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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 06:29AM EST
This support article introduces our new Publishing Guidelines features. We'll guide you through the setup and show you some different possibilities for using this feature effectively.


Publishing guidelines

The Publishing Guidelines features helps you to control your external messaging by letting you block certain words or sentences. You can automatically block replies from your agents if they contain profanity or confidential information such as account numbers or IBAN codes.

You can also use this functionality to warn against off-brand messaging such as internal abbreviations, or to remind agents use marketing-approved language about your products and your brand. 

Setup of the guidelines

To set your Publishing Guidelines go to Account Settings => Publishing tab => Publishing Guidelines.

First, select if you are going to type in custom text guidelines, or go with preset options.




In the Content box, type in the words or phrases you want to block. Add multiple blocked words/phrases by separating them with commas. 

Note: When enabling "case sensitive" the content of your reply has to match the keywords exactly including capitalization.

Next, select how you want the system to respond if it detects the forbidden words.

The first option is Info. If you select this, the agent will see a message with a reminder that the reply doesn't follow company guidelines.

The second option is Warning. If an agent types a message containing a blocked word or phrase marked with a warning, a custom warning will appear, as seen in  the screenshot above. If an agent ignores a warning, it will be tracked in the history of the publisher mentions.

 The Block option allows you to completely block content with no possibility for the agent to publish. 



This is where you write the message that the agent will see if the blocked content is detected. 

User Role:

Select which user roles are affected by this blocked content. Use shift/ctrl/cmd to select multiple user roles.



If you do not wish to create customized guidelines, you can also choose one of our presets. CX Social can automatically determine if an agent is writing a mention containing a credit card number, email address, IBAN code, US social security number, URL, or IP Address. You can also set a minimum or maximum length to the response.

You are also able to select '”All Uppercase Characters” if you want to disable an all caps answer. This prevents “shouting” and might also be useful if your agent accidentally kept the caps lock on when typing the reply.

Just like text-based blocked content, the presets give you the option to edit the warning message and the effected user roles.


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