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Command Center in CX Social

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 10:13AM EDT

Command Center in CX Social
In CX Social we have a presentation mode available which you can use to show certain pages, dashboards, widgets and statistics from within CX Social. Think of it as a PowerPoint presenter mode.
By using the Command Center you can create a fullscreen rotation between custom selected pages and results. Let’s say you want to create a CX Social wall that displays the most important metrics of your account during a meeting, during the day, during a quarterly meeting or during an event, all of this is perfectly possible when using the Command Center as a presentation tool.
In this support article we will go over the steps on how you can set up your Command Center in CX Social:

ŸŸ●  How to create a Command Center
ŸŸ●  Adding Custom Dashboards to your Command Center
ŸŸ●  Adding Custom Charts to your Command Center
How to create a Command Center
In order to set up a Command Center in your CX Social account, navigate yourself to the Account Settings and select Command Center in the left side bar.
After selecting the Command Center you will land on the overview which will display all the created pages in the account. If you want to create a new one, simply click on Add Command Center in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

Next, you will have to select a title and a couple of other things for the specific page(s) you are creating. Let’s say CX Social Metrics but this can be anything of course.

Choose the layout which you want to use – this can be a one column, two columns or three columns layout, set the delay time for your page – this is the interval of the rotations and last but not least you can add a logo.
Once you’ve chosen the layout options it is time to add the pages you wish to rotate in the Command Center. In order to add these, click on the “Add” button to the right of the screen and an option menu should appear in the URL field. You also have the option to filter these pages on certain keywords via the filter function.
After you’re done, simply click save and it’s ready to be used. 
Adding dashboards to your Command Center
Not only URL pages can be added to the Command Center, you also have the option to add fully customised dashboards. Let’s say you have created a dashboard with custom KPI’s, widgets, tables that has certain data you wish to show, simply add the dashboard to the Command Center.  If you don’t know how to create dashboard, or just want to know what dashboards are and what benefits these have, you can read about it here.

Adding Custom Charts to your Command Center
You can also display custom created charts via the Chart Builder in CX Social to be displayed in your Command Center. You will have to create your custom Chart in the Chart builder first, add it to a dashboard and add this dashboard to the Command Center. You can learn more about creating custom charts in CX social here.


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