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Account History in CX Social: Keeping track of all changes in your Account

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017 08:17AM EDT
Account History in CX Social
Everything that happens (or happened) in your CX Social account is logged in the Account History. This is a place where you can consult all the changes made to your account and where you can see who made these changes.
You can find the History of your account by going to your Account Settings and selecting History in the left sidebar.

Once you are there you will immediately get a full overview of the most recent actions in your account. You also have a filter field and a date range available in case you want to dive deeper and… go back to the past.
We have 3 different fields available in case you are looking for something specific:

ŸŸ●  Filter on Type
ŸŸ●  Filter on Topic
ŸŸ●  Filter on User
Here’s a quick overview of the things that you can retrieve by filtering on the above fields in the Account History:
Filter on Type

ŸŸ●  Project & Topic changes: New, edited, deleted and restored projects, topics, connected profiles, Category models.

ŸŸ●  User changes: New, edited, deleted, restored, locked, unlocked and removes removed users, edited user roles and changes to business hour.

ŸŸAccount changes: Account changes, added, edited and deleted tags, URL’s, custom field, profiles, business schedule(s) and team.

ŸŸData changes: Data volume warnings, blocks, restores and resets, mention deletes from service and CX social.

Workflow changes: New, edited, deleted automations, saved filters, chart templates, dashboards, canned responses, notes, widgets, …

ŸŸ●  Inbox changes: New, edited, deleted mailboxes, smart folders, …

ŸSecurity setting changes: Anything security related will be logged. From password changes, 2FA changes, location settings and device changes.
Additionally in the History section you can also revert actions. For example: Restoring mentions when you accidentally deleted them

Filter on Topic

Filtering on Topic allows you to only filter on actions and changes that happend to that specific topic. You can combine this field with the Type field and/ or User field. 

Filter on User

​Filtering on User allows you to filter on actions bound or done by a specific user. If you want to know what a certain user has done over the past few days, weeks or months you can filter this user by using the User filter. You can combine this field with the Topic field and/ or Type field. 

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