails, you can unsubscribe here.


Enable developer Account

Enable this option in case you want to be able to develop CX Social applications through our API. More information about this can be found on our Developers Help Page.

Enable experimental Features

Certain features in CX Social are labeled as Experimental Features. Although they are fully functional, this means they are still being evaluated and optimized in terms of usability. Enabling this option will allow you to use features like this. 


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