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Contact Grouping in CX Social

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 10:59AM EDT

For selected account plans, we've implemented a new feature to orden mentions in your inbox: group per contact. When enabled, the mention list will look different: if a certain contact (a specific social profile) has several mentions in the folder you are currently working in, you'll only see the latest mention from that contact. It also gives you the option to batch-resolve all the mentions from one contact at once.


Group per contact is a user setting, which can be enabled from the dropdown menu next to the filter bar in your inbox. Bear in mind that this will only affect your own user, and not the entire account.

The real power of this feature will become clear when you combine it with hard locking. When one of your agents is working on a specific contact, he'll be the only agent working with that contact at that moment. Thanks to contact grouping, the agent also has a clear overview of all the mentions the contact sent to your profile. This way, your workflow switches from mention-focused to contact-focused
This means they empower their agents to answer to contacts instead of their individual mentions. If you ask two different questions in two different tweets, the best thing you can receive is a single tweet with everything you need. Agents like to take ownership and truly help someone as opposed to resolving questions. For the customer, this feels personal which increases positive customer experience.

Resolve all from conversation

When this feature is active, you'll see a new method of resolving when you take a look at your conversation view. If there are multiple unresolved mentions from that contact in your conversation, you'll get an option to quickly batch-resolve all these mentions.

‚ÄčNote: By clicking the resolve button in your mini mention list, you have the option to batch resolve up to 25 mentions at once. This will resolve the mentions from this contact in your current folder.

When you batch-resolve the mentions in your conversation view, the mention list will be updated automatically. The number of new Inbox mentions will be updated and you will move on to the next contact. 

Note: Other mention related actions in the conversation view - like assigning - are only for that specific highlighted mention.

Note: This batch resolve will only happen after a confirmation via a pop-up dialog box.


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